Monday, July 30, 2012

CIMB Screw MSM-CA Warrant Holders :(

1. MSM-CA - Here we go again, CIMB manipulated the MSM share price by getting it price to settle at RM5.03 at last minute. With this MSM-CA settlement price to be settled at 0.1248. :( My cost on MSM-CA is at 0.125. My loss is at 0.0002 almost breakeven, think i will lose my brokerage fee as well. :( Small bruises. I have to avoid CWs for time being. :( As far as i know none of the CWs issuers are gentlemen enough to let the demand and supply to take it course just like HKSE. The worst being OSK, remember KNM case? SC needs to step in to do something here or regulate the MM from being manipulating the mother share to protect the CW holders else it is just an unfair game. Will boycott CWs for time being. Lucky it is just a small bruises from me.

2. MSM - I grab MSM at RM5.03 last minute by jumping queue and offering at a price of RM5.06. ^^ Hoping of jacking the price up last minute, LOL !! but the selling forces are just tremendous from MM. :( Hope i can recover some losses here that i incurred on MSM-CA. hng, what a coincident that you also grab the same price as me, we have something in common? I must say we both have a great brain that think alike. ha ha ^^

3. OSKPROP - Ex-dated price at RM1.05. Which mean the right OR would likely be around (1.28-1.05) * 10 = 2.30 to 3.00.

4. GENTING SP - Lucky me. LOL !!! Bought in S$1.23 last Friday and today garner 9sen at S$1.32. ^^ :)

5. To all newbies, please ask the expert here if you are in doubt or not sure pertaining to share investment. If you read this blog quietly and buy quietly, any losses incurred you have yourself to be blamed. Don't accuse anyone has mislead you for your action. We are here sharing our thought and exchanging information so that everyone would be benefited. Take responsibility on any penny that you invested in. Good Luck.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Continue to Bang on YTLP-WB !?

1. YTLP-WB - Sold them all at 0.605 and bought it back at 0.595 and 0.585 respectively in 2 batches. Keep banging on YTLP-WB, hope to gain most of it. Hopefully i am not wrong. :p

2. MSM-CA - MM plays dirty again, block huge volume at 5.10 last minute. This act make MSM-CA settlement value in limbo. :( Might not be able to make money this time round. :( Hope for the best on next Monday, the judgement day.

3. OSKPROP - Bought in 2 batches at 1.28 & 1.29. Ex-date will be on next Monday.

4. GOLDEN AGRI - Have sold all my Golden Agri at S$0.755 the other day. :)

5. GENTING SP - Bought in GSP at S$1.23 today. I think it is low enough for me to buy in now.

6. Dow Jones seem ok. :)

7. Good luck all.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Trade Profitably - Part 2

1. MSM-CA - Bought in at 0.125sen few batches when the underlying stock stay strong at RM5.20 but again MM plays dirty by pushing the price back to RM5.15. :( Must be buying from Teng i think. LOL !!! I think if MSM stay float above RM5.15, i will be able to make half sen settlement. :) ^^ I took big gamble on this, wish me luck guy. :)

MSM-CA settlement :-

Day 1 - 5.19
Day 2 - 5.15
Day 3 - 5.15
Day 4 - ??
Day 5 - ??

Assuming, day 4 & 5 settle with 5.15 as well, we will have average price of 25.79/5 = 5.158. Strip off exercise price of RM4.5 (5.158 - 4.5 = 0.658). The final settlement will be at 0.658/5 = 0.1316.
Hope to make half a cent here. :) ^^

2. YTLP-WB - Sold all at 0.61 and bought it back at 0.60. :) ^^ Still keeping all the shares.

3. OSKPROP - Increase stake on Oskprop at RM1.29. Let's 888 on this one. :)


5. Dow Jones Future in positive zone. Though KLCI slide back today, i do hope tomorrow will bound back strongly.

6. Good luck all. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Trade Profitably ?

1. MSM-CA - Bought in this morning at 0.12sen and sold them off at 0.125sen. Half sen profit. :) ^^. Teng, you see how market maker make the underlying mother share to close at RM5.15 at last minute. This tactic apply to all Market Makers, they slash mother share price in contrast to make more money from their Call Warrant settlement. Very unscrupulous way of manipulating share price rather than letting the demand and supply to take it course. You notice, i am very reluctant to venture into Call Warrant anymore, only if it give high chance like extremely low premium (-1 to -2) else will not touch at all. Nevertheless, with MSM closing at RM5.15, CA still worth around 0.135sen, still worth buying at 0.115sen but beware of mother being whacked again till RM5.00, if this happened, holders of CA will be very much in danger state as CW holders will tend to make loss than gain. :( Be careful.

2. CMMT - Bought at RM1.62 and sold all at RM1.63. 1sen profit, quick scalp on this. ^^ :)

3. YTLP-WB - Went in quite substantial on this at 0.605sen. Hope to sell tomorrow. :)

4. OSKPROP - Bought in 2 batches, one at RM1.30 and subsequent batch at RM1.29. :) Take note Ex-date on 30/7/2012.

5. IHH - Hesitating to buy at RM3.02. Finally gave up. :(

6. WEIDA - Close watch on this, potentially making some money tomorrow. ^^


8. CK's ebook, hmmmm..... interesting but i wonder who will buy ? Most likely only newbies will be interested. Can explore further on this..... will need input from the floor like hng, Teng, alwayswin, CK & etc...

