Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Congratz Again On AMEDIA ^^

1. AMEDIA - Up again today. Congrat to hng, Teng, CK & the rest. ^^

2. GLOMAC - Sold partially at 0.845 and i was placing another batch at 0.835 during pre-close/open, did not expect it matched all at 0.845 as well. ^^ Retain the remaining for higher gain. ^^ This is my 4th round profit on this counter. ^^
3. IGBREIT - No show. :( Try to buy at 1.31 but it never hit there.
4. ASTRO - Teng, agreed with Gark, this one PE too high, better avoid.
6. Good Luck all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AMEDIA - Wow !!! Laughing All The Way To The Bank !!

1. AMEDIA - Toward the last 30minutes before closing, the price up surge > 15%. Wow !!! hng congratz !!! about RM23K profit in pocket already !!! More to come ?? Congratz to the rest as well, Teng, Alwayswin, Gark, Cheeheng & Jeffrey. ^^ All the best and Huat Ar....
2. IGBREIT - Continue to increase my stake on this guy. Today bought in 2 more batches. 1 batch at RM1.33 and another batch at RM1.32. Almost upto my limit already. ^^ This one remain in my limelight. ^^
3. GAB - Just declared 55sen dividend. ^^
4. GLOMAC - Inching half a sen each day. ^^
5. Making money is just as simple as 1 2 3, so long as one avoid speculation. :)
7. Good Luck.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Increase Stake On IGBREIT !!!

1. IGBREIT - Whack more IGBREIT at RM1.34. ^^ Those who bought, welcome to the club. Making money on this counter is just a matter of time. ^^ Minimum RM1.40 but RM1.38 and above is also enough to run with profit already. :) I already went in big, so if you make loss, i make even bigger loss than you. ^^ Good Luck guy. :)
2. OneX, forgot to mention that, i already bought the tablet the other day. I finally decide to go for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1. ^^ I like the screen, it is big enough and convenient when surfing.
3. ASTRO - Rebound !!! Congratz to Teng & hng. ^^
4. TENAGA - Hit RM7 but end up flat. :(
5. AMEDIA - Good Luck to my friend hng !!! Huat ar.... ^^
6. GAB - Wow !!! RM 17 should be able to hit when the dividend is declared. ^^
7. GLOMAC - Laggard stock. :( The only hope is the dividend. Coming soon hopefully.
8. ted, even half a sen also we make profit, please ask CK, he may have answer for you.
10. Good Luck !!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whack IGBREIT !!!

1. IGBREIT - Went in 2 batches, one batch at RM1.36 and another batch at RM1.35. ^^ Last Friday those KASSETS shareholders received their distribution units of IGBREIT(Tay SK is one of them ^^ making ton already). Not sure it is due to this that causing selling pressure on this or the news that posted by hng that an off market deal at RM1.25 ?? Is the off market deal come with conditions ? like locking them for 3 months or so ? I think the selling pressure could be coming from both. Nevertheless it is irresistible to take in at RM1.35 now. Just continue whacking as much as you like. It is just a matter of time we make profit on this. ^^ Target price > RM1.40. Good Luck.
2. GAB - Go above RM16 already !!! More to come i think.^^
3. TENAGA - Buy on dip but no show today. :(
4. ASTRO - Dare devil Teng, go in at 2.72 ?? I dare not. Since the internet line can broadcast Astro feed with cheaper price, what is that more ASTRO can offer ?? Market share will be shrinking.... :( Gark, you are one of the internet feeding user ? ^^ :)
5. GOLDEN AGRI - Miss my order at 0.63. :( Try again next time.
6. Alwayswin, i pity the girl too. Publicly everyone knows she is no longer virgin, who is dare to marry her other than that Alvin ???
8. Good luck !!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucky For Me ^^

1. ASTRO - Price of Astro tumble !!! Lucky to have escaped on this. Many have said that this stock is over-priced. :( This remain to be seen in the coming Q result.
2. GLOMAC - Adding more stake on this at 0.81sen. ^^ Hope i pick the right choice.
3. FABER - The price rally up today. Congratx to those still holding. ^^ This is history to me, will never chase.
4. TENAGA - Started to buy in today at RM6.92. Will buy in more if price dip further. ^^ Q result is coming out, expect to be good this time round and envisaging 20sen dividend to be declared hopefully.
6. Gark you hold ASTRO ?
7. Teng, that couple your relative ?
8. I placed to buy back Golden Agri tomorrow. ^^
9. Good Luck !!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

ASTRO A Great Escape ?

