Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trade More YTLPOWER-WB :)

1. Buy YTLPOWER-WB at 0.555sen and sold them all at 0.56sen. Half sen profit. :)

2. Yeah !! UOADEV finally declared 10sen dividend to be ex on 11/07. :) The dividend reinvestment scheme has been fixed at RM1.39. :) Pretty okay to opt for this scheme too. :)

3. hng, Teng & alwayswin, Let's HUAT & Good Luck !!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bought More UOADEV

1. Scalp trade on MUHIBAH this morning. :) Make 1sen. :) May have more selling pressure on this MUHIBAH as CIMB has withdrawn it support on it funding. Look like going to breach below RM1. Careful guy !!

2. Bought in more UOADEV at price 1.50 & 1.49 respectively. :)

3. Tomorrow will be the listing of FELDA, hope it can stir up some sentiment to KLSE. :)

4. Good Luck All !!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 25/6/2012

1. Bought more UOADEV at 1.53.

2. Congratz hng & teng on your YTLP-WB. Today YTLP-WB leap more than mother share. :)

3. AMFIRST has proposed RI of 3:5. Dilution of 60%. RI at 0.83sen.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 21/6/2012

1. Bought some YTLP-WB at 0.515sen, buy more again at 0.505sen 2 batches. Sold all at 0.515sen for a contra gain. :)

2. Congratz hng on your BJTOTO & HAPSENG. !!

3. Congratz Teng as well on YTLP-WB !!

4. Good Luck !!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sold All My YTLP-WB

1. Sold all my YTLP-WB at 0.51sen today. :) Placed buy order again at 0.505sen but unable to buy it back. :( Nevertheless, still in profit as my average price is at 0.468sen. :)

2. Sold my UOAREIT as well at RM1.37. 1sen profit. :)

3. Teng, too bad sold all my YTLP-WB already, hope to get it back if happen to dip back. :( The buying is very strong, i think going back to 60sen should not be a problem if given some time. Another thing on AMFIRST, i think they are proposing right issue soon. I am hesitating to buy at current level, i am still waiting for their proposal, so may not be buying at this moment of time.    

4. Sorry, all cyber friends, i will not be available to give any comments during day time as i have my day work to handle. I could have missed all your queries or unable to post any reply on each and everyone of them. Some of the cyber friends here have vast experience in stock market, i believe they can offer help if anyone would like to know further, learn, share, provide some useful information or sharing of news, you are more then welcome to ask them or contribute your ideas here.

5. Any buy call coming from me nor possible stock recommendation from cyber friends here are merely for self interest and sharing purpose only, there may not provide 100% sure win profit, so buy sell at your own risk.

6. Let's help each other to know better and make money together. :) GOOD LUCK !!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gotten My Car :)

1. First Sold my YTLPOWER-WB at 0.455sen but bought it back again at 0.455sen. Lose fee. :( Must be buying from hng and Teng i think. LOL !! The buying is very strong, look very strange, more likely under accumulation stage. I hope it will go beyond 1.70 in near future. :)

2. Just got my FORTE back. The car give reasonably enough power even it is 1.6. Quite responsive. I feel noise sound coming from tyre most probably it is due to low profile tyre 215/45/R17. When travel in low speed then this funny sound will not noticeable. Overall quite satisfy with this car though it is slightly more expensive than PREVE.

3. Congrat to hng !! Profit all the way. !!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UOADEV - Rock N Roll

1. WOW !! UOADEV today rock and roll man $$$ Sold more UOADEV at RM1.57 and buy them back at RM1.55 again. :) Hope to repeat the same trades again tomorrow. :)

2. hng, ha ha ha, no way for WWW 15, this number is too hot. Whoever get it will be very lucky, more famous than WWW1. :p I think the next highest bidder will get this number, hopefully is not end up having any trouble to him. :)

3. Applied FELDA IPO yesterday. Last minute entry. 

4. Teng, you changing big car to small car ?  Should get back Toyota Camry new model. :) I was having a thought of getting one myself but better save more fund for KLSE. :)

5. Bought a TOSHIBA notebook M840 i7. Cost me RM3000. :)

6. hng, I was queuing Tambun this morning at 0.52sen but no chance of getting it at all. It all block by you there. :p Hope to get some tomorrow. :)

7. YTLPOWER seems to be steady now. Hope can breach RM1.70 level in short term.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


1. Sold my UOADEV at RM1.47. Make very small profit. Hope to buy back lower.

2. BJTOTO & Tambun in my radar list.

3. Today, just signed my HP loan application and pick a car number plate for my new car. Most likely will be getting the car by this weekend. :) Yesterday, my cousin brother bought a second hand 5 years Toyota Camry cost at RM88K, almost same price to my new car, look new and pretty okay though. Big car will cost higher in term petrol and maintenance but you get to enjoy the comfort.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bought Back UOADEV

