Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 1/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 1/7/2011 :-

I bought in a CW, because of "bersih 2.0" may affect the KLSE performance so i bought in very small amount, as David mentioned i do cautious on every incident that may affect the KLSE, hope i can run on Monday. Judging the closing of DJ, likely that Monday will continue to go up. So, disposing it on Monday is highly possible. :) will reveal this CW on Monday. Keeping my finger cross.

2. As promised, I suppose to make a buy call for a CW, in fact there are 2 CWs i would like to make buy call here. There are PBBANK-JA and MAYBANK-JA respectively. Can start buy in 0.21sen for PBBANK-JA and 0.185sen for MAYBANK-JA to be on the safer side. I think it is not easy to get such a price but we have nothing to lose if we don't get it but everything to gain if happen someone is selling to us. Just need to be patient, when people sell there is many reason to it, so we just park the price we wish to get, need not to buy it so hastily. "bersih 2.0" may cause some stir here, then buy in at such price may become possible. Enter a right sizing, folk.

3. Polite Market, thanks for the information, will consider that. :) Question, the earning in USD and credit into PayPal account ?

4. vincent, nothing is better then real experience when dealing with own money, theoretically attending investment classes only enhance your knowledge without real practical investment. The fundamental is you need to go through theory before being practical, this is the basic of learning process, so practical experience is always better then theory, because going through emotional experience with trading or investment is real feeling and no laughing matter. Winning and losing create up and down of a person, winning of course create paradise feeling but can you take the pressure of losing ?? I come from a long way, sometime emotion still succumb me and not easy to prevail within me when my investment go against me, espeacially when i am in in big way. No harm going for more thoery classes but ultimately practical still the real test of you. Pay classes is not advisable, there are plenty of free investment forum out there. Make sure you ask the right question and learn the right method. No one can really help you to make money when dealing with invesment, you got to acquire the knowledge yourself. Good luck. :)


vincent168 said...

Thank you for your sharing.

bzz said...

Hi there,

I use Chartnexus to read the charts etc (the free one).

I've one question for you. How do you scouts all target? Bcoz, i do check on my chart n compare to chartnexus. Sometimes, what u did beyond what i can predict in my charts. Even, i a few counters that i never heard before! Which i will not put my money on it.

Thanks for your knowledge sharing. Like your blog.

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