Monday, November 27, 2006


TO my surprise, this is the only unit trust fund that given me real gains for my investments after being involved in UT investment for the pass 7 years. I have lost confidence all together with any UT fund investment ever since my first investment on UT fund merely gain a poor 2% annually as compare with FD rate of about 3.5%. Many UT agents have approached me and asking more investment in my portfolio. I'm skeptical with that and sharing my past experience with them on my previous investments. Most agents will revert and said; involvement in this should be a long-term engagement & asking them "how long is long". They reverted at least 5 years to get a reasonable return of 7%-8%, but the question is, is 7 years long enough? Why am I only getting a 2% return instead? One of my friend has once told me, he invested UT fund for about 10 years back using EPF scheme but his investment shrunk to almost 50% ever since the launch of the fund. What will this interpret? Was it wrong selection or was it wrong timing? We expect Fund Manager to protect our investment and gain our investment to a reasonable level but it turn out to be an opposite.To my opinion, investment is very much a personal game. We expect others to build our wealth in view of our inadequacy in term of investment knowledge and expertise in investment. I see this as no excuse; we must take control of our own money and make our own decision. Before entering an investment a proper study must be carried out either by asking friends, reading investment news or by other means. Just don't invest when some agents asking you to. To them they just want your money to achieve their quota & hoping that your investment will surge later on for a second possible investment from you. You will probably in a gamble situation where you may either stuck in a non-profit investment for a very long time (probably may not revive) or a 'lucky' gain. I would suggest all to put your money in FD rather than blindly invest if there is no clear sign of your future investments. This is to protect your capital instead of risking it. The above fund has given me a 6.86% return in just 2 months of investment, which I see this is a positive sign for me getting back my UT funds investment confidence. Of course whatever outcome here is very much on your own effort rather than others. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & YOU CAN DO IT !!!!
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