9. Good luck.

10. CEPAT - Avoid this temporary.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zero Work Done For Me :(

1. PWROOT - I first bought in at 0.665 but sold it back at cost and lose fee. :( Very impressive Q result for PWROOT. EPS 2.6sen !!! I would expect another round of special dividend coming in October. Keep very close watch on this. :)

2. WTK - First bought in at RM1.19 but again sold back at cost. :( lose fee. :(

3. MSM-CA - Placed queue order at 11sen and again increase my bid at 11.5sen but too late. Nothing match on this, will try again tomorrow. Someone buy in big at 12sen, 3K lots there.


5. Trying to play safe today as the sentiment still not very stable. :( I make my wrong move today by selling them back at cost. :( Should have kept them a bit longer. :( Will try attack again tomorrow. :) Wish all the comrade here have a nice trading day tomorrow. Continue to laugh all the way to the Bank, especially to hng, Teng and alwayswin as you guy are full timers, good trading  skill will assure a good earning stream from KLSE. ^^ :)

6. Is IHH having it listing debut tomorrow ?? Hope to steal some $$$ from this. ^^

7. Good luck and may the best price be yours always. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Theoretical Ex-Price For OSKPROP

1. OSKPROP - Sold all at RM1.30. :)

Let's work out the theoretical price for OSKPROP :-

OSKPROP (10) = RM1.30 * 10 = RM13
Right (OR) (1) = RM1
Free Warrant (3) = 0
BI (2) = 0

Estimated Theoretical Ex-Right Price (10) = (13+1)/13 = RM1.077
Estimated Theoretical Right (3+3) = (3.23 - 1.00) = RM2.23 (*Did not factor Warrants in, if one were to estimate 20% warrant price of the Theoretical Ex-Right Price, it would be around 21sen, that would mean estimated 21 * 3 = 63sen extra) 

2. PAVREIT - Sold all at RM1.31. :)


4. Good Luck !!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 19/7/2012

1. OSKPROP - Follow hng buy in oskprop at 1.28 and 1.29, two batches. :) RI ratio of 10:1, free 3 warrants and 2 BI after subscribing to Right. Ex-date fall on 30/7/2012. See if i have time, i will work out the theoretical price.

2. YTLP-WB - Bought at 0.595 and sold at 0.60. Half cent profit. :)

3. CMMT - Clear all CMMT at RM1.58. Profit 1+ sen. :)

4. POS - Clear all remaining at RM2.86. :) Should have clearing them at RM2.88 but decision making too late. :(

6. PAVREIT - Bought in 2 batches at 1.28 & 1.30 respectively. :)


8. Good Luck & 88888

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everybody Laughing All The Way To The Bank !!!

1. POS - Sold some at 2.88, 2.89 and 2.90 respectively. :) Still keeping some for further rise. ^^ Congratz to all the comrades here, especially to hng, yet another handsome profit. Keep up the good work. :)

2. CMMT - Bought in 1.56 & 1.57 respectively. Hope to make some quick profit here. :)

3. YTLP-WB - Placed at 0.575 but not done. :( Price surge already. :( Congratz to Teng.


5. Good Luck All.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOW !! MEDIAC On The Rock !!!

1. Congratz to hng !! MediaC rock !!! ^^ :) $$$$$ OneX as well ^^

2. MediaC-CA - Bought in at 0.20, sold all of them at 0.21. Contra gain. :)

3. AMFIRST-TR - Sold off all of them at 0.18sen. ^^ :)

4. IHH - Congtaz Tay SK !! Me none :( :(

5. POS - Bought in more at 2.80 and 2.81 respectively. POS just declared 17.5sen dividend, hope tomorrow will fly. ^^ :) Many of you here go in at the right timing, just right before it declares dividend. ^^ Congratz Tay SK, Teng, hng, tcg82, Buble Tea........   alwayswin you in ?

6. Watch list - POS, MediaC, YTLP-WB, HUAYANG, WCT

7. Good Luck & Keep Laughing all the way to the Bank !!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

AMFIRST-TR A Preferred Choice Than AMFIRST

1. AMFIRST-TR - Bought in at 0.175, sold all of them at 0.18. Bought back all again at 0.175. Tomorrow will be the last day of trading, if unable to dispose with profit will exercise by converting all of them to AMFIRST.

2. POS - Sold all my POS at RM2.83 and buy them back at RM2.81. Congratz to Teng as well. :)

3. Congratz hng on your YTL & OSK profit. ^^ :)


5. IHH - Again i failed my bid in IHH's IPO, unsuccessful again. :(

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Month Is a Good Month To Trade :)

1. This time i am smart. ^^ I captured my trading records from office and sent it to my WebMail. I knew the trading system will not be available during weekend due to maintenance. ^^ :) True enough, i try log in just now and it is unavailable again. :) but i have backup this time round. LOL !!