1. ASTRO - Very dissapointed with it IPO listing debut yesterday. Started at RM3.03 opening bell and retreated to RM3 before commanding up to RM3.10/RM3.11. Without hasistating i throw at RM3.10 to the seller. ^^ A great escape ?? Remain to be seen next week. Why the hassle applying the IPO while we can get right here over the market at the same price of RM3 !?. Probably Teng is right, Ananda can take private again later on when the price went down to RM1, this exercise in turn will make him garner RM2 each share in his pocket. :p
2. ARREIT - Sold all at 0.935sen. ^^ So far 40% holding liquidated, still keeping 60% for higher price or dividend. ^^
3. MEDIAC - 41sen special dividend !!! Can just whack first thing in the morning come Monday. ^^
4. TENAGA - Many have complaint about the high bill after changing to digital meter, that include me as well !!! I expect TENAGA will post good result coming 4Q. This guy should resume it earning momentum as the coal price has dropped and could probably declare a final 20sen dividend. Should be a BUY from me, can start accumulating come next week as the 4Q result should be out by end of this month. Good Luck !!!
6. N2N platform is very slow comparing to EF. I can't even get the price feed after signing on to the system eventhough i was on 10MB MAXIS home fibre. It took me about 3rd attempt before i can view the share price, luckily it was the time where ASTRO was trading at 3.10/3.11. I was able to sell at the right time. ^^ N2N platform need to beef up their system, submission was slow either, cancellation of stock should pop up another window instead of appearing on the same screen and it create hassle to toggle back to price feed screen where you may scare of lossing the feed again. Thumb down from me. :(
7. Good Luck !!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Step A Bomb !!!

1, ARREIT - LOL !!! Sold partially 1lot at 0.935sen. This is what i called a mine bomb. ^^ Lose some fee there.
2. GLOMAC - Steadily inching up. ^^ Sold some off, all at 0.825. Will try to sell more if tomorrow go up further. ^^ Once it break 0.84, high chance that it will test 0.90sen in next level.
3. AMEDIA - Good luck to those holding. ^^ With positive outlook from the IB, hopefully can spur some up surge momentum. hng & Teng, all the best.
4. RCECAP - Notice that this guy is giving Bonus Issue & Right Issue at 0.38sen. The ratio for BI is 1:2, after baloon this up, they offer RI at the same time at 2:5 ratio. If the EPS keep lossing weight every quarter, this type of offer does not carry any value other than sucking more money from shareholders. RCECAP needs to beef up more core business else it will be struggling moving ahead. :(
6. Good Luck. !!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Almost Time To Show My Report Card Again ^^

1. ARREIT - Sold more Arreit at 0.93 & some at 0.935. ^^ I hope to grab more at 0.92 if happen there is a chance. ^^ Look like it stand firm at 0.93 and above.
2. AMEDIA - Most actively traded again today. Though this is not my cup of tea but i reckon that the profit is consistent throughout the quarters and low PE, only set back is no dividend records. This guy does not fit into my investment criteria but look potentially high chance of making money at current state. Let's see once we factor BI in, Bonus ratio is 1 for 1, which mean to say its share capital will be double, that in turn will make PE high after BI, EPS will be diluted by half. Assuming same EPS contributed for the next year after BI, PE of 5 will be double at 10sen for a share price of estimated at 0.34/2 = 0.17. Seem relatively okay though. hmmmm. Good Luck All. ^^
3. GLOMAC - All resolutions were duly passed at today AGM. Which mean the 2.75sen dividend less 25% tax is approved as well. Will wait and see after this. Keep figure crossed on this.
5. As year end is approaching, almost time for me to compile my investment result for year 2012 again. Frankly, i have yet to reach previous year earning but very near. Need to gear up more effort during these 2 months. :) ^^
6. Good Luck !!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sold Some ARREIT ^^

