Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 28/6/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. Sold my KELADI and make half a sen. :)

3. vincent, hng is a trader, typically trader is different from investor. As for me, i will cut loss on my trading portfolio but will not cut loss on my investment portfolio. Most of my investment portfolio are mostly on high dividend yielding, so the up and down don't disturb my decision. When you glance through my blog, did you notice some of the stocks i have been keeping for 8 years...?

4. You are right, buy through local broker for oversea stock like Genting SP is heavy on brokerage but to ease all hassle, it is the easiest and faster approach for many. You intend to buy Singapore stocks ?

5. hng, Citigroup seems to gain momentum to surpass USD40 and above, did you pick any at USD38 level ? When will be Keladi dividend announcement ?


vincent168 said...

I discovered that you like Carlsberg Malaysia , GAB, PBBank due to high dividend.
I did open a/c at DBS Securities, so far no transaction.

hng said...


I think keladi is due to declare dividend by end of this week. I myself still keep accumulating this stock, bought more keladi at 18.5sen today

hng said...


Horse hold these dividend stocks as his core investment to derive consistent stream of passive dividend income - investor.

In addition, horse also is active trader, scalp trade to earn additional 6-8k profit from REITs (low brokerage rate of <0.1% make trading of REIT possible) and make wonder by searching opportunity windfall from call-warrant. With its 6-8k profit, his ROE is about 4-5% pmth.

Titus said...

Hi hng, where can i find the info keladi is paying 15% div? I look into bursa announcement and it is not there. Thanks for sharing

hng said...


You can find it in Q4 financial result in Feb, in which keladi have proposed 15% or 1.5sen first and final dividend for 2010.

hng said...

Keladi just declare dividend of 15% or 1.5sen; ex-date at 9 Aug

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