Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 21/6/2011

1. No trading today. :( As mentioned yesterday that i am eyeing a CW, suppose to reveal today but i myself did not get it today, however, it is a buy call from me for this CW now. This CW is Maybank-CP but only buy in at 0.045sen anything more than that is not worth anymore. Remember that. Good luck.

2. vincent, don't care much about what it says in the day trading. Everything has it pro and con, there always two side of a coin, so why bother much on a "standard message" here ?. I guess you must be newbie in trading. Just one simple message from me, "once you have master it (day trading), what is the reason for you to scare?". A professional always trade better than an amateur, this is fact. When you are an expert in this field, naturally, you have gone through the toughest, so, experience really count and make you have an advantage toward others. You still have a lot more to learn my friend but keep up the learning till you are ready. Good luck.


vincent168 said...

Hi Horse
Thanks for the comments.
Happy Trading

hng said...

Bought Time at 46sen, to entitle for right to subscribe Timecome at ratio 8:10 at 53sen

hng said...

Updating my current portfolio

Portfolio 1:
1. Keladi 93.4% (18sen)
2. KSL 78.8% (1.812)
3. CYL 71.6% (56.7sen)

Portfolio 2:
1. CYL 62.5% (56.2sen)
2. Keladi 55.4% (18sen)
3. KSL 36.5% (1.795)
4. Time 30% (46sen)

hng said...

The main reasons to accumulate keladi, CYL and KSL over the last 3 weeks are because of some catalyst which i think could support share price performance:

Keladi (18sen)
1. Proposed 15% or 1.5sen dividend
2. Net cash with 7.8sen/share

CYL (57.5sen)
1. Proposed 4sen TE dividend
2. No borrowing in balance sheet

KSL (RM 1.82) (proxy of IGB)
1. Declared 5sen dividend
2. Warrant at 20sen at ratio 1: 4
3. Investment properties consisting of KSL mall cum Tesco + two Giant = Recurring earning of 50m pa
4. Upcoming KSL resort (1000 rooms)in KSL city completed by year end should contribute additional 50m pa

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