1. ARREIT - Manage to sell partial of ARREIT at 0.93 today. Hope to buy in more and also hope to sell more. ^^ Scalp trades this guy more hopefully. ^^
2. GLOMAC - Will try to buy in more tomorrow. ^^
3. AMEDIA - Look like standing it foot at 35sen now, might inch higher this week. Good luck to those holding it.
5. Good Luck !!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Increase My Stake On ARREIT

1. ARREIT - Increase my stake on ARREIT at 0.92. ^^ Aiming for the next distribution to be due on December i guess.
2. GLOMAC - The next AGM will fall on 16/10. One of the agenda is to approve the final dividend of 2.75sen less 25% tax. Hopefully this will give a boost to it share price in the coming week. Bought in again at 0.81sen. ^^
3. AMEDIA - I never like to touch ACE market but after looking at it, i wonder what makes the share price drop so much recently. The propose bonus issue and warrant should normally give a good respond by majority public investor out there BUT this seem like otherwise. Owner is holding tight with his shares, those actively traded in the market are mostly the remaining floating shares. Judging no negative news and healthy BS, most likely that this stock will state a rebound next week hopefully. If it dampen further, one may consider buy in at 0.25sen to 30sen level.
5. hng - thanks for posting the news on Genneva Gold. It is indeed enlighten us more on such scheme how it being operated. Those who involve in such scheme, make sure that you are the pioneer else you are just one of the piggie that feeding the doggie on top. ^^
6. Good Luck...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slow And Steady Win The Race ?

1. BREM - Bought in very small quantity at RM1.16 :( Will try to buy more tomorrow.

2. ARREIT - Miss the 0.92, should have placed early in the morning. Will try to buy again tomorrow.


4. Good Luck. !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 10/10/2012

1. BREM - Scalp traded on this counter by buying at 1.16 and sold them off at 1.17. 1sen profit. ^^

2. ARREIT - Sold partially on this that i bought yesterday. Hope to sell more tomorrow. ^^

3. SUNWAY - Disposing SMC for RM310 millions and unlocking value of property. Should be worst buying but judging of her history, no dividend has been declared before, not sure whether they are unlocking the cash by giving first maiden special dividend ???
4. GLOMAC - Seem like getting more active lately. May be it is time for dividend declaration ??
6. Good Luck !!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Perfect Entry But Miserable Exit :p

1. FABER - Enter at perfect timing but exit at worst pricing !!! I should give myself a knock on my head. I thought of doing some scalp trades first but never expect such a big swing today. :( Sold at RM1.29. Make small profit. :p ^^
2. ARREIT - Bought in at 0.92, hope to make a quick profit on this. I already own quite a big load of this, nevertheless still buying in. This REIT offers one of the highest DY in term of %. The set back is the non-renewal of Sime UEP tenancy and the default payment of SBG. BUT there could be a surprise special dividend !!!
4. Congratz to hng, Teng & CK on your profit today.
5. Good Luck !!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

No Free Lunch In This World !

1. HEKTAR - Sold all at RM1.41. ^^

2. PAVREIT - Sold all at RM1.35. ^^ Make less on this as it closed at RM1.37. :(

3. FABER - Bought more in at RM1.28. Pending for the concessions renewal that should creep in for some boost.

4. IGBREIT - Scalp trade on this by buying at 1.36 and sold off at 1.37. 1sen profit. ^^ Nevertheless, should expect more seeling when come 19/10/2012, as this is the date that KASSETS shareholders gets their IGBREIT shares distribution. I believe many will log in profit after the long wait.
6. No free lunch in this world, one need to work hard to earn that. ^^
7. Good Luck all.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

ASTRO I Got It !!!

1. ASTRO - My application was sucessful on this. ^^ Not sure it is a good thing or not ? Many comments was bad on this but some of the cornerstones are big guys here, most likely it will sustain at least for some period of time before the real value could be seem more clearer in the next Q earning. Let's hope for the good start come listing on 19/10/2012. ^^
2. HEKTAR - Sold partially at RM1.41. ^^
3. YTL-WR - Closed at 0.185. Personally, i would buy this than YTLP-WB at 0.42. At 0.185, this would mean 0.185+0.20 = 0.385sen for YTLP-WB, there is still some discount there. On the other side, 0.385sen would represent YTLP-WB trading at negative premium of -0.932%. YTLP-WB should worth at least 0.40sen based on underlying share price at RM1.61. Whack YTL-WR instead. ^^
4. Watch List - HEKTAR, YTL-WR, FABER
5. Good Luck. !!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sold My Carlsbg To Stay Sober !!

