Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 31/5/2014

1. Traded above last week.

2. YTL & YTLP - WOW !!! Traded in huge volume yesterday. Due to exclusion of shariah compliance. I would assume that the impact should not be as great as what we thought but the reaction to this yesterday on YTL was seen otherwise. I guess many would have taken this opportunity to load some in in low high. That including me entering YTLP at 1.50. ^^ Hope to reap profit in near future. ^^
3. GLOMAC - Sold all at 1.09, bought them back at 1.08 to make contra. ^^
4. Good Luck. ^^

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 17/5/2014

1. Traded above. ^^

2. MAS - Loss widen. :( It will only turn worst coming quarter as tickets sale plunge 60% from China. Will MAS keep flying even with such pathetic result ? There is no chance for her to turn around in coming years i guess. How long more will Malaysia government coming into rescure on her ? It will just burning money away if something not done now and it has to be a drastic one if it considering making MAS to be around in the industry or else she will be destined for bankruptcy.
3. Good Luck.

Monday, May 5, 2014

KLSE : Will Not Be Posting My Trades Daily.

1. alwaywins, i am busy lately so will not post regularly as before. Sometime forgot to save my trades, thus unable to post them here. My non-scalp portfolio, i have mentioned before previously still keeping them till now. Do nothing to these counters mainly for dividend, sometime forgoten that i have them in my list...^^
Some counters that in my 'long term' list are :-
Pbbank, Bjtoto, Gab, Carlsbg, GenM, Genting, GenS & etc...^^
2. Teng, you are right, hard to make money nowadays. I find it slow and need a lot of patient. Might want to dispose my G.Agri soon after gotten 4 dividends payout, that should give me some profit there. Will channel the fund back. ^^
3. Good Luck all. ^^
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