Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 31/5/2011

1. Scalp traded today :-

SUNREIT - in 1.06, out some at 1.07
QCAPITA - bought 1.04

2. End of the month of May today but i failed to make 5 figures income, missed just by RM200. smilie Nevertheless, is a record high so far for my trading. If this can be consistently and persistently maintained for few more months, then, a steady income would be able to continue. Though, i hope for a regular income but my target set very low, 10% yearly profit would be enough but i guess i have surpassed this figure over 4 times now.

3. Now, back to call warrant. As i mentioned in my previous post before, take a look at PLUS-CC when expiry date is near. Tomorrow, we enter the 1st day. If some of you afraid of missing the boat can start buy in starting tomorrow but of course with stages. Go in half of your desire amount before getting more again when it drop further. At this moment, still 50-50 chance of winnings. If you were to buy, set your price at 0.24sen, anything more than that you should not consider. Good luck but this is not my buy call as yet.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 30/5/2011

1. Scalp traded today :-

AMFIRST - sold 1.17
QCAPITA - sold 1.05
DRBHCOM-CE - in 0.16, out 0.165

2. There are many ways in profiting Call Warrants, first target on the expiring CWs, second spot for a up going mother share this will in turn create chance for a momentum movement  of CWs, third this could be invented by me alone i think, i have explored this method for long and it paid off well so far, record so far is 100% over 100%, have never lose a trade so far. :) If this can move on for another few more months, i will try blog it out for all, you can have a try see if it work for you. :p

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 27/5/2011

1. Scalp traded below on 27/5/2011 :-

SUNREIT - sold at 1.07
QCAPITA - Bought at 1.04

2. Will be getting my BURSA-CP cash settlement some time next week. With the cash settle of 0.1329sen and my cost at 0.13sen, total return is merely (0.1329 - 0.13)/13 = 2.2%. :( Not really impressive this time round but it is better than nothing. A profit is still a profit irregardless big or small. :)

3. I missed the IPO of UOA Development Bhd, been wanting to apply this IPO but overlooked on the closing date. Have standby the money for this IPO but too bad i was one day late. :( Good luck, bad luck, who knows ?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 26/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

AMFIRST - bought 1.16
ATRIUM - sold 1.06
SUNREIT - bought 1.06
DRBHCOM-CE - sold 0.19

2. This month profit record breaking :) 9K+, see if i can break 10K+ by end of this month, few more days to go. Fingers crossed. :)

3. hng has a very good trading skill i really admire him, one should learn trading from him but sometime this is gifted and come naturally within oneself, we may not possess this kind of instinct. Hard to find such a good trader with consistent profit. Many of my colleagues who started trading have soon giving up now as they experience heavy losses during the engagement of trading, partly could be due to insufficient fund and involved as a part timer only as they have their job to counter with. How many trades will bring in good profit by just relying on contra gain....? I doubt it.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 25/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

AMFIRST - in 1.16, out 1.17
ATRIUM - sold 1.06
DRBHCOM-CE - bought 0.185

2. There are lots of smart investor around, some having years of trading experience, some merely just started trading. Irrespective your length of experience in trading, one common mistake all of us will make is the greediness within us. We tend to hold on to shares that are in profits thinking that it will go higher and liquidate them when it turn in losses where we scare it will dive deep without reviving. This is one common mistake everyone will make where emotional has overcome us. While dealing with trading one should know how to "run" by not holding too long on a share that is to your advantage. Always remember that you are dealing with trading in which you get in touch on this in a daily affair, so a clear mind would tell you that it is a fast and short game you dealing with. Market is there everyday except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, so a day profit is a day profit irregardless big or small. So be SMART, act like a real trader not investor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 24/5/2011

1. Scalp trades for today :-

AMFIRST - in 1.16, out 1.17
ATRIUM - bought 1.05

2. I must admit that, not easy to trade nowadays. One need to be full alert by staring at screen every second in order to catch a good entry price if one dealing with trading. Not all can have the luxury time for this kind of trading with full attention especially when one is working. Trading is best suited for full timer, i would say. If you hardly have time for trading better stay aside else the consequences would be painful.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 23/5/2011

