Saturday, June 30, 2007

Monthly Portfolio 30-June-2007

This month my biggest gain is from BJTOTO after the share breaching the $5 psychological barrier. BJTOTO has reported its 4th Qtr result with a decrease of 18% profit and declared 7.5sen dividend for this qtr. Would likely to hold for a while for Bjtoto and monitor how the price move before taking any action to it. I have adjusted RESORT & YILAI purchase price after receiving dividend of 3sen & 8sen respectively. Below is my latest portfolio & there isn't any movement for this month as my focus has diverted to newly discover financial investment that is "Forex" trading at the new toy to play. I'm about 12% in profit right now for this new gizmo not bad huh...!! errr....till then Happy trading....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trendlines for Novice

Part 2
To find major support and resistance levels, one way is to draw trendlines on chart. It is always possible to find the direction of a particular stock is headed by connecting more than 2 points price tops and bottoms on a chart.
Below appears to be going down in price for EKSONS after connecting the tops price like so. Oscillators like MACD and RSI show down signal :-

Below appears to be going up in price for MAYBULK after connecting the price bottoms as follows. MACD seem crossing showing buy signal and RSI is above the 50% strength level. MAYBULK seems very interesting trading at this price, probably an upside is to be formed in the later stage.

Why did i say so for MAYBULK, it is because if you buy on or near the line, when/if the line breaks, you will get out very near where you got in. Not only that, you will have a clear set of reasons why to get out. That is, you will know that the trend has broken down and that the situation that caused you to enter the trade has changed. Base on current market and the trendline, i would recommend a buy for MAYBULK on current state.
Till then happy trading.

Friday, June 15, 2007

How to define Support & Resistance on Stock for New Traders - Novice


Have you ever seen a zig-zag chart before ? The price of a stock in KLSE market works in similar fashion in between the support and resistance.

SUPPORT - is where the buying at a price lever is strong enough to cause a reverse in a downtrend.
RESISTANCE - is where the selling at a price lever is strong enough to cause a reserve of an uptrend.

Most of the traders look for support levels when they wish to buy and they similarly look for resistance lever when they wish to sell.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Trading Stocks Is A Long Haul Thing

When you ask around among the circle of your friends how successful is their stocks trading, it can be pretty depressing. Only probably about 5% of my friends are making any money. With so many trading stocks, why is this?

1. Mentality is wrong. One would probably think that this is the area where they can get Rich Quick by trading stocks and how easy and profitable it is to trade with so many brokers giving abundant informative recommendation of stocks. Well, it is easy to actually trade, but difficult to trade well. Many people will just start trading without knowing what they are doing. A good course of study on the company and how they fare with their competitors with each other, what is the earning, is this company fundamentally strong, TA & blah blah blah is a must before you start any live trading. You must be educated in stocks to trade profitably. You can't just go on gut feeling. Stocks trading should be done for the long haul.

2. Trading for the wrong reasons. Once, i ask my friend, for what is the reason you trade stocks since you are not in the positive all this while. He told me, at least there is a thrill in my daily live and most importantly "is for the fun of it". Yes, there is a high associated with making a huge profit from one trade, then you are all in positive. However, do not treat stocks trading like a day at the race track. You should not trade for the excitement of trading. Not to mention that there is a lot of time to be spent just waiting for the correct trade to come along. Also, don't start stocks trading because you think it only requires a few minutes a day to make money. Even if you are scalping the market (making small quick trades), it takes time for those trades to develop and mature. One should sharpen their saw before start trading and with only one reason, that is "Winning".
Happy trading.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Congratulations to our PM

Would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere congratulations to our PM and soon-to-be first lady for their coming marriage. All the best and may God bless you.
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