Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 5/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

Sold all MAYBANK-JA at 0.19c. :) Sold AMFIRST at RM1.20. :) Buy in QCAPITAL at RM1.05.

2. There are many buy call from me come next week and a week after next. All of then are CWs but i will not reveal them here anymore but however i will reveal them once i got in. This month and next month of August is very crucial, i will be concentrating on trading CWs alone as there are plenty of them for me to choose from. Some of them are quite solid one. Good luck.

3. Market seem stable as it is not being haunted by bersih anymore. Till then, may the best price be yours.

1 comment:

davors said...

call warrant really cannot reveal la if you wanna buy...
but glad u share after trading~

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