1. Scalp trades for today :-

AMFIRST - in 1.16, out 1.17
QCAPITAL - out at 1.05
UOAREIT - out at 1.38

2. Today's trades is quite a fruitful one. :) but overall market sentiment is heading south. :( So, just hope for the best for tomorrow. :)

3. DJ is pretty red. :( Likely that this will continue to affect the sentiment of local bourse. Next month end will be entering the 1st half of the year, is about time for me to compile my investment result for half yearly again. I would expect a higher profit this time round as i have been consistently engaging daily trading without failed also participated in Call Warrants tradings in which i reckon a good trading profit on this as well. Overall, result is expected to be improved tremendously, at least percentage of profit would have been doubled if it not tripled. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 20/5/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 20/5/2011 :-

2. Lately i felt hard to make money even though i managed to garner profit every month. Not sure whether the market already come to a saturated point ? Making another record high at 1600 points for KLCI seems impossible. :( Nevertheless, there isn't any drastic news that would make another leap for KLCI, range bound would likely possible in the coming month of June.

3. Defensive stock that pay regular dividend would likely to be more resilient during turbulence time, so take precautions is what one need to do in order to sustain the profit continuously.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 19/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

AMFIRST - sold 1.21 - 1.22 (almost dispose all, left some units for dividend)
QCAPITAL - bought 1.04

2. Amfirst will ex tomorrow, disposing bulk of it, hope to buy back after ex.

3. Today, my profit just surpass the 5K mark after disposing Amfirst. :) Will surely improving the current figure toward end of this month. Keep my figure crossed. smilie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 18/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

ATRIUM - bought 1.05
BJCORP-CC - in 0.06, out 0.065

2. Scalp trade could be disastrous if one has no time for it. I always stay aside when i don't find enough time for it, scalp trade is meant for the opportunist as it is only come in minutes always.  Though our Malaysian trading platform do not come with features like trailing stop, cut loss, take profit & etc but one good thing about our trading platform nowaday is, they have this thing called Good Till Date (GTD) in which you can specify a period of time to end your orders by date. This is good if one has set a mind to dispose a share at a particular price tag and within a certain period of time.

3. Just gotten my BJTOTO's dividend. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 16/5/2011

1. No trading today. :(

2. We enter the final day for Bursa-CP. Lets work out the final figure (net worth) for Bursa-CP :-

10/5 - 1st day Average = RM7.8475, net worth = 0.141sen

11/5 - 2nd day Average = RM7.8299, net worth = 0.139sen
12/5 - 3rd day Average = RM7.7862, net worth = 0.137sen
13/5 - 4th day Average = RM7.7794, net worth = 0.135sen
16/5 - 5th day Average = RM7.7426, net worth = 0.1329sen

My cost was at 0.13sen, did not get the 0.125sen the other day else profit will be quite okay. There is still a 0.0029sen profit even for those who bought at 0.13sen. See how BURSA shrinking right from the first day itself, from a net worth of 0.141sen to now just merely 0.1329sen. I would expect it to perform much better but it failed to deliver. Very much under my expectation and a bit disappointed. :( Nevertheless there is still a profit there, 0.0029/0.13 = 2%........better than nothing.

3. Next in line should be PLUS-CC. A steady stock that do not give surprises just like MAXIS. Expiry date fall on 8/6/2011. A low beta stock, just KIV for now. Stay tune for my post when the date draw nearer. :) This could be another sure win bet.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 13/5/2011

1. Scalp trade on 13/5/2011 :-

QCAPITAL - Sold at 1.05
AMFIRST - Sold some at 1.23

2. We enter the 4th day for Bursa-CP, the net value continue to shrink. :( Lets work out the value.

10/5 - 1st day Average = RM7.8475, net worth = 0.141sen
11/5 - 2nd day Average = RM7.8299, net worth = 0.139sen
12/5 - 3rd day Average = RM7.7862, net worth = 0.137sen
13/5 - 4th day Average = RM7.7794, net worth = 0.135sen

Still in the money, though it is shrinking. If Monday open gap down below <= 7.75 average then we will be breaking even or out of money. At the moment still remain very positive but those gotten at 0.125sen is in a very much safer zone. Good luck pal.

