Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Scalping For Past 2 Days

1. Sentiment seem weak, not until the US debt ceiling is settled.

2. Staying sideline for now.

3. Consistently making money become easy when you have a proven method but will the proven method become flaw later on when market changed, condition changed and environment changed ?? I would say investment is something that we deal dynamically, we got to adapt the change and adjust the investment accordingly. There is no method that last forever, so to continue making profit we got to have more than one method, be it dividend play, scalping, longterm holding, CWs trade, FA or TA, we need to master at least 2 of them. So, by switching them when condition does not allow you to continue doing the same old thing anymore. Equiping yourself with multiple earning tool, then surviving in stock market just become an easy task right on your finger tips.

4. Calling for Hero on DRBHCOM-CE. here ..... ha ha.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 27/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

PCHEM-CA - in 0.385, out 0.39

Just too tempting and can't resist the price, i went in again to PCHEM-CA but a quick in and out.

2. Wanted to buy a CW but nothing done as yet. :(

3. What the heck, just forget and move on. Keep laughing all the way to the Bank. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DRB-Hicom shares fall on trade error

Do you believe in this ?? here

Tell me who is that Institutional Investors ? OSK ? Manipulation ?

Scalp Trades Dated 26/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. I cancelled all my buy queue on PCHEM-CA else would have earned more. All this because of OSK. :( I will boycott OSK unless there is good bargain else will not touch at all. :(

3. My watchlist now shrink to handful of CWs after stripping out OSK's CWs. :( Not much to offer nowaday. There is still one CW, i will start buy in tomorrow, will blog it once gotten them.

4. DRB-CE now worth only 0.116c, so not worth going in anymore. Avoid.!!!

5. I filed a complaint to SC, received a standard email like freddie. Do you think they will work on it ??

Monday, July 25, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 25/7/2011 (Unscrupulous of OSK)

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. See this....

The Settlement Price has been determined at RM 2.9400, being the arithmetic mean of the closing price of KENCANA Shares on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad for the five (5) scheduled market days prior to and including the market day before the Expiry Date. Cash Settlement Amount

= {(Settlement Price – Exercise Price) / Exercise Ratio} x Number of CW exercised – Exercise Expenses*

= {(RM 2.9400- RM 2.70) / 3 } x Number of CW exercised – Exercise Expenses*

= RM 0.0800 x Number of CW exercised – Exercise Expenses*

This is nonsense !!! Why using closing price as a calculation for settlement. ?? This is just giving chance for OSK to manipulate the settlement price man.... really dissappointed with OSK man. Why are they applying different standard with other brokers ?? This is real serious problem man. They are trying to save money by giving less settlement to us. Real @#$#^$%$^ !!

3. GUY, BOYCOTT OSK's CWs. DON'T buy their CWs. Let them eat SHI T. See one classical example today, they manipulate DRBHCOM and make DRB-CE nett worth drop to ZERO. CUNNING right ?? This is unethical way of manipulate the settlement price. OSK deed will back fire. BOYCOTT OSK !!

4. Avoid DRB-CE !!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 22/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 22/7/2011 :-

Sold all KELADI.
Bought more KPJ-CA and sold all.
Bought more PBBANK-CN and sold all.
Bought PCHEM-CA from 0.39 to 0.395. *** Buy Call from me ***

2. KENCANA-CF nett worth at 0.0853sen, i bought them all at 0.075sen. Total profit is 0.0853 - 0.075 = 0.0103sen. % return about 0.0103/0.075 * 100 = 13.7%, not bad, right ?

3. Guy, every month just need to strike one BIG one like KENCANA-CF is good enough already. Just imagine 13% per month will make 13 *12 = 156% a year. We slash this figure 156% by 30% off due to off target, 30% off 156% is = 46.8%, that will make the figure to 156 - 46.8 =  109.2%. Still can get > 100% return per year, so achieving 100K per year is within reach. :) Will just need to wait and see by year end, see if my target is attained. Good Luck all.

4. lofan, your new trading strategy ? working fine so far ?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 21/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

Bought KPJ-CA and PBBANK-CN. ***Buy call from me ***

2. WOW !! i am regretted why didn't i apply BUMI ARMADA's IPO. See how it started it debut on first day ? A whooping RM1.11 gain in one day. What a fantastic start !!