2. YTLP-WB - Buy more at 0.565 and sold all of them at 0.575. :) Congratz to Teng as well. We both make profit on this. ^^ :)

3. AMFIRST-TR - Placed at 0.175 but not able to match anymore. :( Finding it support at 0.18. 

4. MEDIAC - Congratz hng !!! Good pick indeed. Soar high and suspended pending announcement. Must be extremely good news. Well done mate !! :) 

5. DJ - Rock N Roll now !! Must be good day come Monday. ^^

6. Watch list - POS, MEDIAC, YTLP-WB, YTL

7. Good Luck and may the best price be yours always. ^^ :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Continue To Trade Actively !!!

1. WTK - Sold all my WTK at RM1.23, escape without bruises cover the losses from the dividend. Break even effort on this but still profit from the earlier WTK's trades. :) Overall standing is profit on this.

2. CMMT - grabbing this guy right from 1.58 all the way down to 1.56. Manage to sell all of it at RM1.59. :) This counter really run wild, first being bashed down from 1.60 to 1.55 and it went up all the way to 1.62 and finally settled down at RM1.61. My biggest gain today on this. :)

3. YTLP-WB - First sold at 0.575. Bought them all back at 0.57 and more. :) Again, must be buying from hng and Teng i think. LOL !! Half a cent profit on this and more to come tomorrow. :) :)

4. AMFIRST-TR - Placed at 0.17 but nothing done. :( :( Look like it find it support at 0.18sen.

5. Maria, you need to fill up a form when subscribing to mother share. Please call your broker for more detail information.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trades on AMFIRST-TR

1. Scalp trades done for above today. :)

2. Half sen profit from AMFIRST-TR and YTLPWR-WB respectively. 1sen profit from WTK and bought back POS at RM2.80. :)

3. Market seems gaining ground.

4. Maria, tomorrow is ex-date for WTK. Anything purchase for today will entitle dividend.

5. AMFIRST & AMFIRST-TR closed at RM1.03 and 0.175sen respectively. Subscribing to mother share from right issue will be at 0.83sen. So, 0.175 + 0.83 = 1.005. There is a 0.025sen margin there, will try to place my order again tomorrow at 0.17sen. I think it is quite safe at 0.17sen.

6. hng, need to ask you a question, is it hard to get loan after being a full timer like you ? I need to venture into properties when i step down from corporate line.

7. Good Luck all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 10/7/2012

1. Buy more WTK at RM1.25 and sold some at RM1.27. :) 2sen profit. :)

2. Sold all my POS at RM2.83. A big thanks to hng. :) :)

3. hng, Teng & Alwaywin, watch out for AMFIRST-OR tomorrow, i think will be selling about 20sen or so.

4. Good luck & keep Laughing All The way to The Bank. !!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sold All My UOADEV :)

1. Sold all my UOADEV at RM 1.61 and RM1.66 respectively. Nothing left for this. :) Wow !! a total of more than 5 figure profit. :) Not bad not bad. :) Just like hng use to say "handsome profit". :)

2. Bought in WTK at RM1.26, try to go for quick profit on this. :)

3. I can't get into the system to capture the print screen for my trades today. I am going to lose my prove for this as the system will reset when the next trading start. :( Why are they keep having system maintenance during the weekend ?? Hopefully, the system is make available for Sunday then i will be able to capture them and post it here.

4. DJ is not in good shape. :(

5. I am gonna missed my MPHB ? Look like it has started to move up slowly. :(

6. Congratz to those who make money. :)

7. Good Luck and Laughing All The Way to The bank. !!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

WOW !! Shopping Spree........

1. Sold all my POS at RM2.83 and buy them back at RM2.80 and more. Thanks to hng. :)

2. Buy all UOADEV back at RM1.59 and more....... :)

3. Guy, keep up the good work. Thanks for the information on MPHB Teng.

4. Good Luck and may the best price be yours always. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 4/7/2012

1. Sold all my YTLPOWER-WB at 0.57. Sold more UOADEV at 1.61 and 1.62 respectively. :)

2. Will be applying IHH IPO next week. :) Hope to make some pocket money from here. :)

3. Will buy more POS if it dip further. :) Keep watching MPHB. :)

4. I am very busy this week. Nevertheless still try to trade whenever there is free time that allow me to do so.

5. Dow Jones keep surging tonight, this might boost KLCI further hopefully.

6. Good Luck guy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Good Start For JULY 2012 !!! :)

1. Sold about 40% of UOADEV from price ranging between 1.55 to 1.58. :) Leaving the remaining to sell higher. :)

2. Bought in CMMT at 1.52 and sold at 1.54. Contra profit. :)

3. It is indeed a good start for the 1st trading day of JULY 2012 but at current level of KLCI, i am a bit dilemma whether to increase or reduce stake ?? I guess i will opt extremely careful at the present day of state, any downturn could be possible. Even though if i do, i have to close trades quickly.

4. Good luck and happy trading. May the best price be yours always. As usual "LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK" :)
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