Scalp Trades Dated 12/5/2011

1. Today scalp traded the following :-

2. Market in red. :( Bought in more Bursa-CP at 0.13sen, queuing more at 0.125sen but not done. :(. Lets calculate the net value for Burca-CP after today closed price of RM7.77 drop by 11sen. :(

10/5 - 1st day Average = RM7.8475, net worth = 0.141sen
11/5 - 2nd day Average = RM7.8299, net worth = 0.139sen
12/5 - 3rd dat Average = RM7.7862, net worth = 0.137sen
There is still 0.007sen margin there for those who bought at 0.13sen. Still a cushion of 5% margin. :( getting thinner but for those who gotten at 0.125sen today it is surely on the safe side. For the remaining 2 days are based on luck. We have no control anymore as today is the last trading day. Nevertheless, still very positive that we will make profit although it is thinning. :(
3. ck5354, the average price information is in your trading platform. You should be able to find the average price by drilling down further that particular share. As for scalp trades it is simple, just buy and sell quickly within the day possible and started off with the smallest profit, if half a sen can give you profit by all mean just take the profit that half a sen can produce and with reasonable volume. Practise more with half/1 sen profit, once you get use to it, start increase your frequency and volume accordingly. One good example is to see how hng trades. Key point is to get lowest brokerage fee possible from your broker. :) Good Luck.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 11/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

BURSA-CP - Bought at 0.13c

2. Today decided to buy in Bursa-CP at 0.13sen, when i saw KLCI chalk up more than 10+ points. Have placed 0.125sen very early but decide to offer 0.005sen higher. :) The good thing is, the offer never disappoint me, i gotten my order matched !. Good luck, bad luck, nobody know but very high chance of making profit even buying at 0.13sen. :) Lets calculate the net worth of Bursa-CP.

10/5 - 1st day Average = RM7.8475, net worth = 0.141sen
11/5 - 2nd day Average = RM7.8299, net worth = 0.139sen

Bursa closed at RM7.88, i would suggest all to whack 0.13sen on Bursa-CP first thing early in the morning tomorrow. It is almost certain that we will make money at 0.13sen basing the closing price of today. Likelihood that the average of tomorrow will earn higher net worth of Bursa-CP. Like betting show hand, just "sai lang" all in at 0.13sen. :) Of course all at your own risk. :)

I myself will certainly do that tomorrow morning. :) So stay tune.

3. As at todate my scalp trade earning already surpassed the target of RM2000 per month. We are only in the 11th day of the month, there is still half way through the month. So far my profit stood at RM4000+ as at now. Certainly passing RM5000 mark by month end is highly possible. Oh yah ! have i ever mentioned to you that i hardly lose a trade since March 2011 ?? Good Luck pal. "Laughing All D Way to Bank" if you hold the royal flush of spade like above........ :)

No surprises from two largest REIT

Underscoring their defensive characteristics, earnings results for 1Q2011 for the two largest real estate investment trusts (REIT) on the local bourse were broadly in line with market expectations. No major surprises.

CMMT cmpletes first post-listing acquisition

CapitaMalls Malaysia Trust (CMMT) — the second largest REIT on the local bourse by market capitalisation — has just completed its first property acquisition since its debut on Bursa Malaysia in July 2010. The purchase of Gurney Plaza Extension was finalised at end-March 2011 — and its contributions will be reflected in the current quarter’s results and beyond.

To recap, the new acquisition is a nine-storey retail extension block adjoining the Gurney Plaza mall in Penang with a RM215 million price tag and added almost 140,000 sq ft of net lettable area (NLA) to CMMT’s portfolio of assets under management. That is equivalent to an area expansion of roughly 7.5% and raised its total NLA to just over two million sq ft.

To part finance the acquisition, some 144.9 million new units were issued — at RM1.06 per unit — enlarging the total units in circulation to 1,494.9 million. At the prevailing unit price of RM1.16, CMMT has a market capitalisation of more than RM1.73 billion. The REIT has a relatively large free float of about 58%.

