Monday, October 29, 2007

Monthly Portfolio 29-October-2007

This month i have added 2 more stocks in my portfolio. The first one is PANAMY, i have been tempting to buy this stock since many months back and could not get the right time and right price. Eventually decided to settle with RM10.70 and reason buying this is simple, that is none other than "dividend" that i'm looking for. This company has been paying solid dividend for many years back till now and i like this so much as it suit my type. The second stock that i have been ventured in is IOICORP. I believe that there is still room for grow as the commodity prices for oil palm is kept pressing new record high like oil. Thus, plantation stocks in here to play.

Other than the above, i have adjusted the purchase price for BJTOTO, CARLSBG, MAYBULK and RESORTS after receiving dividend of 10 sen, 5 sen, 8 sen and 2.88 sen respectively. Please find below updated of my portfolio. Till then happy trading.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Article Entitled: "Buoyant rates to lift MBC profit"
We refer to the query by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad vide its letter dated
6 September 2007, in relation to a news article appearing in The New Straits
Times, Biznews section, page 40 on Thursday, 6 September 2007 and in particular
the following statements:
"MALAYSIAN Bulk Carriers Berhad (MBC) ... said its net profit this year could
rise as much as 17 per cent...."
"... full-year profit could reach between RM360 million and RM365 million...."
In response to the above query, Mr Kuok Khoon Kuan did not give percentage nor
did he give any comparison between the 2006 and expected 2007 performance.
However, as quoted in the Financial Daily of 6th September 2007, Mr Kuok
disclosed that “There is no let up or signs that
it (the shipping industry) is
going south-bound anytime soon. For the second half of 2007, the Baltic Dry
Index (“BDI”) has been going up, so there is no doubt that the performance will
be equally strong.”

Mr Kuok commented that in view of the strong drybulk market as indicated by the
BDI, if profit before tax (PBT) for first half 2007 was extrapolated, then the

full year PBT would be about RM360 million to RM365 million.
We wish to clarify that the quoted figures were not intended to refer to any
financial estimate, forecast or projection of our Group.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Public Bank set to sustain record

It plans to go big in China
PUBLIC Bank Bhd (PBB) has the distinction of being one of the most favoured banking stocks of the investment fraternity – churning out solid earnings each financial year and lining shareholders' pockets with fat dividends.
Its asset quality is the best in the industry with net non-performing loans ratio standing at 1.5% as at end-June. This has not compromised loans growth, which has been sustaining at double-digits for some years.
The bank's prudence has also stood it in good stead, as it was not affected by the US subprime crisis.
The banking group's excellent performance has been recognised industry-wide bagging it many awards throughout the years, enough to fill a trophy cabinet and more.

Tan Sri Teh Hong PiowSuch an outstanding track record raises the question of whether PBB's performance is sustainable in an increasingly competitive industry thus putting much pressure on the banking group to continue to perform.
Chairman and founder Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow is unfazed and is confident PBB would not disappoint its shareholders.
“We intend to sustain our track record of delivering financial performance, enhancing shareholder value and rewarding shareholders with strong dividend policy.
“This will be underpinned by continued adherence to good corporate governance and transparency.
“We also see ourselves as providing more cutting edge, innovative and superior products and services supported by a well-trained and motivated sales team,” he told StarBiz.
Teh's vision is for PBB to remain the premier bank – to be in the forefront of the Malaysian banking industry while expanding its regional presence particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
“We believe in doing what we do best. Going forward, we will be driving our non-interest income by widening our suite of products and services. We intend to intensify our wealth management business,” he said.
One avenue is via Public Mutual Bhd. Presently, 22.6% of its fund is invested in the fast growing Asia-Pacific region, and 1.2% invested in Europe and the US.
Teh expects Public Mutual to make further inroads to increase its market share backed by its strong distribution network and excellent fund performance track record.
“We will continue to be on the lookout for synergistic opportunities. In this light, we will be forging strategic alliances with the best in their own industries.
“We are in the midst of finalising a tie-up with a global insurance company to customise bancassurance products as unique propositions to our customers,” he said.
As part of its plan to expand its regional presence, PBB has aggressively expanded its branch network since it acquired Asia Commercial Bank Ltd (ACB) in May last year.
ACB was subsequently renamed Public Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.
The total number of branches has almost doubled to 24 from 13, with 22 branches in Hong Kong and two branches in Shenzhen, China.
“This expansion programme will be continued to enhance our market reach.
“We will also leverage on the existing 40 branches of Public Finance Ltd to cross-sell the bank’s products and services,” Teh said.
He added that PBB was also building its resources especially the sales force to aggressively penetrate the Chinese market to grow its loans.
This was particularly in retail lending with emphasis on consumer financing such as personal loans, motor vehicle financing and mortgage financing.
It will also focus on lending to middle market commercial businesses, particularly to small- and medium-sized enterprises.
Looking ahead, PBB will continue to strengthen its overseas operations in Indochina and look into the feasibility of providing a wider range of financial products.
This would be in in addition to the conventional loans and deposits.
Teh said Indochina was a relatively untapped market with good potential to develop the financial and insurance services.
CampuBank Lonpac, a joint venture between CampuBank, PBB and LPI Insurance Bhd commenced business operations on Aug 30 offering the full suite of general insurance products.
“We are very happy with the volume of business garnered so far in this short period of less than one month.
“Currently, there are no plans for any mergers and acquisitions.
“However, we are always open to financial-related business opportunities which have earnings sustainability and the potential to increase shareholder value,” Teh said.
As OSK Research banking analyst Chan Ken Yew puts it: “PBB is not a sexy stock. It is a bit boring like any low beta (risk) stock.
“It grows slowly but very steadily and investors like it as a dividend cum growth stock.
“I can comfortably say that the group should continue to sustain its performance for the next two to three years at least.
“Its aggressive expansion overseas in Hong Kong, China and Indochina should also help boost the group's future financials.”
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