Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 15/6/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

AMFIRST - bought 1.17
SUNREIT - in 1.08, out 1.09

2. MSM balloting result is out today. Looking at the oversubscribed rate, i can sense that my chances is extremely slim. :( Good luck to all.

3. vincent was asking "how to be a good scalper ?". Nothing special on scalping though, as it name scalp says for itself, just buy and sell with slim profit. That is scalping, need not to wait till cow come home for a "huge profit". Just scalp with thin profit and keep repeating it every single day, you will at least find some clue how to scalp. The main focus would be slim profit each day that make up to huge profit in a month. Scalping target should focus on high dividend yielding, REIT and CWs.

4. Dav C, sorry i don't follow GenHK development but basically this kind of stock should be good for long term.

5. With today's profit, i just managed to squeeze through 4K mark but achieving 10K this month is still a far gap in between. Will try my best. :)


Dav C said...

Thanks horse....With your recognition, i will accumulate this stock...

Dav C

Alicia Leong said...

E.g. SUNREIT - in 1.08, out 1.09

May I know how much quantity you bought??

davors said...

i m guessing a 250-500lots...

happy scalping~

hng said...

Sold off all malton at 54.5sen, realize handsome contra profit first :D)

Market sentiment affected by slump in overnight US market.

hng said...

Ha! bought back all Malton at 52.5sen, realize intraday profit instead of contra profit :)

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