Monday, June 27, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 27/6/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. As told in my previous post that i will be buying Keladi. Today bought in KELADI at 0.18sen. :) So, good luck friend. :) hng, when will be the dividend announcement for Keladi ? this week end ?

3. Thanks for all the input my cyber friends. Hope we can all share and make money together. :) There is another CW which i will be intending to buy next week. :) Will reveal that on this coming Friday or weekend. Stay tune. Good luck. May the best price be yours. :)


vincent168 said...

Hi hng,

1) I read one of your comments on
December 17, 2009 10:51:00 AM
"If possible, please don't highlight me again in your frontpage, as this is against my investment style to concentrate on wealth accumulation."

So what is your trading philosophy if not for wealth accumulation ?

2) In February 10, 2010 11:25:00 AM GMT+08:00, you were saying
"With today sold off all Genting at average 6.71 and IOIcorp at 5.13, portfolio have realize biggest ever loss of -45k, write off portfolio of nearly 60% profit off so far for this year :("

In what situation that you made this type of decision ? What is your cut loss level for Day Trader like you ?

3)Horse, hng For Genting SG, you bought thru Local broker or S'pore Brokers ? The local broker service charge + exchange rate is pretty high to trade S'pore Stock.

Horse, hng Thanks again for your sharing. I have to spend few weeks to read thru all your articles & comments that since 2006. Well Done.

hng said...

Vincent 168

I remember at that time, horse highlight my trading together with Bruce Lee, implying sifu status which i disagree as i still in the midst of learning investment skill and sharpen stock picking tactic.

of course, every one want to be success through investment, and by consistent wealth accumulation, achieve financial independent and ultimately financial freedom

I will sold off even at loss if stock perform in opposite direction and have no confident to reverse it. Cut off loss is really depending on market condition and opportunity cost such as availability of alternate stock to reverse, but it range from 3-10%.

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