Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 15/7/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 15/7/2011 :-

Traded a lot yesterday on PCHEM-CC, in out AMFIRST and sold KELADI. :)

2. PCHEM-CC is expiring on 25/7/2011, trading at 0.23sen with negative premium of -0.14%. I would say buying at 0.225sen and below is quite safe. Judging the 19sen dividend to be paid soon, i think PCHEM price would be stable around RM7 - RM7.10, so the downside risk is mitigated with soon to be paid dividend. For those who interested can consider buying this but only at 0.225sen and below on Monday, get ready to send for exercise for bigger profit margin. Good luck.

3. Some investment approach and strategy from hng which i think is worth sharing it out to all cyber friends.

i. Available call warrant provide niche market that offer you excellent return with limited and calculated downside risk. You should explore, widen and fully capitalize your expertise in this field.
ii. Your scalp trade on REITs and other penny stock have consistently record positive return, even with small profit margin, but over time, accumulating meaningful stream of income.
iii. Consistent dividend income from your core stock portfolio provide earning cushion.


Kris said...

You forget to add in that you need a huge capital to scalp and preferential brokerage rates to do so :P

I remember last time you mentioned you need around RM200K as working capital?!!

horse said...

It is inevitable to have fund when come to investment, but my capital only stand at 100K mainly for scalping.
Even sometime i find it 100K is too much as majority of my tradings mostly end up with contra gain and lasted 3 days the most except for those CWs that send for cash settlement exercise. Hardly utilise all of 100K.
Preferential rate is not a privilege anymore nowaday, just make a request through your broker, everyone can get that i believe. If you don't request is your loss, which mean is the broker that make most of your money. Pity the traders. Try ECM and Jupiter and see, think they offer the cheapest rate in town almost unbeatable, but not sure about now. Good Luck !!

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