Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Trades - 4th Week Of JULY 2013

DAY TRADES : 23/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 24/7/2013 

DAY TRADES : 25/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 26/7/2013

1. Watch List : KPS, PUNCAK, RCECAP

2. Good Luck. ^^

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Trades - 3rd Week Of July 2013

DAY TRADES DATED : 17/7/2013
 DAY TRADES DATED : 18/7/2013
 DAY TRADES DATED : 19/7/2013

1. Watch List : KPS, PUNCAK, YTLP-WB

2. Good Luck.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Trades - 2nd Week Of JULY 2013

 DAY TRADES : 8/7/2013 
DAY TRADES : 10/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 11/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 12/7/2013
1. Daily trades as posted above.

2. Watch List - KHSB, PUNCAK, KPS

3. Good Luck. ^^

Re-post hng's posting below :-
hng said...
There is urgency now to resolve Langat2 water plant. It involve transfer of raw water from Pahang to Selangor through tunnel and multibillion already spent to build facility in Pahang portion. With 80% completion of it, it must start its Selangor portion as soon as possible to connect the tunnel.

State gov wish is to gather all water treatment plant under its umbrella, including these langat 2 together with exiting plant under Splash + Puncak Niaga + Abbass. These upstream will then will consolidate with downstream operator (Syabas) in order to streamline the whole water distribution.

Whereas, Fed gov wanna to separate the deal and emphasize just on langat 2 construction.

The final deal could be, Fed gov and state gov reach compromised agreement whereby, Feb opt its golden share in Syabas to force Puncak divest its stake in Syabas to KDEB in exchange for State gov grant land development order to build langat 2.

If you check Puncak last Q1 result, syabas only contribute less than RM 5m profit before tax or <4 2="" and="" back="" be="" br="" business.="" but="" by="" contribution="" divest="" earning.="" earning="" easily="" from="" gas="" if="" in="" increase="" is="" its="" major="" maju.="" minimum="" niaga="" oil="" on="" operate="" opt="" own="" plant="" puncak="" recoup="" retain="" ssp2="" subsidiary="" syabas="" that="" the="" there="" to="" treatment="" very="" wangsa="" water="" wholly="" will="">
These is compromised solution as the major issue is due to Syabas, the downstream distributor not the upstream water treatment plant.

KDEB can at least solve the partial issue by consolidate the these Syabas, the downstream water distributor and half of the upstream operator, the water treatment plant (Abbass + splash), and allowing other to continue (Puncak Niaga + langat 2)

Monday, July 8, 2013


1. I use to get REITs from 10% - 12% in term of DY those day. Now it has shrunk to just 7%. :( Is REITs getting expensive nowaday ? I believe it is, if compare the REIT data 4 years back. Nevertheless, 7% is still consider attractive comparatively with current interest rate. Of all the REITs only AXREIT is aggrasively adding new properties enchancing shareholders value. The rest more or less status quo or adding just one/two... Are we coming to a saturated point ?
2. Watch List - KPS, PUNCAK, KHSB
3. Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Trades : Is it Hard To Earn 5 Figures Income ??

DAY TRADES : 1/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 3/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 4/7/2013
DAY TRADES : 5/7/2013
1. PUNCAK - WOW !!! FLY high today !!! Congratz to all who make money on this. ^^
2. KPS - WOW !!! Congratz to hng especially. ^^ Well done mate. ^^
3. IGBREIT - Congratz to Teng.^^ You are gearing up to scalp expert. ^^
4. Watch List - PUNCAK, KPS, CHUAN
5. To all active posters as well, CheeHeng, LG, CK, Alwayswin, Titus, Derick, I-RON, Karimaero & Eelyn Soon. Congratz on your profit so far ^^!!!
6. Good Luck. May the best price be yours always. ^^

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