1. CARLSBG - Sold at RM12. ^^ Profit on this trade and entitle for the 5sen dividend as well. ^^ Free up more trading limit in my account. ^^
2. IGBREIT - This guy started to move strong today, too bad sold all my units yesterday. Hope to get back if slide back.
3. YTL-WR - Teng, i think you should sell YTLP-WB and in exchange to YTL-WR, by doing so your cost is lower after subscribed the right back to WB, provided WB sustain at current level :p. I have limited fund now, would probably skip this one, if there is chance might venture into WR, see how is my available trading limit this few days. :(
4. CK, subscribe to right issue is quite a tedious thing to do, probably you want to sign up nominee account and ease your trouble. ha ha ha
5. Teng, are you still keeping IGB ? A big 'dragon' today. ^^
6. hng, i get to know 'they' pay a heavy price on GG. Just hope that they are able to continue to stand firm after this.
7. When is the last day of YTL-WR? Next Wednesday ?
9. Good Luck !!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GENNEVA GOLD Mother Of All Scams !!!

1. GENNEVA GOLD truely a mother of all scams that involve whopping of at least RM5billions of hard earn money from "investor". I must say my condolences to them, hope they can get back partial if not full of their so called invesment money. How can a business can sustain without having making any genuine profit from a real 'core business' ? This is another form of pyramid scheme for all you know. :( Pity to all the investors thats include my own relative. :( Imagine an investor so to speak come in will result Genneva to make a loss of 24% per year, as the company need to take another investor in to fund the earlier one. This business repeated and compounding the lossess to the company till a saturated point and all will come down at one point in the near future. It is lucky that BNM step in to raid this company or else more people will be suffered if this kind of business drag on. I hope the authority can charge the owners to court for running a fraudulent gold trading company and fine them heavily.
2. FABER - Bought in today at RM1.28. ^^
3. IGBREIT - Sold all at RM1.40. This is my 3rd round of profit. ^^
4. KASSETS - Congratz to Tay SK and those still holding it.
6. Good Luck !!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Genneva Gold ! You Ask For it !!!

1. GENNEVA GOLD !!! You are asking for trouble !!! I believe the "owner" set this up, pity all the 50,000 "investor". Owner must have siphoned all the money out before calling the authority.

Serbuan Bersama Ke Atas Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd       
Satu operasi serbuan bersama ke atas Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd dan syarikat-syarikat sekutunya telah dibuat hari ini oleh Polis Diraja Malaysia, Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia dan Bank Negara Malaysia kerana dipercayai telah melakukan kesalahan di bawah undang-undang yang ditadbir oleh agensi-agensi penguatkuasaan berkenaan.

Jabatan Hal Ehwal Komersial Singapura juga telah mengambil tindakan yang sama ke atas Genneva Pte. Ltd. di Republik itu.

Orang ramai dinasihatkan supaya berhati-hati ketika melabur wang mereka bagi mengelakkan daripada menjadi mangsa kegiatan yang menyalahi undang-undang.
2. PAVREIT - Bought in today at RM1.34. ^^
3. HEKTAR - Gotten my units today and with excess of 1000units from the 5000 excess that i applied. ^^
5. Good Luck !!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally Sold My APOLLO ^^

1. APOLLO - Finally disposed all my APOLLO at RM3.28 with some profit. ^^

2. IGBREIT - Closed at RM1.39. Hope to inch higher. ^^

3. UOADEV - Congratz to Teng & hng for the profit. ^^

4. IGB - Congratz to Teng. ^^

5. CARLSBG - Still keeping this one, will try to sell > RM12. ^^


7. Maria, your calculation on GLOMAC should be correct if the figure that you provide is correct. ^^

8. HEKTAR - Not sure i have been given any excess units ???

9. ASTRO - Just submit my application through CIMBiTrade. ^^

10. alwayswin, 3A is a good company but i never like its dividend, too little to consider. :p
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