Saturday, April 22, 2017

My 1Q Result !!!

20.89 %

1. Do you know what's the figure up there meant for ? ^^

2. Yes. The above said it all. ^^

3. 1Q of 2017 has gone. ^^ Above just my current reading so far. ^^

4. Hope to grow more from here. ^^

5. No magic, no heavy study and no complicated calculation of ROE, PE, ROIC & etc etc etc ^^

6. All you need is a common sense brain & straight forward understanding of simple rules, then follow on with execution. ^^ Simple as that. ^^

7. One good example is Maybank. ^^ (Please refer to my previous post on this if you are interested). Bear in mind, this is not the only rule applied, there are many others which have bring me this far. ^^ Join me for a RM100, RM200, RM500 membership fees ? ^^ 

No. ! Absolutely FOC coming from me IF there is one. ^^

8. You may said that in any bull run, everyone is a sifu. ^^ Yup. you are not wrong in stating this statement. ^^ BUT, a sifu that last for decades not many can be found. ^^

9. Till then, may the best price be yours always. ^^
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