Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sell and Buy BJTOTO

1. I first sold BJTOTO at RM4.27 and buy them back in 2 batches at RM4.24 and RM4.19 respectively. Make some contra gain. :)

2. Congratz hng, you are just superb in trading. :) Non-stop profit making everyday, keep up the good work friend. We just need your good trades to keep us going and motivate us here. We have been exchanging stock sharing here over the past 6 years, you are my true cyber friend and best stock mate during these years. Have been benefited a lot from your input. You have proven that a full time trader is indeed an approachable way out for people who seriously have thought so for his/her so call alternative "business" venture. I am certainly would like to be in your shoe when my time is up. :) A big thank you my friend for your contribution. :)

3. Teng, don't be despair, just keep polishing your trading skill. One of this day, you will be like hng, a good trader in making. You are already an experience trader cum investor, what you need to do is to sharpen the saw to make it more "perfect" and one important factor when trading with stock market is that you must have enough bullet to sustain your trading else it will be very hard in engaging a long battle. This is undeniable true when dealing with stock market, one needs to be reasonably "fat" to engage long haul armageddon in stock market else when tide goes against you, you will feel disappointed and give up easily. Never mind about one and two wrong trades, so long as winning more than losing. Good luck friend. !!

My favorite quote "LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK" !!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 30/5/2012

1. Sold some UOADEV at RM1.52. The lowest of today LOL !!! Seem there is no surprises on its earning, the only catalyst probably now lie on 10sen dividend. :( Try reduce my holding risk on this counter and take some small profit first. :) Will surely buy back if it ever dip below 1.50 again.

2. YTL Corp seems to react according to the good news and proposal and YTLP & Warrant continue to be pressured down. :( haiz... ytlp suffers the sell down could be due to the extension of the power purchase agreement, the WIMAX losses and the new investment in oil shale project. All these are high profile and eat up ytlp's capex in the long run.

3. Good Luck.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Durian Jatuh For YTL Corp !!!

1. Jump queue sold YTLP-WB at 0.47 and buy back at 0.465. Make half a cent.

2. Yet another windfall for YTL Corp shareholders. Beside distribution of treasury shares for the ratio of 1:15, they also proposed an offer for sale of YTLP-WB at an offer price of 20sen on the basis of 1 ytlp-wb for every 15 Ytl Corp shares. YTLP-WB is now trading at 0.475. WOW!! more than 100% gain !! Just whack YTL Corp by all mean. :)

3. UOADEV's 1st quarter result just as normal, no surprises. More or less the same with previous 1st quarter. :( With this current Q at the EPS of  3.42sen, this would represent about 3.42 * 4 = 13.68sen per year. At current price of RM1.57 it stood at PE of 11.4sen. Basing on this PE for property stock it is more or less fully valued. No surprise indeed. The only carrot now lie only on the 10sen dividend. :(

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sold MudaJaya

1. Sold MudaJaya at RM2.62. Swap all to buy UOADEV at RM1.55.

2. congrat hng on your Faber and Tambun !!

3. Let's all "Laughing All the Way To the Bank" :) :) :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


1. Sold my TWRREIT at 1.40. :)

2. Congratz hng, for your profit on Faber & Ytlp-wb. :)

3. I am still keeping tight on my UOADEV & Ytlp-wb. :) Hope can dispose them all next week. :)

4. Below is the Tambun write-up after RI, contributed from our cyber friend 'hng'. Thanks hng !

After right share, Tambun share volume will increase by 40%. Based on its latest Q1 result, EPS = 4.14sen, diluted EPS work out to be 2.95sen, Full year EPS= 11.8sen. Based on its 40-60% payout, dividend likely to be 4.7sen net for current financial year, which give rise to prospected 8.8% nett. 

As earlier indicate, Tambun already proposed dividend of 3.8sen nett for last FY2011, which subject to AGM approval on 15 June, dividend yield is 7.2% nett. 

Based on above fundamental, i could assure that even there is selling pressure upon listing of its right share on 4 June, but as investor, we could work out its intrinsic value and take into account its high dividend yield by waiting another 1-2wk to enjoy its dividend of 3.8sen nett after it secure approval for dividend payout in AGM on 15 June.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


1. Bought in BJTOTO today. 3 batches, 1st batch at RM4.25, 2nd & 3rd batch at RM4.21. :( Having problem uploading the picture, will do so when the issue resolved.

