Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Whopping Of 43.19% Return From KLSE !!! ^^

1. Wish you all a Happy New Year of 2017. ^^

2. Above the result of my 2016 KLSE investment. ^^

3. A record high of 43.19% from my total investment. ^^

4. I do hope 2017 is another good year for me. ^^

5. The size of my investment is definitely bigger each year with the positive return of every single year. ^^

6. How i did it ? My resolution is only 10% return each year in fact but i have been achieving more than 10% return in a decade so far. ^^ I come from a long way if you read back my early posting when i first started my blog in year of 2006. ^^

7. I am a day trader cum long term investor on certain selective counters (mainly focus on dividend yielding). ^^ I am handling another investment account for others which also have a very decent result as well. ^^ Beside enjoying the thrill of day trading, i also feel very happy when i am able to generate a constant income on a monthly basis without failed so far. ^^

8. If there is a chance, i wold like to unveil my trades in a private group. ^^ Reason doing so is to help more people making money and sharing my picks on how to deal with each stock individually. ^^ No big secret, it is just an application. Apply them accordingly when you see it. ^^

9. I hope to do more this year 2017. ^^ Would aim for 50% return if possible. ^^ One good example is the MAYBANK counter which i shared in my previous posting. ^^ Those interested can refer back my earlier posting. ^^

10. Till then, may the best price be yours always. ^^ Good bye and have a best year ahead. ^^

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

2. We have come to a year end almost. Bid farewell of 2016 and welcoming the year of rooster 2017. It about time for me to update my last Q result again. ^^

3. Stay tune...^^

4. May the best price be yours always. ^^

Saturday, October 1, 2016

My 3rd Q Profits From KLSE !!!

1. Time for me to update my 3rd Q profits. ^^

2. From previous post my 2nd Q was recorded a profit of 23% overall. ^^

3. Now 3rd Q. My profit stood at 34.46% !!! (accumulated figure) so far. ^^

4. From 2Q to 3Q, an increase of 11.46% !!! ^^

5. Wow !!! Have surpassing my previous year (2015) total income profit of 31.45%. ^^

6. I hope to go pass my record high of 42.71% (2013). ^^ As we have one more Q to go. ^^

7. High chance of breaking my 2013 record. ^^ Stay tune for next update in end Dec 2016. ^^

8. On the other hand, my another managed fund (from other investors) also growth to about 23.58%. ^^ This is in the span of 9 months since inception in Jan 2016. ^^ Not bad huh....^^

9. There is final Q of 2016 before we cross year 2017. Will continue to growth both of my funds (own & other investors) to the fullest possible. ^^

10. Yesterday, KLCI was being bashed down by 17.09 points due to bomb threat at Bursa. ^^ However, no bomb was found.^^ Hah..... i have loaded quite a fair bit of counters yesterday.^^ A rebound of KLCI is almost a sure thing come next week. ^^ Those who fished yesterday would surely benefited. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

11. May the price price be yours always.^^ Bye. ^^

Saturday, August 6, 2016

How to make minimum 10% per year, a no brainier method from KLSE ?

1. As the title described, no further explanation needed from me for newbies. ^^

2. The idea is simple but if 10% return is not attractive enough for you, please skip. ^^

3. Yeah, lots of methods people used in the market. Some very talented and out shined me many times. ^^

4. I am just an ordinary investor where i adopted mostly on dividend yielding stocks. ^^

5. Picking a right stock to invest is very important. You need to follow news, fundamental and hard work through reading financial reports of a company you interested with. ^^ But sad to say that many do not apply this, they prefer spoon feed and take the much easier way including me. ^^

6. In fact this becoming a norm in investment industry. ^^ Nothing to ashamed off. ^^ I practice the same as you do, just that i am taking a more safer approach. ^^

7. I cannot make you an instant multi-millionaire through investing or trading of KLSE but certainly can make myself a decent earning/living through KLSE. ^^

8. In my last posting i have mentioned that i've make about 23% in 2Q thus far, as of now i am approaching 30% profit. ^^ This is not something that can be proud off or to be reckoned with. I am sure many people out there have fare much better than me. ^^ Some even gone beyond 100% return of their total investment as of August 2016 now. ^^

