Thursday, January 31, 2013

QCAPITA - Another Right Timing Entry ^^

1. QCAPITA - Bought in at RM1.19. ^^ Just declared DPU of 4.28sen. ^^ Slightly lower than the correspondance qaurter. Just right on time to enter today. ^^ Hope to reap some profit from this.
2. CARLSBG - Rebounded !! Closed at RM11.88. Already in profit zone but will keep for a while. Hopefully can march back to RM12 level. ^^
3. IGBREIT - Sold all at RM1.37. ^^ Reap handsome profit on this. Will buy back if it dip back to RM1.35 - RM1.36 level. ^^ Current DPU at 1.83sen is meant for 4Q. The next DPU would likely in 6 months later. I guess will be around 3.6sen, that represent at around 5+% overall. Not very attractive but i guess still ok for a new comer. The prospect is good for this guy. ^^
4. GENTING SP - Out of sudden, garner 10sen in the morning. I sold some at S$1.545 this morning. ^^ Still holding bulk of it. ^^ Hope something good is coming in the result.
6. This month is a good month for me. ^^ Hopefully continue to prosper in FEB. ^^ BUT i think is getting tougher, as GE is just around the corner. Holding cash will have bundle of opportunity when the 'dip' become reality eventually. All the best. Just keep Laughing All The Way To The BANK !!
7. Good Luck. !! ^^

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bought CARLSBG ^^

1. CARLSBG - Bought in Carlsbg in 2 batches but it closed much lower than my entry price. :p Carlsbg will be dued for final dividend declaration sometime end next month. ^^ Hope it continue to provide good dividend. ^^
2. IGBREIT - Just declared DPU of 1.83sen, is IGBREIT giving DPU every quarterly ? If it is a half yearly DPU, then i would expect the next 6 months IGBREIT would be able to declare higher DPU of near 3.6sen hopefully.^^
4. Good Luck All. ^^

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sold All My UOAREIT ^^

1. UOAREIT - Sold all at RM1.42. ^^

2. TMS - Not buying this. Good luck to all who are in. ^^

3. MKLAND - Ex-date today. The 1sen dividend subject to 25% tax. :(

4. IGBREIT - I am in standby mode to whack BIG on this again. ^^


6. Good Luck all. May the best price be yours always. ^^

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hanging With UOAREIT ^^

1. UOAREIT - Already giving me handsome profit on this. Sold all today at RM1.42 and also buy some back at RM1.41 last minute. ^^ CK, take a look at ALAQAR, at 1.33 i think can buy back. Just declared income distribution of 4.54sen. ^^
hng said...

Actually, CYpark is awaiting 20MW Biomass in its landfill at ladang Tanah Merah to be official sign under BOT for 25year concession.

CYpark currently already operate in Tanah Merah landfill site to treat and dispose municipal solid waste. As the landfill is capable to generate biomass up to 20MW, CYPark is secure concession and sign feed in traffic concession with TNB, it will enable CYpark not only derive eanring from tipping charge on solid waste but also earning from generating power from biomass.

Currently, CYpark already derive Renewal energy from its 8MW solar and 2MW biogas in Pajang (NS) integrated renewal energy park. So far, it have newly install another 5MW solar, making total RE 15MW (8+5 MW solar+ 2 MW biogass)

CYpark also replicate these integrate renewal energy park in other 3 other landfill, namely Bukit Palang (NS), Rimba Terjun (Johor), Kuala Perlis (Perlis), totaling another 20MW solar + 5 MW biogas.

All in all, CYPark RE division will increse multifold these year onward from 8MW solar to total 33MW solar and 7MW biogas. If CYpark can secure tanah Merah Biomass RE, it will add another 20MW biomass in its RE portfolio
3. hng, i can see that you have done an indepth study on some of the counters. Really appreciate your posting here. It benefited the cyber friends and silent reader here. Well done my friend. ^^ I am very lazy lately, most of the time just glance through some of the report without taking a serious look. :p
5. I am cutting down my trading, fearing of the surprise called of the election. Will try to trade with cautious starting from now, i mean extremely cautious. I have had been through many cycle of crisis, so better stay alert & do not want to let my profits just ruin like that. ^^
6. I am able to post my picture again. ^^ Will resume to reveal my trades BUT i have missed few days back. :( Good Luck All !!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


1. MBFHLDG - Sold all at RM1.21. ^^

2. Should adopt cautious trading from now on. Market look jittery but this provide trading opportunity at the same time.  Hope all make bundle before Chinese New Year approach. ^^
4. Good Luck and enjoy above from Jacky. ^^

Monday, January 21, 2013

GE / PRU 13 ?