3. I bought in a lot of KENCANA-CF, KENCANA continue to surge high today. :) Laughing All The Way To The Bank !!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 20/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

Bought KENCANA-CF today at 0.075sen and sold all of them at 0.08sen. Went in again with even bigger volume at 0.075sen for 2nd round and will be sending them for exercise. This batch has a chance of 85%winning but i go in big and almost "Sai Lang". Wish me luck. :)

Bought some AMFIRST again at RM1.18. :)

2. Tomorrow buying another CW, as usual will reveal once gotten it. vincent, you buy any ??

3. Hope tonight Dow Jones is up. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 19/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

PCHEM-CC - in 0.22sen, and out all at 0.225 to 0.23
KELADI - in 0.185sen

2. Guy, PCHEM-CC now is history, really not worth at 0.24sen, even mother share PCHEM goes up to 7.10 also not worth. The best price to go in is still remain at 0.225sen. If you happen to see 0.225sen tomorrow, by all mean just "Sai Lang". I have sold all my PCHEM-CC ranging from 0.225 to 0.23sen, for those that i bought in at 0.215 to 0.225sen but only managed to grab 2000 lots or so, way below my 5K lots. :( but still easy money isn't it ?? yea, just keep Laughing All The Way to The Bank even in such a red red market. :)

3. I am eyeing another CW now, will start buy in tomorrow. Will reveal that once i gotten it. Stay tune.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 18/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - sold at RM1.19
PCHEM-CC - sold some at 0.23sen, bought in more at 0.22sen - 0.225sen

2. PCHEM has been steady today eventhough market has been sell down quite drastically and drop -14.67 points, if tomorrow PCHEM price remain at current level, then very high chance we will make money for those who collect starting from price at 0.225sen. PCHEM at RM7.06, the CW PCHEM-CC will worth around 0.233sen, thus, 0.233 - 0.225 = 0.008sen profit here. Not too bad, with 100000 units of PCHEM-CC only cost about RM22500 will have profit of RM800. for those who collected even lower price than 0.225sen, your profit will be even higher. :) Judging the down side risk is low and almost a sure win bet, i intend to collect more tomorrow and my target is to accumulate 5K lots, this in turn will give me > RM4K profit. :) Still OK right ?? All the best to all and good luck.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 15/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 15/7/2011 :-

Traded a lot yesterday on PCHEM-CC, in out AMFIRST and sold KELADI. :)

2. PCHEM-CC is expiring on 25/7/2011, trading at 0.23sen with negative premium of -0.14%. I would say buying at 0.225sen and below is quite safe. Judging the 19sen dividend to be paid soon, i think PCHEM price would be stable around RM7 - RM7.10, so the downside risk is mitigated with soon to be paid dividend. For those who interested can consider buying this but only at 0.225sen and below on Monday, get ready to send for exercise for bigger profit margin. Good luck.

3. Some investment approach and strategy from hng which i think is worth sharing it out to all cyber friends.

i. Available call warrant provide niche market that offer you excellent return with limited and calculated downside risk. You should explore, widen and fully capitalize your expertise in this field.
ii. Your scalp trade on REITs and other penny stock have consistently record positive return, even with small profit margin, but over time, accumulating meaningful stream of income.
iii. Consistent dividend income from your core stock portfolio provide earning cushion.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 14/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - bought RM1.18
PETDAG-CB - in 0.215, out 0.22
(note, take a look of this call warrant, premium is extremely low, any moving of mother share should take in this CW if possible but be cautious)

2. Thanks hng, i intend to go full time but i will test out this for probably a period of time see if this income stream is sustainable. Maybe just lucky as now is bull market, what happen when bear strike us, we may have a tough time to maintain the same income constantly. hng, your KSL has a right issue of 1 warrant for every 4 shares ex-date on 26/7, please take note. All the best. :)

3. As for the ROI, hng is right, it is above 60%. In fact it is 100% if i gain 100K by year end. So, you should know what is my initial capital now. smilie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 13/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - Sold at RM1.19.
KELADI - Bought 0.185sen
RCECAP - Bought 0.525sen

2. Did not manage to buy the CWs that i want as there isn't any volume transacted. :( Will try again tomorrow.

3. Ivan is asking my view on Jerneh-wa but i am not into company warrant, so can't offer much help here. Maybe comrades can help enlighten Ivan here. Thanks in advance.

4. Ever since i engage in scalp trade in the beginning of this year, i never make a single loss. Lucky me but however presently i still get stuck on 2 counters, there are ARREIT at 0.925sen and RCECAP at 0.57sen. Though, each scalp trade only produce slim profit to me but the accumulation of slim profit each single day have make a huge sum to me. My target is to produce about 100K by this year end, meaning 100K/12 is about 8K income that i have to target each month. Achievable ?  still too early to tell. In fact my initial target was only about 24K per year on scalp trade alone, now i raise it to 100K due to the overwhelming income for the past 6 months. ha ha ha, a bit optimistic hah !! Nevertheless, still give it a try, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain.... right ?. Good luck pal and may the best price be yours.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 12/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - buy more at RM1.18

2. Congrat hng !! smilie not only good in picking stock, trading skill also superb. !!

3. Tomorrow will start picking some CWs, hopefully market has done enough on the down side. Nevertheless, DJ is still continue sliding. :(

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 11/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - bought RM 1.18.

