Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1. Scalp traded above today.

2. Teng, see above i sold all MudaJaya at RM2.65. :)

3. Sell 0.40 & buy 0.395 ytlpowr-wb twice today. :) Should have traded 2 times more on ytlpowr-wb. :( but not adventurous enough else intra-day profit would be even more. At least can further bring down the average price. :(

4. Sold UOAREIT at 1.38 and buy back at 1.36 but only partial matched. Above can't show the partial matched counter. I wonder why ?

5. Bought in TWRREIT at 1.39. Should be no problem making profit on this one.

6. I do hope the support from EPF on YTLPOWER is persistent enough and continue to sustain the buying forces to up surge the price back to 1.70 to 1.80 level else it will be quite difficult for WB to go up as YTL is keep reducing their holding.

7. Congrat hng on your UOADEV & TAMBUN. I wanted to buy Tambun-OR at 0.075 yesterday but decided to call off the plan. I had enough UOADEV already but will start buying in again maybe starting from next week. Let's all laughing all the way to the bank especially when UOADEV approved the 10sen dividend during AGM. :)

8. Teng, i am placing buy order for MudaJaya at 2.60 and below for tomorrow, a head up information for you. ha ha ha. Hope can get it, just by swing trade on this counter is good enough to earn decent money. Let's huat together. GOOD LUCK.!!


Teng said...


Congratulation on your Mudajya

Twrreit-I still keep this stock I bought in 2009/2010. Like its dividen of >10 cts

Sonic said...

Hai all,
I want to ask which bank is better for online investment based of your experience?

Teng said...


I am using Maybank cash account. 0.1% and min RM8.Problem is Maybank system always not stable.Couple of times transaction messed up.

horse said...

Maybe can try Jupiter or HLIB. They are more stable. :)
Good Luck !!

Teng said...


Better try HLB or Jupiter as per Horse advice. I am now having problem with Maybank again

hng said...

The worse could be over, time to pare down loss

I've used my current trading limit, bought:

YTL land at 93.5-94sen
Malton at 49.5-50sen
UOA dev at 1.43
Faber at 1.42-1.43
Muiproperties: 14sen

hng said...

Contradict to my expetation, market closed almost lowest of the day. Nevertheless, i still expect some rebound in next few day as index 1536 already very closed to immediate strong support level.

hng said...

After consecutive selling YTL Power-WB, especially yesterday, YTL corp manage to reduce its stake by another 5% to 79.2%.

Sonic said...

Thanks all. Now i using cimb but also not so stable. I want to ask which stock are u all research for it now? YTL-Power I think is time to collect good for profit.

Jeffrey8568 said...

Thanks all for sharing on above.

Hello Hng,
I admired your stock picking method as I do pick up Muiproperties as well since it is recommending 1 sen dividend for financial year ending 2011 which translate to gross dividend yield of 7.14%.
What do you think of Ulicorp potential with its 5 sen dividend due to ex 8th June?

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