Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 14/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - bought RM1.18
PETDAG-CB - in 0.215, out 0.22
(note, take a look of this call warrant, premium is extremely low, any moving of mother share should take in this CW if possible but be cautious)

2. Thanks hng, i intend to go full time but i will test out this for probably a period of time see if this income stream is sustainable. Maybe just lucky as now is bull market, what happen when bear strike us, we may have a tough time to maintain the same income constantly. hng, your KSL has a right issue of 1 warrant for every 4 shares ex-date on 26/7, please take note. All the best. :)

3. As for the ROI, hng is right, it is above 60%. In fact it is 100% if i gain 100K by year end. So, you should know what is my initial capital now. smilie


vincent168 said...

Hi horse,hng

I think invest in stock market, you need to have capital, skills, trading psychology and gut feeling which other people cannot teach you. Congratulation to you horse & hng.

hng said...


There should have no problem for you to reap consistent income from stock market. From what i understand, you have at least 3 powerful strategy to materialize your desire investment income.

1. Available call warrant provide niche market that offer you excellent return with limited and calculated downside risk. You should explore, widen and fully capitalize your expertise in this field.

2. Your scalp trade on REITs and other penny stock have consistently record positive return, even with small profit margin, but over time, accumulating meaningful stream of income.

3. Consistent dividend income from your core stock portfolio provide earning cushion.

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