Saturday, March 24, 2007

KLCI - 23rd March 2007

KLCI inched higher to close at 1235.65. KLCI is definitely on the up trend and the momentum seem to have strengthen for the past week and the next level will be testing 1250 point and i believe that the KLCI is likely to break this level. Advise to hang on to your stocks for a little bit longer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BJTOTO (1562, RM4.72) Something Fishy ?

Interestingly & particularly, this counter has drawn my attention lately due to the active share buyback from the company. See below chart:-

With the active shares buyback the price has inched further and even breakout from the price that I set for at $4.74 today. Hence, the upside possibility is high if nothing suspicious arouse. The next level that the price may head to is $4.90. RSI +, MACD crossed over & price are heading north, thus, at this moment would recommend a trading buy on this counter.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

KLCI - 16th March 2007

KLCI closed 1182.2 point on 16/3/2007 and the volume continues to slide. In the near term KLCI need to breakout from the 1215 level to surge higher else it will be very much on a consolidation stage.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

KLCI - 9th March 2007

KLCI rebounded and is testing its psycological level at 1200 points, once it surpass this level the next level will be testing at 1217. Will this rebounce sustain ? Transaction volume is in a declining stage as shown in the above chart, does this means a sign of exiting by the investors ? Will history repeat itself of year 93-94 ? Looks very similar. Be careful folks, if possible try reducing your holdings. At this moment just wait and see whether the upside prevail and bringing back the confidence level to the market.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Portfolio 04-March-2007

Obviously, with the down fall, my portfolio shrunk as compare to previous month. However, i have added 1000 units of BJTOTO in my portfolio but i must reckon that i got it on the high side. Will accumulate further if price fall further, this will certainly apply to my other stocks as well. Being a long term player, one should not bother much on the correction as this create opportunity for us to grab more quality stocks in our portfolio. I foresee KLCI will drop further next week, am now standing by to grab more stocks in case it fall to my level of price. Once again may the best price be yours. Happy trading.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

KLCI - 3th March 2007

KLCI closed 1164.68 on Friday 2/3/2007. The down turn of KLCI started on Monday 26/2/2007 and have been consecutively down for the rest of the days.

26/2/2007 -- 1272.87 (-10.6)

27/2/2007 -- 1237.08 (-35.79)

28/2/2007 -- 1196.45 (-40.63)

1/3/2007 -- 1180.91 (-15.54)

2/3/2007 -- 1164.68 (-16.23)

Needless to say, no matter how good was your recommendations are. It all turn out to be otherwise, that's no doubt about it. The question is will the KLCI find it footing and recover next week?? I am negetive to it. However this create chance for us to grab some quality stocks which we may have missed out earlier. The market have been bullish since last July 2006, it is time for a dip though this may have been affected by the overall worldwide market down turn. In every situation there is an opportunity, so find it and seize it. May the best price be yours.

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