Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bought Back LIONDIV

Bought back LIONDIV at 1.50 for 5000units, just can't resist the temptation after seeing the price drop below my target price at 1.57. Let see how it work out, obviously this stock is deviate from my focus on dividend stock. This is just could be short term attempt.


Tomorrow is Federal Territory Day and is a holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. Next week is CNY, wow...time flied. Everyone guessing GE is going to be announced after CNY, GE will be held in around March. How is our bources ? KLCI drifting lower and looks like trend is changing. I just sold 1000units of Resort at 3.86 this morning keeping 2000units that was purchased at a lower price for longterm. Looking and waiting KLCI to drift lower before entering into market again for a cheaper price hopefully. Anymore excitement after GE ?? is lifting currency control gonna stimulate KLSE ?? Sorry to tell that, can't predict the future, wait and see loh...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Received 15sen T.E from PANAMY

Just received 15sen tax exempted from PANAMY, i believed the next round of dividend is someway around July and probably is gonna be a good one as well, minimum 1.00 again ? just need to wait and see. Anyway, i still maintain 500units of this Panamy, thinking of buying back when it fall back to my buying target price around 10.70. Till then happay trading.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bought LIONDIV on Tuesday for 5000 units at price of 1.57 and now (Thusday) have disposed all of it at a price of 1.70 for a quick contra gain. Not bad huh...thanks to the US rate cut or the DJ rebounce ?? Have you ever ask yourself how long will this going to sustain ? If you are speculator then it would be better for you to reduce your holding, sighting that the General Election is around the corner. Life after GE may seem weary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shares Swap

Looking at the current market, really heart sick. Whatever gain previously, has now turned almost zero gain. Take years to build your gains and take days to collapse it. Phew...whatever is it "don't catch the falling dagger" but everything seem to be very expensive before, now you feel dirst cheap. Hard to hide your temptation away, i'm eager to accumulate more quality stocks like Genting, Resort, Tenaga, Maybulk, Carlsbg and Cepat but instead finally, decided to dispose off half of my PANAMY at 11.10 for a swap of LIONDIV share at 1.57 for 5,000 units. Nonetheless, still stay very positive with the market for 1st quarter of year 2008, will try liquidate some and keeping majority of my stocks for very longterm as this is my focus which i'm still very much intact with "dividend stocks"......"if you are an investor, see this as normal cycle. Constant and increasing dividend is what we are looking at". Happy trading.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Received Dividend Again From BJTOTO

I have received dividend again from BJTOTO, this round is 41st & giving 8sen and noticed that the income tax rate has reduced further to 26% instead of 27% last year. This will bring down my total average purchase price of BJTOTO to $2.01 for batch 1 and $4.21 for batch 2 respectively. Overall average price will bring down to $2.56. Other than this, i managed to dispose IOICORP @ 8.15 and grab it back @ 7.90 for a contra gain of 25sen during this sell down, this retain my holding to IOICORP with a cheaper price instead. With this my average price is $5.72. Till then happy trading.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

KLSE Top 10 Picks for Year 2008

The 10 picks are:

Sime Darby Bhd. This is the largest player in the must-have sector of plantations.
TA said Sime Darby was an excellent proxy to the plantation sector, given its fairly good sensitivity to the upstream plantation business, which is the most profitable part of the palm oil value chain. “We estimate a RM100 per tonne increase in crude palm oil (CPO) price would boost Sime Darby's earnings per share by 3%,” TA said, adding that any further earnings upgrade could stem from the group's successful extraction of merger synergy.

IOI Corp Bhd. IOI Corp is the second largest plantation counter by market capitalisation after Sime Darby. Half of its operating profit for the financial year ended June 30, 2007 was derived from the upstream plantation business.
“A key catalyst for upgrade in earnings forecast is potential acquisitions. The group has been on a merger and acquisition trail, acquiring land in Sarawak and Indonesia,” said TA.

British American Tobacco (M) Bhd. This stock is on the “buy” list of Citigroup. The consensus 6% to 8% contraction in market is too pessimistic, said Citigroup head of Malaysia research Wai Kee Choong. The counter could surprise from a hike in civil servants' pay.

Public Bank Bhd. In the banking sector, this stock is on the list of Citigroup, Aseambankers and TA.
TA said: “As capital ratios are expected to improve due to the adoption of Basel II (international banking guidelines on capital requirements) by early 2008 and no mandatory transfer of 25% annual earning to statutory reserves, the group will have some leeway to improve its capital management.”
The management has also given its guidance that the bank's risk-weighted capital ratio and capital adequacy ratio are expected to improve by 70- and 50-basis points, respectively.
Citigroup likes the counter for its strong growth in business loans and asset management business as well its dividend yield of 5% to 7%.

SapuraCrest Petroleum Bhd. At the current price, oil and gas services player SapuraCrest still has plenty of upside. While the share price has corrected some 41%, its fundamentals remain intact, said Citigroup. SapuraCrest's order book now stands at more than RM5bil.

Petra Perdana Bhd. This oil and gas sector play looks like good value at the current price.
TA's pick has outperformed earnings expectations in the recent results season due to a higher vessel utilisation of 85% and charter rates that are 10% to 15% higher as the company rolled over spot contracts that have expired.
“This is likely to be the order of the day with demand for vessels shooting up following greater exploration and production activities but hampered by tight supply,” said TA.
Future growth potential is bright, with 17 more new vessels coming on stream by 2010 and most of the vessels tailored for deepwater operations, said the research house.

PLUS Expressways Bhd. In the infrastructure sector, TA likes highway concessionaire PLUS, whose traffic volume could grow greatly with the government-driven domestic development in the next few years.
TA said traffic volume growth of 7% year-on-year to 10.9 billion passenger car units (PCU) for the 10 months to October 2007 “has been encouraging, so far”.
The group's future acquisition of the ELITE and Linkedua highways announced in June last year is also expected to benefit PLUS partly from advantageous pricing from friendly party and parent, UEM Group.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB). TNB is the choice of Aseambankers and TA. At its current price level of around RM9.80, the stock has plenty of upside to the two brokerages' target prices.
Aseambankers said there could be a “reversion of 'old' bellwethers like TNB”. “We also foresee some resurgence, particularly for TNB, following a lacklustre year for the old 'TMT' bellwethers TNB, Malayan Banking Bhd and Telekom Malaysia Bhd,” it added.
TA said driving the demand growth is the general increase in economic activity, with an expected gross domestic product growth of 6.2% in 2008 and “spillover effect” from the commencement of big-ticket Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) projects.

RCE Capital Bhd. For mid-caps, RCE has the largest upside among Aseambankers' picks.
RCE, the brokerage said in a report, could be a “beneficiary of higher consumer spending from the recent civil service salary hike”.

Ann Joo Resources Bhd. This is Aseambankers' favourite counter in the building materials sector, which still has plenty of upside and is trading quite cheaply at the moment.
Ann Joo is an emerging integrated steel player that could benefit from sky-high steel prices. Aseambankers expects “titanic growth” for building materials plays.
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