Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 30/6/2011

1. No trading today. Parked ARREIT at 0.91sen but not done.

2. vincent, make sure you know what you are doing, then trading become part and parcel of your live. I most important thing that you must learn is cash management and do your home work well, then trading just make easy for you. Good luck pal.

3. I noticed people tend to ask why when price of a share being sell down forcefully. It is good that people react sensitively toward such situation but many failed to capitalise the opportunity. When a share price went down due to bad news, then the right choice for us to do is to sell if you are holding the share but when there isn't any news toward the selling then rightfully, we should act in reverse, that is to buy. If you are determine, then buy or sell decision become handy. Good luck all. :)


vincent168 said...

Still a lot to learn from you, hng and cyber friends.

Polite Market said...

That day you were asking something about Inity.

I think you may consider sign up YM.

i just signed-up YM, and my online income for my small blog is already US$11.20 for the first day.

You can go to my block, click on the light blue YM adversement to sign up.

vincent168 said...


Did you attend any trading class before ?

David said...

Aren't you all afraid of the July 9's rally and its effect on the kLSE?

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