9. Anyhow don't admire other's people achievement, stick to your own investment method and continue to earn your share of profit. ^^

10. Back to above 10% return in a year. ^^ The method is simple, though i can give you more than 1 method but let's concentrate on one and safe method will do. ^^

11. First pick/spot the right stock of course. ^^ Concentrate on dividend yielding stocks. ^^

12. Take a no brainier method of course. ^^ Example, MAYBANK @ RM8, you would know that this will generate a dividend yield of at least 6.6% a year. There goes you have achieved your goal half way through. To make another 3.4% for a 10% return, MAYBANK just need to go up RM8.30 in a year time. ^^

13. Do you think it is possible ? I would said it is highly possible but sometime thing may not go the way as planned. ^^

14. So, what should you do to avoid such scenario ? You can't totally avoid it but you can minimize it by only invest 50% of your total sum. The remaining keep for lower price to average down. ^^

15. If happen that MAYBANK goes north. The remaining 50% fund use it to source for other no brainier stock and repeat the same method. ^^

16. If can't spot any, take a break loh. ^^

17. Good Luck and may the best price be yours always. ^^ 

Friday, July 1, 2016

My 2nd Q Profits !!!

1. Come to 2nd Q now. Time for me to update my status. ^^

2. My profit continue to growth.^^

3. By the end of 2nd Q my overall profit stood at 23% from 14.04% 1Q. ^^

4. There is a growth of about 9% this Q, not a bad result after all. As everyone knows this is a challenging Q. ^^ So long your portfolio maintain positive, it consider very good already. ^^

5. I hope to out beat my last year record. Keep my finger cross though. ^^

6. Lastly, same old saying, may the best price be yours always. ^^

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Double Digits Profit In 1Q !!!

1. Since my last blog post in Feb 2016, i have mentioned that my profit will surge pass 10% of my total investment as soon as i step into March 2016 of 1Q. ^^

2. Yes, i have thus far achieved a total of 14.04% profit. ^^

3. Not very fantastic but this is way passed my 10% target by end of 2016. ^^

4. I believe more will be coming though......^^

5. Price action and dividend call is my way of investing, no heavy stuff of technical and fundamental analysis. ^^

6. All you need to do is patient while executing your trades. ^^ I enjoy doing it on a daily basis, especially when you see your trades being matched on a price that you set forth. ^^ A clink sound from your trading platform is most enjoyable. ^^

7. Good Luck & may the best price be yours. ^^

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not A Bad Start For Me ^^ $$$ Keep Flowing In ^^

1. As we usher the year of Monkey, the KLSE start off with volatile sentiment. ^^

2. All red for shares that dealing with exports, relatively due to RM strengthening but still weak though if compare to a year before.^^

3. I was having a good start for my portfolio.. ^^ Gaining almost 5% from my total investment. ^^

4. Reaching 10% gain is just a matter of next month i guess. ^^

5. I wish to share out for what i have learned throughout my umpteen years of experience in KLSE but rather disappointed with the responses even though it is free directly coming from me, with the vast experiences that  i possess thus far... i believe i am more than qualify to educate you in making extra pocket money through KLSE. ^^

6. For newbies, it will be even better for you to start of something simple from me before you get real in KLSE. ^^ (Definitely no complicated TA, FA from me) I can ensure you that you will not be burning your hard earn money away with my guidance, even if it does, your damage will be minimal. ^^ Of course, starting an investment you need capital, in reality the bigger amount of capital you have the faster you reap the gain in term of %. ^^ Frankly, i cannot make you an instant millionaire but certainly i can make you to have a constant income stream with extra pocket money on a regular basis. ^^

7. Too bad my offer is over. I do not have the desire or impulse to teach you anymore. ^^ However, you can keep your response in, who knows, i might change my thought mid way and it might come with conditions by then. ^^

8. Lastly, may the Monkey year bring you good health and prosperity. ^^ May the best price be yours always. ^^
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