2. Congrat hng, on your Time-OS profit.

3. Dow Jone in red zone. :( Eyeing some CWs now, will start buying this Wednesday, hope can get the price that i want. :) Wish me luck pal. Will blog it up once i gotten some.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 8/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 8/7/2011 :-

AMFIRST - sold RM1.19. :)

2. Road block everywhere, i just got myself stuck in the jam for 2 hours. This is really wasting time & money, making every innocent driver on the road feel real frustrated. :( I think it does not make sense to set road block everywhere including highway like NKVE, LDP & KESAS. It make total chaotic to motorists. The ultimate attempt is to bar vehicle entering town center. Setting road block at various entrance to town would be suffice, there should not a need to make the entire Klang Valley's traffic in chaotic. Some of my friend took 5 hours to reach home at Taman Connaught from Sunway, crazy right !? The authority could have done it better........ :(.

3. I will stay side line come Monday. Would not touch any if possible, just wait and see how the situation go. Good luck pal.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 7/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

RCECAP - sold 0.555sen :)
QCAPITA - sold RM1.06...:)

2. Congrat hng, on your KSL profit. :) wow, you are on buying spree on Time-OS. :) Good luck mate. :p

3. Tomorrow market likely to be cautious as people may still puzzle with the bersih outcome. To be on the safe side, advisable not to carry trade over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 6/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

QCAPITA - in RM1.05, out RM1.06. :)
RCECAP - in 0.54, out 0.545

2. Market very bullish in the 2nd half of the day. :) Hope tomorrow continue to go up further. :)

3. I believe this month and next month is certainly a good month to trade. :) Good luck folk.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 5/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

Sold all MAYBANK-JA at 0.19c. :) Sold AMFIRST at RM1.20. :) Buy in QCAPITAL at RM1.05.

2. There are many buy call from me come next week and a week after next. All of then are CWs but i will not reveal them here anymore but however i will reveal them once i got in. This month and next month of August is very crucial, i will be concentrating on trading CWs alone as there are plenty of them for me to choose from. Some of them are quite solid one. Good luck.

3. Market seem stable as it is not being haunted by bersih anymore. Till then, may the best price be yours.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 4/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

As mentioned in my previous post that i bought in a CW, the CW is SPSETIA-CE and i bought it at 0.035sen last Friday. Today sold it at 0.04sen, half a cent gain there. Remember, i make a buy call on MAYBANK-JA, today i bought in some at 0.185sen, at this price is very safe. Whoever interested, it is still not too late to own some tomorrow. I think more or less can SAILANG at 0.185sen or lower. I am buying more tomorrow, hope there are people selling to me. :) As for PBBANK-JA, keep your buy price at 0.21sen for the moment. Good luck.

2. bzz, i use chart to see support and resistant price level, seldom use chart to make buy or sell decision, because sometime i find it not that accurate, especially when you see the forming of buy call but it never come into reality. So, my conclusion is don't use chart too much, it only affect your decision.

3. "bersih 2.0" may have an abortion, so likely KLCI will continue to be stable. :) Just keep laughing all the way to the Bank. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 1/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 1/7/2011 :-

I bought in a CW, because of "bersih 2.0" may affect the KLSE performance so i bought in very small amount, as David mentioned i do cautious on every incident that may affect the KLSE, hope i can run on Monday. Judging the closing of DJ, likely that Monday will continue to go up. So, disposing it on Monday is highly possible. :) will reveal this CW on Monday. Keeping my finger cross.

2. As promised, I suppose to make a buy call for a CW, in fact there are 2 CWs i would like to make buy call here. There are PBBANK-JA and MAYBANK-JA respectively. Can start buy in 0.21sen for PBBANK-JA and 0.185sen for MAYBANK-JA to be on the safer side. I think it is not easy to get such a price but we have nothing to lose if we don't get it but everything to gain if happen someone is selling to us. Just need to be patient, when people sell there is many reason to it, so we just park the price we wish to get, need not to buy it so hastily. "bersih 2.0" may cause some stir here, then buy in at such price may become possible. Enter a right sizing, folk.

3. Polite Market, thanks for the information, will consider that. :) Question, the earning in USD and credit into PayPal account ?

4. vincent, nothing is better then real experience when dealing with own money, theoretically attending investment classes only enhance your knowledge without real practical investment. The fundamental is you need to go through theory before being practical, this is the basic of learning process, so practical experience is always better then theory, because going through emotional experience with trading or investment is real feeling and no laughing matter. Winning and losing create up and down of a person, winning of course create paradise feeling but can you take the pressure of losing ?? I come from a long way, sometime emotion still succumb me and not easy to prevail within me when my investment go against me, espeacially when i am in in big way. No harm going for more thoery classes but ultimately practical still the real test of you. Pay classes is not advisable, there are plenty of free investment forum out there. Make sure you ask the right question and learn the right method. No one can really help you to make money when dealing with invesment, you got to acquire the knowledge yourself. Good luck. :)

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