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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Accept defeat and move on

A very nice article extracted from TheStar.
Accept defeat and move on
With the right attitude, even losing can make you a better person.
THERE will come a time in every individual’s life when things don’t go our way and this is the reality of life.
One of the most common occurrences is defeat, which comes in various situations in our daily and challenging undertakings and often causes anger, disappointment, depression, unhappiness and discomfort.
At the recent 12th general election, failure was more felt by a greater number of politicians than success and this had left many people with a disturbed mood, shame and pain.
I called two politicians whom I had interviewed during their campaign trail after their defeat was announced and they refused to answer my calls.
Another politician who I went to visit cursed and swore because he lost his seat and was forced to vacate his house hurriedly following the fall of the Selangor government.
A real man is one who can face up to his mistakes and learn something from them so that he never repeats them.
Here credit must be given to former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon who accepted his defeat and the downfall of the state government gracefully and passed on the baton respectfully.
He left with dignity and style and nothing commands respect more than a man who stands up to adversity because respect clears the way to power and success.
Many say this is easily said than done because it is difficult to accept or admit defeat.
One shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge defeat because an individual who has the ability to stand up tall and admit that he’s wrong or that he’s been bettered in some way is admired and regarded as a gentleman.
This is because with the right attitude, even losing can make you a better person as the entire episode offers us an experience to learn from.
We spend our whole life building on a good character and this is not based on how we win every task we undertake but how we deal with losses and emerge stronger.
People with credible disposition do not fall following a failure but surface greater in the society.
Don’t dwell on your performance which wasn’t the best, instead recognise your defeat. Congratulate the winner and move on with positive thoughts to recover from your setback quickly.
Never hold grudges and take revenge because such thoughts are counterproductive and in fact they will affect your physique and aura.
Swallow your pride and ego and learn from your mistakes and turn your errors to your advantage.
Every loss should be played back in your head again and again to determine exactly why you lost.
This will keep you sharp and focused for the next time you face this particular adversary.
In a defeated situation you often ask why it was him and not you who came out on top. Did he have something that you didn’t?
There’s nothing wrong with admiring those who won and take stock of what it took to come out on top.
Another defeated politician I spoke to attributed his loss to the will of God and has turned to spirituality to heal his body, mind and soul.
Many people turn to the Almighty when in crisis, not realising that they should have done it before so that they have the divine guidance and grace in undertaking challenges in life.
The reality of life is there are super powers above us and all we have to do is give our best in all our undertakings and leave the rest to the unseen supremacy.
T. Selva, The Star’s Sunday Metro Editor, feels that every failure offers a chance to bounce back as a winner the next time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bought Tenaga (5347) at RM7.25

Bought Tenaga at RM7.25, not sure this is a right move. I am not a TA guy but i do refer to chart once in a while, to interpret Tenaga's chart now is definitely on the oversold position. This stock plunged to 7.20 from 8.50, is almost 1.30 drop since Monday, there maybe more down side looking at the uncertainty right now. With gross dividend of 5%, PE=7.64 and EPS=94 at current price looks very attractive to me and very near to 4 years support line at around RM6.80. These are the factors draw my interest to Tenaga but this purchase is right or wrong only time will time, judge yourself and execute it with your wisdom. In share trading definitely there is risk involved, one should calculate the risk over reward ratio then you will see the picture clearer, no definite or sure bid of up or down for any counter. Anything will happen, for now Tenaga is under tremendous selling force and may drift lower.........As usual, i must state that the above do not recommend a buy or sell call from me, your execution is of course totally at your own responsibility.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Received PBBANK's Dividend

Today, i received Pbbank's dividend (50sen/1000units). With this it further reduce my average purchase price to approximately 1.50 each. Pbbank's dividend payout has been quite consistent and generous during these few years. I will do nothing with this counter except buying in more if it fall to a reasonable price (i hope so ha.ha i.e PE=8) but this is just fat hope, nevertheless, anything can happen because every dog has its day, of course Pbbank is a blue chip stock not as i described here....ha.ha...just kidding. As you can see buying dividend counters definitely benefit over the long period of time, no matter how market falls you sleep with pace with this kind of counter on hand. Till then, happy trading....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sold GENTING at RM6.65

Market rebounded strongly today and again i dicided to dispose off my Genting at 6.65 for a quick contra gain. For sure, can't get the highest price as usual but this is sufficient for me as i'm a fast contented person. Opportunity is always there, we just need to wait for the right time, right place and right stock of cource. Hold your bullet, there maybe more excitement to come. Happy trading.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bought in GENTING (3182) at 6.35

Have managed to purchase Genting at rm6.35 today. Looking at the current market sentiment (slump by 33points), is definitely not a good move to go in but as a longterm investor, this could be the opportunity to catch some of the quality stock. For sure no one can get the lowest price, if you think this is the right move and your instinct tell you so, by all mean, go ahead and execute it without regret. Here i am, additional Genting in my portfolio. Whoever holding cash now is king. Till then, happy trading.
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