Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 13/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - Sold at RM1.19.
KELADI - Bought 0.185sen
RCECAP - Bought 0.525sen

2. Did not manage to buy the CWs that i want as there isn't any volume transacted. :( Will try again tomorrow.

3. Ivan is asking my view on Jerneh-wa but i am not into company warrant, so can't offer much help here. Maybe comrades can help enlighten Ivan here. Thanks in advance.

4. Ever since i engage in scalp trade in the beginning of this year, i never make a single loss. Lucky me but however presently i still get stuck on 2 counters, there are ARREIT at 0.925sen and RCECAP at 0.57sen. Though, each scalp trade only produce slim profit to me but the accumulation of slim profit each single day have make a huge sum to me. My target is to produce about 100K by this year end, meaning 100K/12 is about 8K income that i have to target each month. Achievable ?  still too early to tell. In fact my initial target was only about 24K per year on scalp trade alone, now i raise it to 100K due to the overwhelming income for the past 6 months. ha ha ha, a bit optimistic hah !! Nevertheless, still give it a try, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain.... right ?. Good luck pal and may the best price be yours.


hng said...

Well done! your 100k profit should be reachable. By then, you should be able to to think of to be full time trader/investor. Last time, I myself start full timer after my investment income surpass my monthly salary (RM6k)

vincent168 said...


You are real good, may I ask , what is your ROI in order to get 100K per year ?

hng said...


I think horse ROI is very high, probably above 60%

hng said...

Increase further stake of KSL, bought more at 1.95

hng said...

Bought even more KSL at 1.95

hng said...

Today bought ultramax KSL, all at 1.95.

Portfolio 1:
1. Keladi 93.4% (18sen)
2. KSL 78.8% (1.812)
3. CYL 58.2% (56.7sen)

Portfolio 2:
1. KSL 178.2% (1.951)
2. CYL 45.3% (56.2sen)

Portfolio 3:
1. KSL 161% (1.943)
2, Keladi 34% (18.5sen)
3. Malton 30% (51.5sen)

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