Sunday, November 29, 2015

My KLSE Money Making Method Still Proven Solid

1. I have been applying my own winning method in KLSE since 2004.

2. It has been 11 years now.

3. Still going strong. ^^

4. Though sometime will have bad investment but overall year after year, i am still in the positive zone.

5. I am almost surpassing my previous year profit. ^^

6. There is 1 more month for me to achieve that.

7. In which i believe is it easily obtainable. ^^

8. I admit, a lot of smart guy out there now a day.

9. Continue surviving in stock market is the key point.

10. It is not how much you make for one single trade but is for how long you can sustain & continue making profit for as long as you want. ^^

11. Good Luck & May the best price be yours always. ^^

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Total Return Is Lower Than Last Year

1. Have not been blogging for the past 2 months. ^^

2. As of today, my total investment return is slightly lower compare to my previous year. There is still about 2 months for me to catch up the figures, hope that i can excel further & surpassing my previous year return. ^^

3. It's not an easy year i would said. Getting tougher to earn each day when i noticed many have learned and superbly applying some of the trading skill in the market. I myself can feel that on each single day, not that handy as compare to past years. :(

4. Nevertheless, there is still room to make some money though it is getting hard lately.

5. "Sharing is caring" but sometime when come to money, it is quite concern & bothering that sharing your secret trades that rending more competitors in the market making it extremely hard to apply your formula. ^^

6. Anyway, will share my return by end of the year as promised. Stay tune. ^^

7. Good Luck. ^^
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