Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 !!! - New Year Resolution Is to Make Double Digit (%) Again ^^

1. Above is my final result for 2015. ^^

2. Result is not that fantastic but with the reasonable base, the return should be quite decent. ^^

3. Trust me, i have been long enough in the market. Above result is when i started my own method in year 2004. I get constant monthly income from trading. Some months may be big and some months may be too small to reckon but it is still an income though. ^^

4. You can buy without fear and buy with confident. Can sleep sound and tight over the night. Market crash you will be more happy and market up you will be happy reaping what you sow. ^^

5. Up and down you have no worries. ^^ 

6. Of course, i don't have the crystal ball to tell you which counters can gave you handsome profit of double or triple growth from your investment over the months or years but you get to enjoy the fun in trading on a daily basis and yet you get rewarded. ^^ No TA, FA or TA+FA stuff, all you need to do is to understand the price action and certain trading skills and tricks. ^^

7. Beside above trading return, did i mentioned to you before some of the counters i have been keeping for umpteen years ? I guess over 23 years now. Some i gotten them at RM4+, RM2+ and it has been ballooned to RM14+, RM18+ respectively. ^^ I am practically getting their dividend to offset my initial investment and it is now considered FOC to me, still keeping them for dividend though. I do nothing on these kind of stocks, keeping them merely for dividend and boost up my capital. ^^ If you know what is "Dogs Of The Dow", try to setup one for yourself. ^^

8. As usual, may the best price be yours always. ^^

9. Good Luck in year 2016. ^^ 
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