As of end-March, CMMT has investment properties valued at a combined RM2.37 billion and total assets of almost RM2.5 billion. Its book value stood at RM1.03 per unit.

CMMT’s 1Q11 earnings results were broadly in line with expectations. Revenue totalled some RM52.7 million while net profit was reported at RM31.4 million, including fair value gain of RM5.7 million for the revaluation of Gurney Plaza Extension. Revenue contribution was more or less evenly distributed among the three properties in its portfolio, Gurney Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza and The Mines.

As mentioned above, earnings in the upcoming quarters will be boosted by the latest acquisition — as well as better rental rates. Lease renewals in 1Q11 for all three properties saw upward rental revisions, averaging some 7.6%. Meanwhile, occupancy rates stayed high across the board, at an average of about 98.7% in 1Q11.

CMMT is on track to meeting its forecast income distribution of 7.46 sen per unit for the current year. As stated in the prospectus, the trust intends to distribute all of its income this year and at least 90% of income going forward. The first distribution of 1.74 sen per unit has already been made just prior to the completion of acquisition of Gurney Plaza Extension and the issuance of the new units.

Assuming total income distribution of 7.46 sen per unit, investors will earn a yield of 6.4% at the current price. That is a fairly attractive return given its low-risk profile and it is well above prevailing bank deposit rates.

Sunway REIT yield estimated at 6.1%

Similarly, Sunway REIT is confident of hitting its earnings forecast for the current financial year ending June 2011. At the unit price of RM1.10, it is currently the largest listed real estate investment trust on the local bourse, with a market capitalisation of more than RM2.95 billion. Its free float is estimated at roughly 62%, which gives investors pretty good liquidity.

The trust reported revenue and income available for distribution totalling RM240.1 million and RM133.2 million in the first nine months of FY11, respectively, including surplus cash from 50% of manager’s fees paid in units. Net assets per unit stood at 97 sen as at end-March 2011.

Its retail assets fared slightly better than forecast on the back of continued growth in mall visitorship, near full occupancy and upward revision in rental rates. The flagship Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, which contributed to more than 61% of total net property income, has an average occupancy of 98.5% for 9MFY11. It achieved a 16.5% (for a three-year term) growth in rental for leases renewed so far this financial year, which accounted for nearly 69% of the mall’s total NLA.

On the other hand, contributions from the hospitality arm, including the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and Pyramid Tower Hotel, were below expectations in the latest 3QFY11. This was attributed to lower tourist arrivals due, in part, to cancellations from Japanese corporates following the earthquake and resulting tsunami disasters in the country. Nonetheless, earnings for the nine-month period remain on track to meeting management’s forecast for the year.

Elsewhere, earnings from office properties were resilient. Occupancy at Sunway Tower averaged a high 97% in the financial year to date while the Menara Sunway is fully occupied.

For the full year, total income distribution is estimated at 6.74 sen per unit, which will earn investors a yield of 6.1% at the prevailing price of RM1.10.

The trust intends to distribute to unit holders 100% of net earnings in the first two years of listing and a minimum of 90% annual profits thereafter.

Some RM87.4 million of the available income for distribution, or about 3.26 sen per unit, has already been paid. Sunway REIT will trade ex-entitlement for the third round of distribution, of 1.7 sen per unit, on 16th May.

As with CMMT, Sunway REIT too has just completed its first acquisition post-listing. The purchase of Putra Place for RM514 million was finalised in April 2011, after its winning bid at a public auction. The acquisition will boost the combined value of its investment properties to over RM4.2 billion. (Note that there is currently a legal dispute involving the purchase with Metroplex, but the trust believes that the former’s claims are unlikely to be successful).

The newly acquired property comprises The Mall (an 8-level shopping complex), 100 Putra Place (office tower), and 5-star hotel, The Legend, including its serviced apartments, penthouses and parking bays.

With strong sponsors, we expect both REITs will continue to expand their portfolios of assets going forward.

Sunway REIT has been granted a right of first refusal on Sunway City’s properties. The latter is the single largest unit holder in the trust and is one of the largest property developers in the country.