1. UOAREIT - Sold all at an average price of RM1.43. Bought some back at RM1.39. ^^

2. MKLAND - Bought back all at 0.335. :( A bit high with such a slump market. :(

3. GE ? Rumours still remain rumours. This remain to be seen. It is good to be sensitive but no matter how there is two side of a coin. Good or bad no one know. Just go with your sense and follow your heart. ^^
4. Watch List - ALL
6. Good Luck.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scalp On IGBREIT ^^

1. IGBREIT - Sold partial of my holding at RM1.39, bought them all back at RM1.38 to make contra of 1sen profit. ^^ Feb 2013 likely to declare first maiden DPU, this serve as the catalyst in strengthening the price movement. ^^ Hope for the best.
2. MKLAND - I am queuing big chunk at 0.335sen but only managed to grab 10800 units, if you refer to trade detail of MKLAND. I am in at the first queue. ^^ Sold them off at 0.34sen with half sen profit. ^^ Like CK, enough to buy me small lunch. ^^
4. Good Luck. ^^

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Handsome Profit on UOAREIT ^^

1. UOAREIT - Sold half of my holdings at RM1.44. ^^ Realised handsome profit. ^^

2. STAREIT - Sold all at RM1.12. ^^ 1sen profit. DPU at 3.5873sen with 1H profit decrease by 40%. Will this a set back for STAREIT ? Will wait and see tomorrow.
3. ACOSTEC - Start to have some movement today. Closed at 0.65 is a good start. Hope to inch higher tomorrow. ^^
4. IGBREIT - Yes ! Closed RM1.39. Hope to break RM1.40 by next week. ^^ Sitting with big profit on this. ^^
6. Good Luck. ^^ I still can't upload my print screen, i wonder is the qouta full for my blog ? Time to change blog ?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen !! When I Said Buy STAREIT. You Must Follow. ^^

1. STAREIT - Bought in at RM1.11. DPU also very soon, likely to be this week. ^^

2. MKLAND - Make 2 rounds with half a cent profit. ^^

3. WCT-WB - Not worth converting as the gap getting slimmer. :( 1.85 + 0.44 = 2.29. Only 5sen buffer, not worth the risk. :( Can wrap up this one and put a side temporary.
5. UOAREIT - Still holding my units on this. I expect it move to 1.45 level as the latest NAV improve from 1.42 to 1.49 due to revaluation of properties. ^^ More to come hopefully.
6. Good Luck. ^^

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Diff Between U & Me is A Degree And O Level ^^

1. WOW !! Damn arrogant of this Sharifah. What are those holding a Master Degree for then ? I guess these people can't even compete with you. :( Let the student finished what she want to said first then you talk about respect. It is disrespectful by refraining or shuting people off halfway by taking away the microphone. LOL !!
2. UOAREIT - What a perfect timing. ^^ Scalp on this by selling at 1.41 and bought back at 1.40. 1sen profit. ^^ DPU just declared. 4.95sen ^^
3. YTLPWR - Bloggerhng said...
There is news confirming joint bid by YTLCorp & M. Airport for the London's Stansted Airport, and argue that the logical place to park this investment is in YTL Power, which has a cash reserve of RM10 billion. This scenario has the distinct disadvantage of raising the value of YTL Power; thus making it more costly for YTLCorp to privatize. Good for YTL Power but not so good for the parent company

Therefore, i think divestment in YTLP power is the only solution. Once YTLP sell its power plant to 1MDB, cash proceed can use as special dividend payout, which YTLcorp as major shareholder is a main beneficial and can use these fresh cash for acquisition eg. Stansted Airport. These increasing YTL corp value and appeal and reduce YTLP dependency. Only by then privatization kick in, through share swap, privatize YTLP later.

Again some may argue then the viability of YTLP sell its power plant to IMBD since its concessionaire is expire in next 2year and doubt capability of 1MDB financial to able keep acquire power plant

Recall 1MDB acquire Genting Sanyen before its granted extension. The renewal concessionaire only announce after the deal concluded. Furthermore, in the earlier acquisition of another 1st generation IPP. the Powertek , there is still yet to grant extension. Thus, If 1MDB buy YTLP power plant, its just matter of time like Powertek, all together will grant extension afterall 1MDB is wholly own by Gov.

