Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not A Bad Start For Me ^^ $$$ Keep Flowing In ^^

1. As we usher the year of Monkey, the KLSE start off with volatile sentiment. ^^

2. All red for shares that dealing with exports, relatively due to RM strengthening but still weak though if compare to a year before.^^

3. I was having a good start for my portfolio.. ^^ Gaining almost 5% from my total investment. ^^

4. Reaching 10% gain is just a matter of next month i guess. ^^

5. I wish to share out for what i have learned throughout my umpteen years of experience in KLSE but rather disappointed with the responses even though it is free directly coming from me, with the vast experiences that  i possess thus far... i believe i am more than qualify to educate you in making extra pocket money through KLSE. ^^

6. For newbies, it will be even better for you to start of something simple from me before you get real in KLSE. ^^ (Definitely no complicated TA, FA from me) I can ensure you that you will not be burning your hard earn money away with my guidance, even if it does, your damage will be minimal. ^^ Of course, starting an investment you need capital, in reality the bigger amount of capital you have the faster you reap the gain in term of %. ^^ Frankly, i cannot make you an instant millionaire but certainly i can make you to have a constant income stream with extra pocket money on a regular basis. ^^

7. Too bad my offer is over. I do not have the desire or impulse to teach you anymore. ^^ However, you can keep your response in, who knows, i might change my thought mid way and it might come with conditions by then. ^^

8. Lastly, may the Monkey year bring you good health and prosperity. ^^ May the best price be yours always. ^^
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