Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DRB-Hicom shares fall on trade error

Do you believe in this ?? here

Tell me who is that Institutional Investors ? OSK ? Manipulation ?


Kris said...

Kinda of BS to me..if i want to buy share..why only queue at almost the end of the session? And even if i suspect that somehow the stock price will fall so low, i would start queuing early in the trading day.

I think more "errors" like this will happen in the future. Beware of small fine print in the warrant profile/prospectus.


horse said...

right on the point, why at the last minute? :(
by doing so, i think osk safe 3c to 4c settlement cost. sentiment already spoilt.

Kris said...


This problem exists because we don't have a short sell mechanism such as put options or short selling. Hence, our KLCI is kinda lopsided and easily manipulated.

And they should have arbitrage their losses by buying equivalent mother share. Of course they earn alot more if the option when out of money... Greed man..

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