As Gov back institution, it able to fund acquisition with cheaper borrowing capital due to market high liquidity and the fact it guarantee by Gov. 1MDB off course could raise further capital via IPO, to increase its corporate profile and facilitate and meet its expansion mode of growth in future.

Therefore, I still opine that to build new power plant, it cost a lot more and take at least 4year to complete. It make sense to fully utilize existing power plant to continue generate power especial to those well keep plant. YTLP have excellent record in maintenance and upgrading it power generator. According to its annual report, YTLP have replace its Paka power station with newly installed latest model, the most efficient HR3 Burners in all its Gas turbines. Overall plant availability keep at optimal level with 95.15% at Paka Power Station and 99.05% at Pasir Gudang Power Station. The combined power production by both station was 102.81% of the scheduled qualities.

Thus, despite the concessionaire is going to expire in 2 year time, these well keep power plant still be able to keep continue generating power supply. If IMDB to acquire these power assets, even have to pay full value for it, is still worth of investing as the readily available power plant will shorten time to rebuild and get rid execution risk.
4. Watch List - YTLP, UOAREIT, MKLAND (1sen Dividend)

5. Good Luck. ^^

Monday, January 14, 2013

Scalp On UOAREIT ^^

1. UOAREIT - Sold at RM1.41 and bought them back at RM1.40. 1sen profit. ^^ This week should declare DPU. Price should inch higher. ^^
2. YTLP-WB - Many have bought into this, that include me. Let's I grab some as well at 0.445 &0.45 ^^. I wish that all will make money on this. Good luck to hng, Teng & the rest. ^^
4. Hope everyone here can HUAT and get big ANG PAO before CNY. ^^ There should be another rally before CNY hopefully. ^^ Many in dilemma espeacially when election is so close. Me too is skeptical on this. LOL ! Will rally come before CNY ? Hopefully i guess. ^^ The other day, i have a chat with my friend in a party who is one of the owner/MD of a KLSE public listed company (will not mention the name here). His company went into restructuring due to PN17. What he does is brilliant move i guess, he sold off all his company assets and lease back the company to remain listed in KLSE. In such move, not only he grab all his company's money by selling it off and also own back the company by re-leasing it back to continue business operation, some sort like REIT arrangment. ^^ Can see that he is very happy, company remain listed and he practically still in control with the company. ^^ Good luck to him.
5. Good Luck. May the best price be yours always.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top Up More UOAREIT ^^

1. UOAREIT - Bought more UOAREIT at RM1.40. ^^ DPU likely to announce next week.

2. YTLPOWER - Bloggerhng said...

Agreed, YTL power sell off its power plant to 1MDB is best solution to no only get rid of political risk, but realize value on its power plant.

Based on 1212MW, fixed assets: 990m and profit 250m, the selling price could be worth RM 5-6b.

The amount is derive from mixed formula: RM 4.6m/MW; 20x PE and 5.8x fixed power asset est RM990m.

The above parameter is based on 1MDB acquire Genting Sanyen.

Conservatively,lets assume the power plant sell at RM5b, YTL Power should be able to recognized around RM4b net gain, translate to increment of 55sen/share.

YTL Power could then opt for special dividend or capital repayment via par value reduction from 50sen to 10sen.
January 11, 2013 10:11:00 PM GMT+08:00
4. Good Luck. ^^

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Am Joining ACOSTEC As Well ^^

1. ACOSTEC - Bought very small quantity on this at 0.63-0.635. Testing the water. LOL ^^

2. WCT - Did not expect it move higher. :( Will not consider making any conversion at the moment. :)
4. IGBREIT - Seem like having some small movement here. Hope to go past 1.40 before CNY.
5. Good Luck.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MKLAND My New Club ^^

1. MKLAND - Bought in MKLAND at 0.335sen. ^^ Good Lcuk All.

2. WCT - Just gotten my converted units today and sold all at RM2.35. I thought i sold a good price, end up WCT run up further to close at RM2.41. LOL ^^ Will try to go in second batch for conversion purpose if there is any chance tomorrow. ^^ Congratz to CK, fast triggering the exercise. Well done.


