Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Whopping Of 43.19% Return From KLSE !!! ^^

1. Wish you all a Happy New Year of 2017. ^^

2. Above the result of my 2016 KLSE investment. ^^

3. A record high of 43.19% from my total investment. ^^

4. I do hope 2017 is another good year for me. ^^

5. The size of my investment is definitely bigger each year with the positive return of every single year. ^^

6. How i did it ? My resolution is only 10% return each year in fact but i have been achieving more than 10% return in a decade so far. ^^ I come from a long way if you read back my early posting when i first started my blog in year of 2006. ^^

7. I am a day trader cum long term investor on certain selective counters (mainly focus on dividend yielding). ^^ I am handling another investment account for others which also have a very decent result as well. ^^ Beside enjoying the thrill of day trading, i also feel very happy when i am able to generate a constant income on a monthly basis without failed so far. ^^

8. If there is a chance, i wold like to unveil my trades in a private group. ^^ Reason doing so is to help more people making money and sharing my picks on how to deal with each stock individually. ^^ No big secret, it is just an application. Apply them accordingly when you see it. ^^

9. I hope to do more this year 2017. ^^ Would aim for 50% return if possible. ^^ One good example is the MAYBANK counter which i shared in my previous posting. ^^ Those interested can refer back my earlier posting. ^^

10. Till then, may the best price be yours always. ^^ Good bye and have a best year ahead. ^^


7memory said...

Based on the data, you have achieved an average of 28 % compound annual growth rate for 13 years. This is comparable to Peter Lynch's record. Wonderful.

This is a world class result. Congrats.

Keep it up and the world will have another billionaire for sure. :)

David said...

Assuming you started with 100,000, compounded annually for 13 years,you currently have 2.4 million. Congratulations.

horse said...

2017 New Year tips...
Buy Sunreit @ 1.70 ^^

WK said...

Horse, been following you for a while and impressed with your skills. Let me know if you wish to share your method. Can email me at

ck5354 said...

Hi horse,

Congratulation on your investment. Any idea to reconsider to teach your

I am number 1 to follow you.

I am doing badly in 2016.

Thank you. My email:


Digital said...

Great....if you intend to set a private group to share your experience, do let me email

My Patio Ideas said...

Have a small class or gathering is nice.

horse said...

Sunreit sold at 1.72, bought them back again at 1.70. ^^

Another tips start with M & end with M. ^^

Teng said...

Well done Horse

horse said...

Hi Teng,

how are you ?
HOw did you fare in 2016 ?

Mr Admin said...

Well done there horse. Been a silent reader all this while. But was really interested if you would have set up a small sharing group. Do count me in. Thanks and may you continue ur wealth growth this year.

Eng Sum Yew said...

M..m the one at year low? Am very much interested to learn from u.

twshien said...

hi Horse,

I am impressed with your trading return, very hopeful can learn from you, if you intend to set up a private group for sharing, please count me in. My email is

thanks and hope to learn from you!

Teng said...

Hi Horse

2016 was average.Make some money from YTLReit,MQReit and Maybank

Happy Chinese New Year to you

alwayswin111 said...
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nspk said...

Hi horse,

If u intend to set up a private group to share ur experience, pls do let me know. I'm interested to join.


horse said...

Happy Chinese New Year to all !!!

Want more tip ?

nspk said...


horse said...


i will pm you, since you are the only sole ranger that is interested ^^
please leave your email ^^

nspk said...

nspk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nspk said...


67 said...

Hi horse,

If u set up a private group, pls do let me know. I'm interested to join.


Yim Jimmy said...

Hi Horse, bumped into this blog while searching for interesting stock trading blogs.
Read all your previous entries about your stock picks and I'm really impressed with this, just wanna say you are good at this.

interested to join your private group if there is still a seat, my email address is


zoei said...

Alecia Madonado said...

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Trading Advisor said...

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