1. Bought back UOADEV at RM1.46.

2. May not be trading tomorrow as i will be very busy. :(

3. hng & Teng, congratz on your UOADEV. :) Seem like you guy venture into property as well. :) Good Luck.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


1. Sold my remaining UOADEV at RM1.47. :) Still holding some. :)

2. Congratz to all cyber friend who hold Tambun. :) hng, alwayswin, Teng & the rest. :) Look like it is set to go higher. :) Good luck guy. :)

3. BJTOTO only inch up 4sen today. :( The special dividend would be around 49sen if BJTOTO manage to list STM  in SGX by year end. :) In full anticipation waiting for this to come true. :) ha ha ha. Good Luck all !!

BToto to spin off Sports Toto in RM6b deal

Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd (BST) today announced plan to spin off its subsidiary, Sports Toto Malaysia (STM), into a business trust to be constituted in Singapore.

The group also intends to list the STM-Trust on the Singapore Bourse, SGX-ST, via an offer for sale and a new issue of units in conjunction with its initial public offer (IPO).

In a statement today, BToto said it would divest STM to the STM-Trust for RM6 billion, to be satisfied by the issuance of 4.43 billion trust units issued at about S$0.50 (RM1.24) each and some RM527.4 million (S$213.4 million) will be settled via the issuance by STM-Trust of a promissory note or bill of exchange in favour of BToto.

STM-Trust will also issue up to 460.0 million new units in conjunction with the IPO and the pricing would be determined via book-building process.

"The monies raised will be utilised to settle the aforesaid RM527.4 million note, to defray expenses of the issue and for working capital," it said.

BToto said it would also make an offer for sale of up to 540.0 million trust units at a price to be determined via the same book building process (OFS).

In all, a total of 1.0 billion STM-Trust units will be made available to institutional, corporate and retail investors in conjunction with the IPO exercise which will represent about 20.46 per cent of the total enlarged outstanding units of 4.89 billion.

On rationale, BToto expected the spin off to unlock further shareholder value in STM, by accessing a potentially larger pool of investors of non-Syariah compliant stocks.

The STM-Trust will be mandated to only invest in gaming type businesses and investments. It would be managed by a Trustee-Manager which will be incorporated in Singapore as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BToto under the proposed name, Sports Toto Malaysia Management Pte Ltd.

Maybank Investment Bank, Malaysia and Maybank Kim Eng Corporate Finance, Singapore have been retained as Adviser to BToto and Issue Manager and Adviser for the IPO, respectively.

Commenting on the scheme, BToto Chief Executive Officer Datuk Robin Tan Yeong Ching said shareholders could also expect to receive special cash dividends from net proceeds to be raised from the OFS.

The scheme would require approvals from both the Malaysian and Singapore regulators, as well as the greenlight from BToto's shareholders for the divestment of STM to the STM-Trust, which is expected to debut on the SGX by year-end.

The group yesterday announced to Bursa Malaysia its suspension from trading with effect from 9 am, today. The counter was last traded at RM4.25. -- Bernama

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


1. Sold back my PAVREIT at RM1.22. :) but only managed to sell UOADEV partially at RM1.48 :(

2. Would buy back UOADEV if it dip further tomorrow.

3. Below is the news from BJTOTO :-


4. I wonder as a BJTOTO shareholder, do we get any allotment for this STM-TRUST shares listing ??

Monday, June 4, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 4/6/2012

1. Buying spree today. :)

2. Bought PAVREIT in 2 batches, 1 at RM1.22 and the other batch jump queue at RM1.20. Bought back some UOADEV today at RM1.48 and RM1.45 respectively. :)

3. DJ future rebound !! Hope tomorrow can start reap profit.!!

4. hng & Teng, with Tambun closed at 0.505 and T-WA closed at 0.155. those who bought OR at 0.08 and exercised, would now only managed to break even. I was initially quite optimistic that T-WA would go surpass 20sen. :( but it turn out highest only at 0.165. Need to pay more time on this, probably wait till it dividend announcement. Good Luck and All The Best !!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


1. Sold my BJTOTO at RM4.27.

2. tcg82, i am doing scalp trade here, that is the reason why i buy sell even in small profit. I have a bunch of BJTOTO that keeping since umpteen years ago mainly for dividend. This month would be dividend month for BJTOTO, likely to declare 6sen again. :)

3. WOW !! Dow Jone in limbo !! We will be in deep shit next week ??
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