Meanwhile, CMMT has a right of first refusal for CapitaMalls Asia’s retail properties in Malaysia. The latter is its biggest stakeholder and a subsidiary of Singapore-listed CapitaLand. It is also a leading integrated shopping mall owner, developer and manager in the region, with some 91 retail properties worth a collective S$23.7 billion (RM57.5 billion) in Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia and India.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 10/5/2011

1. Scalp Trades today :-

KENCANA-CD - Sold 0.385 .... :)

2. Bursa-CP

10/5 - 1st day Average = RM7.8475, net worth = 0.141

Those who interested, can start buying in Bursa-CP at 0.125sen tomorrow as the net worth now is at 0.141sen, still pretty much in the money. :)
Note that the closing price for Bursa today is at RM7.80, this will drag down the net worth of Bursa-CP tomorrow for sure but buying at 0.125sen will give more cushion.
I will start placing my order at 0.125sen tomorrow, will buy in at higher price if Bursa has sign of inching up.

3. Citigroup obviously giving more room to drop since it first debut yesterday after reverse split. :( Hope for the best tonight.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scalp Trdaes Dated 9/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

KENCANA-CD - Bought at 0.375c (negative premium of > -2) quite safe when buying with this kind of low premium, unless market goes lower tomorrow then would need to cut loss no matter how.

2. Bursa-CP will enter the 1st day of Weightage price for mother share for 5 consecutive days starting tomorrow. Will need to calculate the weightage starting tomorrow and see if it worth taking in with a comfort price level. If the market loses steam then would probably abort the mission.

3. Amfirst result out with 45m net profit and decreased by 16%, however mantain the same yearly payout of 9.75sen with 4Q 4.94sen dividend declared. Ex-date on 20/5/2011. :)

4. Citigroup will start it day with a reverse split of 1 to 10, not sure how it fair tonight, we will need to wait and see.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 5/5/2011 - 6/5/2011

1. Scalp trades :-
TM-CM - sold 0.255
AMFIRST - bought 1.20

ATRIUM - in 1.07, out 1.08
AMFIRST - bought 1.20

2. Bursa-CP last trading day fall on 12/5/2011, which mean we would need to start tracking the mother share price movement starting on Tuesday (10/5) and Wednesday (11/5), the deciding factor should be on Thursday (12/5) in which we would know at least whether it is worth taking in for some cash settlement profit. As for now, it seem good and promising but it is yet to see how the market fair. Will start blogging up on Tueasday (10/5), will see if we are in the road to Wembley.

3. Come Monday (9/5) a corporate exercise by Citigroup to reverse split 1 for 10. Which mean every thousand (1000) will turn hundred (100). :( Good or bad, no one know. Hopefully this exercise is not giving more room to fall.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 4/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

TM-CM - bought 0.25sen (premium is -2.47%, buying at this price is quite safe.)
AMFIRST - bought RM1.20

2. Look at SUNREIT, lifted 4sen to RM1.13. :) Record high since listing. :)

3. Today while coming out from office, approaching to basement to get my car, saw this Honda Insight. First time seeing this car since its launch, to my disappointment the car is relatively too small to my preference. I thought it would be as big as Honda City at least but i find it rather small instate, especially the back seat design that is curving down, making it look like Gen2 :( Not my choice though it is a Hybrid car that saving petrol.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 3/5/2011

1. Scalp trades today :-

AMFIRST - bought 1.21


3rd Interim Income Distribution 1.70 Sen

Third Interim Income Distribution of 1.70 sen per unit (of which 1.69 sen per unit is taxable and 0.01 sen per unit is non-taxable arising from interest income) for the third quarter ended 31 March 2011

Entitlement Type: Income Distribution

Entitlement Date and Time: 19/05/2011 05:00 PM

Year Ending/Period Ending/Ended Date: 30/06/2011

EX Date: 16/05/2011

Payment Date: 09/06/2011

3. GAB back into buying spree again by :-

4. A good pick from hng - "Tambun". You guy may consider buying some for price appreciation. Good solid 4Q result, high profit margin and low PE. This type of result will surely reflect on the share price. :) If the 1Q result remain rebust then it is a gem stock you may be looking at, at current price. Good luck folk and thanks to hng.
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