Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 7/6/2011

1. No trading today. :(

2. Already said in my previous posting is hard to make money through trading nowadays, either the people are smarter now or the market sentiment is weak. ?? What to do... try harder lo...still staying at course with my target of 5 figures income this month. :) so far only managed to achieve 30%.

3. Have today transferred some of my fund to MBB, it is used to apply the MSM IPO. :) Try all possible way to earn extra income beside trading and investment in shares other than my normal job.


Freak said...


Do you mind to share the software for profit/loss calculator?

Anonymous said...

I'm still in the midst of accumulating 2 potential stocks, will reveal it later once reach substantial stake in portfolio :)

Anonymous said...

UOA dev listed today, but open flat at 2.60!?, few second later in negative territory !? whose is selling in IPO!?

Just try my luck, bought UOA dev at 2.57

Anonymous said...

Sold off UOA dev at 2.60-2.61, selling pressure is still strong, better take quick profit :)

Anonymous said...

Wa lau, UOA dev continue record new low... at 2.53 now!? again whose is selling at below IPO price?

The possible explanation could be due to just release financial result show UPA dev valuation was too high, trading at PE>20x, in par with more establish and bigger property player like SP setia, UEM land, IJM land, suncity etc. UOA dev could consider just medium player, with no large landbank and have niche market similar to previous sunrise. Its valuation should adjust much lower as its property development are too concentrate on certain area and should trade at 12-15x

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