Thursday, November 29, 2007

Monthly Portfolio 29-November-2007

Added GENTING, MNRB & more RESORT to my portfolio this month. As usual, nothing special to my portfolio except waiting for dividend patiently. Have adjusted YILAI purchase price after receiving 5sen of dividend. One thing to take note is that the trading volume is declining, does this indicate that the hot money is pulling out slowly ? If so how much will this affect KLCI this time round ? Will the "Synergy Drive" listing spur some excitement to KLSE ? I guess only time will tell.....lets wait see...tomorrow....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Listed below are some of the high dividend yielding stocks. These stocks have been consistantly paying good dividend without failed. Some DY is as high as 10% based on current price, one can just investing in this type of counter to profit the dividend and still much better off than putting the money in FD for a mere 3.7%.

PBBANK - Dividend Yielding 6%

PANAMY - Dividend Yielding 10%

MNRB - Dividend Yielding 9%

GUINESS - Dividend Yielding 8%

BJTOTO - Dividend Yielding 7%

APOLLO - DIvidend Yielding 8%

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Alicafe, below is for you, hope it help. Obviously you can see LHH is on the uptrend and EKSONS is on the downtrend. There is saying "buy on support and sell at resistance" but is all depend whether the trend is up swing or down swing. Take your judge carefully. Determine the S&R is important as it will help you to execute your trades more accurately.

Disclaimer: The above don't recommend a Buy/Sell. Make your own judgement and be responsible to your own act.
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