Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 8/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 8/7/2011 :-

AMFIRST - sold RM1.19. :)

2. Road block everywhere, i just got myself stuck in the jam for 2 hours. This is really wasting time & money, making every innocent driver on the road feel real frustrated. :( I think it does not make sense to set road block everywhere including highway like NKVE, LDP & KESAS. It make total chaotic to motorists. The ultimate attempt is to bar vehicle entering town center. Setting road block at various entrance to town would be suffice, there should not a need to make the entire Klang Valley's traffic in chaotic. Some of my friend took 5 hours to reach home at Taman Connaught from Sunway, crazy right !? The authority could have done it better........ :(.

3. I will stay side line come Monday. Would not touch any if possible, just wait and see how the situation go. Good luck pal.


hng said...

Sold off all Time-OS at 17-17.5sen, realize lower paper profit. Better realize profit first after rally turn to huge demonstration....

hng said...

Bought more ksl at 1.96

hng said...

Bought back all Time-OS at 14.5sen, realize higher intraday gain!? correction seem overdone! Timecom still trade 72sen mark, the intrinsic value of Time-OS still worth 19sen (53sen subscribe + 14.5sen Time-OS market price _ arbitrage value 5.5sen = market price timecome 72sen)

hng said...

Timecom share seem depleted holding power, slumping together, down bel0w 70sen mark

Decided to selloff all time-OS at 14-14.5sen as discount value already narrow and unattractive.

Overall, trading of Time-OS still manage to record gross profit of about 25% :)

hng said...

Portfolio 1:
1. Keladi 93.4% (18sen)
2. KSL 78.8% (1.812)
3. CYL 61.3% (56.7sen)

Portfolio 2:
1. CYL 45.3% (56.2sen)
2. KSL 16.2% (1.968)

Portfolio 3:
1. KSL 66% (1.93)
2, Keladi 34% (18.5sen)

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