2. Just make my booking on Kia Forte. Just got to know one sale guy, his offer is the best in town maybe whole of Malaysia. If anyone interested in getting Kia i can e-mail the contact number.

3. YTLP-WB recovering. :) Hope the mother share can stay above 1.70+.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


1. Sold my Uchitech at RM1.22. Make contra gain. :)

2. Congratz hng and teng on your profit for ytlp-wb and mudajaya.

3. I guess ytlcorp has reached it maximum level of selling ytlp-wb. There is no sign of huge selling this 2 days. Most likely that it is. High chance ytlpower will go higher from here. Ytlp-wb fate depend on underlying mother share, hope the up surge of YTLP can further bring up the value of ytlp-wb. 

4. Good Luck to all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 21/5/2012

1. Scalp traded above today.

2. Sold YTLP-WB at 0.38 (jump queue) and buy back 0.38. :( Lose fees. :( Look like the selling pressure has eased today. YTL corp is not selling anymore? They have further reduced the holding to 71% as seen in the announcement, looks like is their last batch? Good news to those still holding ?

3. Bought in UCHITECH at 1.20 today. :) Declare 7sen dividend. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 17/5/2012

1. Scalp traded the above today.

2. Sold some UOADEV at 1.47 & 1.52 respectively and buy back some at 1.51. :) Hope it will surge higher tomorrow. ;) Judging today trades, it seem 1.52 is quite solid, quite a lot of buy up at this level. Not sure it will be surging from here starting tomorrow. :)

3. Congratz hng and also Teng on your UOADEV. :) Well done comrades !! It is this type of atmosphere that keep us going on KLSE. :) Let's keep up the good work and continue burning.

4. My favourite quotes " Laughing All The Way To The Bank" and GOOD LUCK !!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bought More UOADEV

1. Scalp traded the above today.

2. Too tempted on UOADEV, so bought in at 1.42 today.

3. Buy back MudaJaya at 2.60. :)

4. Today, i am busy with something and not available in the second session, so no trading on YTLPowr-WB. :( Will back in action again tomorrow, hope to bring down my average price. :)

5. hng, it is your turn on the buying spree mode. Good Luck.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1. Scalp traded above today.

2. Teng, see above i sold all MudaJaya at RM2.65. :)

3. Sell 0.40 & buy 0.395 ytlpowr-wb twice today. :) Should have traded 2 times more on ytlpowr-wb. :( but not adventurous enough else intra-day profit would be even more. At least can further bring down the average price. :(

4. Sold UOAREIT at 1.38 and buy back at 1.36 but only partial matched. Above can't show the partial matched counter. I wonder why ?

5. Bought in TWRREIT at 1.39. Should be no problem making profit on this one.

6. I do hope the support from EPF on YTLPOWER is persistent enough and continue to sustain the buying forces to up surge the price back to 1.70 to 1.80 level else it will be quite difficult for WB to go up as YTL is keep reducing their holding.

7. Congrat hng on your UOADEV & TAMBUN. I wanted to buy Tambun-OR at 0.075 yesterday but decided to call off the plan. I had enough UOADEV already but will start buying in again maybe starting from next week. Let's all laughing all the way to the bank especially when UOADEV approved the 10sen dividend during AGM. :)

8. Teng, i am placing buy order for MudaJaya at 2.60 and below for tomorrow, a head up information for you. ha ha ha. Hope can get it, just by swing trade on this counter is good enough to earn decent money. Let's huat together. GOOD LUCK.!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

YTLPOWER In Deep Shit ?

1. Trades done today as above.

2. Sold and buy back YTLPOWER-WB. YTLPower continue to slide down. :( Is the privatization true ? YTL intend to take ytlpower private thru shares swap ? This remain to be seen when the dust is settling down in the later stage. I do hope this is not a true act from YTL else ytlpower shareholders will be in real deep shit and get screwed.

3. On buying spree today. Buy more UOADEV & MUDAJAYA.

4. GOOD LUCK all !!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


1. Bought in more YTLPOWER-WB today at 0.47 & 0.475 respectively. Bought UOAREIT as well at RM1.37 but only partially matched but i wonder why isn't it show up in above all done orders. :( 

2. Some insight sharing from our cyber friend hng on YTLPOWER-WB...

Have you buy YTL Power-WB at 48.5sen now? I'm hold back to buy more on YTLPower-WB now as its mother share likely to test its all year low of 1.63, with strong support at 1.60. 

