Saturday, April 22, 2017

My 1Q Result !!!

20.89 %

1. Do you know what's the figure up there meant for ? ^^

2. Yes. The above said it all. ^^

3. 1Q of 2017 has gone. ^^ Above just my current reading so far. ^^

4. Hope to grow more from here. ^^

5. No magic, no heavy study and no complicated calculation of ROE, PE, ROIC & etc etc etc ^^

6. All you need is a common sense brain & straight forward understanding of simple rules, then follow on with execution. ^^ Simple as that. ^^

7. One good example is Maybank. ^^ (Please refer to my previous post on this if you are interested). Bear in mind, this is not the only rule applied, there are many others which have bring me this far. ^^ Join me for a RM100, RM200, RM500 membership fees ? ^^ 

No. ! Absolutely FOC coming from me IF there is one. ^^

8. You may said that in any bull run, everyone is a sifu. ^^ Yup. you are not wrong in stating this statement. ^^ BUT, a sifu that last for decades not many can be found. ^^

9. Till then, may the best price be yours always. ^^

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Whopping Of 43.19% Return From KLSE !!! ^^

1. Wish you all a Happy New Year of 2017. ^^

2. Above the result of my 2016 KLSE investment. ^^

3. A record high of 43.19% from my total investment. ^^

4. I do hope 2017 is another good year for me. ^^

5. The size of my investment is definitely bigger each year with the positive return of every single year. ^^

6. How i did it ? My resolution is only 10% return each year in fact but i have been achieving more than 10% return in a decade so far. ^^ I come from a long way if you read back my early posting when i first started my blog in year of 2006. ^^

7. I am a day trader cum long term investor on certain selective counters (mainly focus on dividend yielding). ^^ I am handling another investment account for others which also have a very decent result as well. ^^ Beside enjoying the thrill of day trading, i also feel very happy when i am able to generate a constant income on a monthly basis without failed so far. ^^

8. If there is a chance, i wold like to unveil my trades in a private group. ^^ Reason doing so is to help more people making money and sharing my picks on how to deal with each stock individually. ^^ No big secret, it is just an application. Apply them accordingly when you see it. ^^

9. I hope to do more this year 2017. ^^ Would aim for 50% return if possible. ^^ One good example is the MAYBANK counter which i shared in my previous posting. ^^ Those interested can refer back my earlier posting. ^^

10. Till then, may the best price be yours always. ^^ Good bye and have a best year ahead. ^^

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

2. We have come to a year end almost. Bid farewell of 2016 and welcoming the year of rooster 2017. It about time for me to update my last Q result again. ^^

3. Stay tune...^^

4. May the best price be yours always. ^^

Saturday, October 1, 2016

My 3rd Q Profits From KLSE !!!

1. Time for me to update my 3rd Q profits. ^^

2. From previous post my 2nd Q was recorded a profit of 23% overall. ^^

3. Now 3rd Q. My profit stood at 34.46% !!! (accumulated figure) so far. ^^

4. From 2Q to 3Q, an increase of 11.46% !!! ^^

5. Wow !!! Have surpassing my previous year (2015) total income profit of 31.45%. ^^

6. I hope to go pass my record high of 42.71% (2013). ^^ As we have one more Q to go. ^^

7. High chance of breaking my 2013 record. ^^ Stay tune for next update in end Dec 2016. ^^

8. On the other hand, my another managed fund (from other investors) also growth to about 23.58%. ^^ This is in the span of 9 months since inception in Jan 2016. ^^ Not bad huh....^^

9. There is final Q of 2016 before we cross year 2017. Will continue to growth both of my funds (own & other investors) to the fullest possible. ^^

10. Yesterday, KLCI was being bashed down by 17.09 points due to bomb threat at Bursa. ^^ However, no bomb was found.^^ Hah..... i have loaded quite a fair bit of counters yesterday.^^ A rebound of KLCI is almost a sure thing come next week. ^^ Those who fished yesterday would surely benefited. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

11. May the price price be yours always.^^ Bye. ^^

Saturday, August 6, 2016

How to make minimum 10% per year, a no brainier method from KLSE ?

1. As the title described, no further explanation needed from me for newbies. ^^

2. The idea is simple but if 10% return is not attractive enough for you, please skip. ^^

3. Yeah, lots of methods people used in the market. Some very talented and out shined me many times. ^^

4. I am just an ordinary investor where i adopted mostly on dividend yielding stocks. ^^

5. Picking a right stock to invest is very important. You need to follow news, fundamental and hard work through reading financial reports of a company you interested with. ^^ But sad to say that many do not apply this, they prefer spoon feed and take the much easier way including me. ^^

6. In fact this becoming a norm in investment industry. ^^ Nothing to ashamed off. ^^ I practice the same as you do, just that i am taking a more safer approach. ^^

7. I cannot make you an instant multi-millionaire through investing or trading of KLSE but certainly can make myself a decent earning/living through KLSE. ^^

8. In my last posting i have mentioned that i've make about 23% in 2Q thus far, as of now i am approaching 30% profit. ^^ This is not something that can be proud off or to be reckoned with. I am sure many people out there have fare much better than me. ^^ Some even gone beyond 100% return of their total investment as of August 2016 now. ^^

9. Anyhow don't admire other's people achievement, stick to your own investment method and continue to earn your share of profit. ^^

10. Back to above 10% return in a year. ^^ The method is simple, though i can give you more than 1 method but let's concentrate on one and safe method will do. ^^

11. First pick/spot the right stock of course. ^^ Concentrate on dividend yielding stocks. ^^

12. Take a no brainier method of course. ^^ Example, MAYBANK @ RM8, you would know that this will generate a dividend yield of at least 6.6% a year. There goes you have achieved your goal half way through. To make another 3.4% for a 10% return, MAYBANK just need to go up RM8.30 in a year time. ^^

13. Do you think it is possible ? I would said it is highly possible but sometime thing may not go the way as planned. ^^

14. So, what should you do to avoid such scenario ? You can't totally avoid it but you can minimize it by only invest 50% of your total sum. The remaining keep for lower price to average down. ^^

15. If happen that MAYBANK goes north. The remaining 50% fund use it to source for other no brainier stock and repeat the same method. ^^

16. If can't spot any, take a break loh. ^^

17. Good Luck and may the best price be yours always. ^^ 

Friday, July 1, 2016

My 2nd Q Profits !!!

1. Come to 2nd Q now. Time for me to update my status. ^^

2. My profit continue to growth.^^

3. By the end of 2nd Q my overall profit stood at 23% from 14.04% 1Q. ^^

4. There is a growth of about 9% this Q, not a bad result after all. As everyone knows this is a challenging Q. ^^ So long your portfolio maintain positive, it consider very good already. ^^

5. I hope to out beat my last year record. Keep my finger cross though. ^^

6. Lastly, same old saying, may the best price be yours always. ^^

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Double Digits Profit In 1Q !!!

1. Since my last blog post in Feb 2016, i have mentioned that my profit will surge pass 10% of my total investment as soon as i step into March 2016 of 1Q. ^^

2. Yes, i have thus far achieved a total of 14.04% profit. ^^

3. Not very fantastic but this is way passed my 10% target by end of 2016. ^^

4. I believe more will be coming though......^^

5. Price action and dividend call is my way of investing, no heavy stuff of technical and fundamental analysis. ^^

6. All you need to do is patient while executing your trades. ^^ I enjoy doing it on a daily basis, especially when you see your trades being matched on a price that you set forth. ^^ A clink sound from your trading platform is most enjoyable. ^^

7. Good Luck & may the best price be yours. ^^
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