Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My 2015 Tradings Result ^^

1. There you have it. ^^

2. I decide to post my tradings result earlier before the year of 2015 come to an end. ^^

3. Not a superb/fantastic result but achieving my target of 10% return on a yearly basis. You may thing why i set such a low % target, right ? The reason is simple, it is easily achievable, so no pressure & no hassle. You achieved your target you feel happy & whatever extra it come as a bonus. ^^

4. Why set unrealistic target & you know it is hard to materialize it when put into practice ? This make pressure to your tradings unknowingly & it add worries when target is far beyond your reach. This probably result you in making wrong judgement during tradings execution. ^^

5. Be patience and take a step at a time, you will surely achieve your go. ^^

6. I was rather disappointed to the responses that i received from my previous posting "How To Consistently Making Minimum RM3K Per Month Through KLSE ^^" so far.

7. It is definitely not encouraging at all. Up to now, it is hardly touching 50 responses who are interested in learning up my trades. I wonder people nowadays demanding more income instead or rather 3K consistent income does not even lure them the interest on this. Probably people nowadays are smarter, they can easily earn more than 3K via KLSE, need not learn up more for this. ^^ What if i say i can help you with 10K income per month ? would you be more interested now than the before ? Ha ha ha .... ^^

8. Hence, i decided to call off this private forum / sharing session since i don't get the number (200) that i want. ^^

9. May the best price be yours always & Good Luck. ^^

Sunday, December 6, 2015

How To Consistently Making Minimum RM3K Per Month Through KLSE ^^

1. FYI, i might want to start a group guiding you how to make money through KLSE. ^^

2. Minimum to gain an average income stream of RM3K per month. ^^

3. I will share out my trades secrete to those who are interested.

4. Before doing so, i want to see the respond first.

5. If i get about 200 responses with great interest to learn up my trades. I probably will start this group in an exclusive private group. ^^

6. I will accept only 200 members in this private group, on a first come first serve basis. ^^

7. If you do have the interest, please leave your message here. ^^

8. Once the target achieved, i will provide you the method to get access to my private group. ^^

9. May the best price be yours always. ^^
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