Sunday, February 25, 2007

Buying List/Ideas

Stock Name : SILVER (7136, RM0.53)
Recommendation : BUY

Stock Name : NEXTNAT (0096, RM0.675)
Recommendation : BUY

Stock Name : MAYBULK (5077, RM3.48)
Recommendation : BUY

Stock Name : GOODWAY (7192, RM0.78)
Recommendation : BUY

Stock Name : EKOWOOD (5091, RM0.94)
Recommendation : BUY

Stock Name : CSCENIC (7202, RM0.92)
Recommendation : BUY
Happy trading...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

CARLSBG (2836, RM5.50)

Carlsberg’s financial year end net profit 85.904 million decrease by 3.13% and a final dividend 7.5sen & special dividend 24.5sen less tax was declared. As I mentioned earlier in my post normally the bigger portion of dividend will be declared around this time, the question is will this poor result constitute to a price drop in Carlsberg share or a total 32sen dividend is enough to cushion the drop or spite up the price?
One should not expect much on Carlsberg as this is the nature of this share all this while. I doubt the result will have any great impact on share price in fact it might surge further if it able to break through the resistant price at RM5.60 (refer to chart). Carlsberg is currently on the uptrend & always remain for dividend play in my portfolio and I would recommend HOLD on this stock.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

PBBANK (1295, RM9.00)

Considering the above record, which of the banking stock would you preferred? My selection criteria are simple, first, which one of the above provides me the best dividend yield and second, what’s the recommendation from the broker. Undoubtedly, PBBANK met my criteria for this instance. Firstly, why am I stressing so much on dividend payout? The reason is simple, dividend provide cushion and regular income stream in case your stock turn south. On the other angle, dividend gives good return value to your investment if stock price appreciated. In the long run it certainly benefited. Secondly, brokers recommendation is usually has it own potential value there as these are public researches normally reflect the true picture of a company and what the market think not basing on own assumption. Thus, potentially market will tend to follow or agreed rather than objecting it but again is it the right time to acquire? Timing plays an important role as during bull time one may tend to enter a higher price and during bear time you may lucky to get it cheaper. Technically, PPBANK is on the uptrend but at this juncture I would buy on weakness.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Portfolio 04-Feb-2007

Last week, try placing BJTOTO at $4.60 but did not get any as the selling are low at this price. However have increased my portfolio by buying CARLSBG at $5.25. There are two simple reasons for it, firstly, i am a long term player and the CNY is near, certainly the beer consumption is high during this festive season and secondly this stock hasn't move much as compare to others and usually it will declare its dividend somewhere around this time and normally is the bigger portion of the dividend declared. CARLSBG is certainly a good stock for dividend play.

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