In short term, YTLPower still engage trouble surrounding its PPA issue, with incoming GE, if PR takeover, PPA deal may restructure to reduce gas subsidy and re-set open tender for new PPA.

On the other hand, in medium to long term, privatization of this group by its parent is still on course. There is already clear signal from MD, fransic Yeoh that if YTL corp have nothing attractive assets to buy, it will buyout its subsidiary. By through share exchange, YTL corp need no single sen to take over all its subsidiary and enjoy full control over its subsidiary cash reserve, which in turn use these cash to continue its share buyback on its own to support enlarge YTL corp, and ultimately distribute share dividend in species to all YTL corp shareholder, which Yeoh family will entitle to most, a direct beneficial owner of YTL corp. 

The more YTL power suffer depress in share price, the more likelihood YTL corp will take over via share exchange to consolidate all under parent group. The rationale is simple, advice YTL Power share swap to YTL corp as it have more diversified earning derived from cement, REITs, property, KLIA transit, construction etc instead of relying just concessionaire ( power, water) and highly competitive telco as well as expected huge capex on new venture into oil and gas industry.

Changing government alone already have adverse implication to those government/UMMO/political dependent concessionaire.

The knee jerk impact will be immediate while material change in concessionaire deal will again laggard stock performance. Nevertheless, crisis mean golden chance for opportunist person like Fransic Yeoh, to take over YTL Power via share exchange...

3. The above sharing only serve as an information and speculation. It does not translate to a BUY or SELL call. As usual buy sell totally at your own risk.

4. hng, good sharing on above. I buy the idea of share exchange as the total beneficial will be YTL Corp itself. Let's see what it will turn out to be, given some time. We will wait and see on this interesting speculation, see how Francis is playing his game. Close watch on this. GOOD LUCK !!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 7/5/2012

1. Scalp traded the above today. :)

2. Sold Ytlpowr-WB at 0.525 and sold some UOAREIT at 1.40. :)

3. Try to repeat the same old thing again tomorrow hopefully. :)

4. Monitor Tambun-OR closely tomorrow, as it is its listing day. All the best to hng & teng.

5. Congratz hng on your ytlpowr-wb. Tempted to buy in Tambun at 0.52 today but give up as need to reserve fund for YTLpower-WB and UOADEV.

6. Might buy more UOADEV tomorrow if it drop further. Will try increase my steak on this guy as it is my biggest holding counter now. :) Good Luck to me and to all my cyber friends here.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

UOADEV AGM Fall on 29/5/2012

1. Bought Ytlpowr-wb at 0.52 today. LOL !! trap now !! must be buying from hng & teng i guess. lol..... Anyway hope to sell back next week. Congratz to hng & Teng for profit on ytlpwr-wb and glomac. Good luck. :)

2. Greenleaf, i've explained before, in order to make reasonably profit on REITs, your buying lots has to be minimum 10000 units or 100 lots and brokerage must be as low as possible. It depend on which REITs that i bought. REITs like AMFIRST, SUNREIT, CMMT, ARREIT and PAVREIT i will normally buy 100 lots to 500 lots range. The rest only limit to 100 lots as they are not as liquid as the prior one. Disposing them could become problem if you hold too big lots.

3. UOADEV drifting lower to RM1.52. :( Nevertheless, they have announced that the AGM will fall on 29/5/2012, will hold on my holding till then and see how it fares. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 3/5/2012

1. Scalp traded the above today.

2. Yes 4G Launches Eclipse Smartphone and Huddle XS Wireless Hotspot, this is the good news for ytlpowr. :)

3. Teng, i sold all my MudaJaya at RM2.75. :) Look like it will go further. :(

4. hng, congrat on your ytlpowr-wb. :) Good Luck.!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 2/5/2012

1. Scalp traded above today. :)

2. Buy sell ytlpowr-wb twice today. :) Make intra-day profit of half cent. :) Bought them at 0.50 and sold them all at 0.505. :)

3. Teng, congrat !! i am still keeping my MudaJaya, wait for further rise tomorrow. :)

4. hng, you are back in action again. :) Congratz !! Tongher is on the rise. :)
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