Saturday, April 2, 2016

Double Digits Profit In 1Q !!!

1. Since my last blog post in Feb 2016, i have mentioned that my profit will surge pass 10% of my total investment as soon as i step into March 2016 of 1Q. ^^

2. Yes, i have thus far achieved a total of 14.04% profit. ^^

3. Not very fantastic but this is way passed my 10% target by end of 2016. ^^

4. I believe more will be coming though......^^

5. Price action and dividend call is my way of investing, no heavy stuff of technical and fundamental analysis. ^^

6. All you need to do is patient while executing your trades. ^^ I enjoy doing it on a daily basis, especially when you see your trades being matched on a price that you set forth. ^^ A clink sound from your trading platform is most enjoyable. ^^

7. Good Luck & may the best price be yours. ^^
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