4. Good Luck.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UOAREIT Here I Come !!!

1. UOAREIT - Whack this guy at RM1.39 today. ^^ Hope to reap handsome profit after dividend declared sometime next week. Took first batch profit the other day, now am buying higher and hope to sell higher. ^^
2. WCT-WB - Still waiting patiently from my WCT conversion units. CK already into 2nd batch conversion. ^^ Well done. !! I will be doing the same thing when my money is back. ^^
3. MBFHLDG - Seem like moving but failed to gain momentum. :(
4. IGB - Congratz to hng. ^^ Keep it coming. ^^
6. YTLP-WB - Congratz to Teng. ^^ Another good profit. ^^
7. Let's HUAT. ^^ Earning 5Ds comrades please report and drop a foot print here. ^^ I know hng, Teng & myself in this category. Hope more comrades report 5D profit here. I want to know how many of you benefited. CK, are you there yet ? Thanks all. ^^
8. Good Luck. May the best price be yours always. ^^ I can't show my print screen anymore as Blogspot stop that feature, i may need to upload to an URL and copy from there, very tedious job. :(

Monday, January 7, 2013

Join MBF Club ^^

1. MBFHLDG - Decided to join in this club, settling with RM1.19. ^^ Hope to Huat altogether.

2. IGB - Queue at RM2.31 but not matched. :(

3. WCT-WB - Still not getting my units as yet. :( Another 3.8millions shares coming out this Wednesday. :( This round is the biggest. LOL. Previous issued has been well absorb, not sure this round is able to sustain the selling force ? Hope it stay above RM2.30 as CK disposed price. ^^ I will continue to buy more WB and convert if the discount is still there. ^^
4. Watch List - MBF, YTLP-WB, WCT-WB, IGB, CCM
5. I can't seem to open file under my PC to import the print screen that i captured. ^^ I think Blogspot has stop it ? You guy will continue to see my post without pictures then. :p
6. Good Luck all.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gotten Rid All My OSKPROP ^^

1. OSKPROP - Thanks to the shares buyback.^^ Have disposed my last batch of OSKPROP-WC at 0.19c. ^^
2. WCT-WB - CK, i have not recieved my units as yet. :( Will lodge a complaint to the Broker and see what they say. Will quote that the direct account seem faster than nominee, see if they have any explaination on this. You are right, the longer it drag, the profit get diminished. Hopefully, there is still some profit left for me. :(
4. Good Luck.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sold My ALAQAR ^^

1. ALAQAR - Sold all at RM1.35. ^^ DPU likely to be announced next month.

2. WCT-WB - Bought in today at 0.35 and sold back at cost. Lose fee. :( CK, you haven't received your units yet ? Just saw the announcement, tomorrow another batch. :(


4. Tomorrow should be another good day to accumulate hopefully. ^^ All the best guy, may the best price be yours always. ^^
5. Good Luck.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scalp On IGBREIT ^^

1. IGBREIT - Bought in at RM1.33 and sold all at RM1.34. ^^ Good start of the year 2013. ^^

2. Teng, yes, 2011 & 2012 registered my highest gain but in term of percentage 2011 registered higher than 2012 !! likely due to compunded calculation on year 2012 as the base is bigger. Overall not impressive but happy with it.
3. hng, you are far more better than me in term of result i guess. ^^ Earning double income never come easy especially when you have real job to counter with. I feel financially more relax compare to years back. One thing good is, a lot of spare money can be easily deployed. ^^ Keep up the good work my friend. May year 2013 bring you more profits. ^^
4. WCT - CK, have you gotten your units ?
5. CCM - Congratz to hng and those that bought this. ^^ HUAT AR !
6. Watch List - CCM, WCT, IGBREIT, MBF
7. LG, just whack any REITs if you like. I normally go for the cheapest in term of price. ^^

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Report Card !!!

2004 159.46%  
2005 7.27%  
2006 13.49%  
2007 12.54%  
2008 10.10%  
2009 11.84% 69.07%
2010 10.76% 23.82%
2011 29.63% 10.64%
2012 21.41% STOP

1. As promised, to show my compilation of my total stock investment return for the past many years in percentage. Above are calculated in pure realised profit and compounded every year. I lost track year before 2004, so i decided to lump them all in year 2004. Not an impressive result but, it is quite a substantial weightage toward the later year in 2011 & 2012. ^^ My earning in year 2012 return the highest profit ever but in term of percentage it is lower than previous year 2011. Probably the base is bigger comparing to year 2011. ^^

2. Touch wood, never registered a negetive figure when adopted dividend playing approach so far beside the one when i started as a greenhorn in stock investment where i lost my pants due to inexperience.
3. Good Luck.
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