Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Scalping For Past 2 Days

1. Sentiment seem weak, not until the US debt ceiling is settled.

2. Staying sideline for now.

3. Consistently making money become easy when you have a proven method but will the proven method become flaw later on when market changed, condition changed and environment changed ?? I would say investment is something that we deal dynamically, we got to adapt the change and adjust the investment accordingly. There is no method that last forever, so to continue making profit we got to have more than one method, be it dividend play, scalping, longterm holding, CWs trade, FA or TA, we need to master at least 2 of them. So, by switching them when condition does not allow you to continue doing the same old thing anymore. Equiping yourself with multiple earning tool, then surviving in stock market just become an easy task right on your finger tips.

4. Calling for Hero on DRBHCOM-CE. here ..... ha ha.


hng said...

Selling some keladi now at 19.5sen :)

hng said...

Selling more keladi at 20sen now :)

hng said...

Sold also some CYL at 58-59sen

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