Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 24/6/2011

1. Scalp traded the following on 24/6/2011 :-

ARREIT - bought 0.93sen

2. I am not sure is there still people making losses with this kind of market ?? Maybe is good to make a survey. I scalp traded just the beginning of this year and find it quite easy money till now with the current sentiment but is this kind of method going to last me forever making profit without having loss ?? I seriously don't know ?? but i wish i can have a condition to test out, what if the market is in bear mode and continue to slide back just like what happened in year 1993, 1998 & 2000 ? will i be continuing making profit just by doing what i am doing now ---- scalping ? If the method that i use here is full prove with bull and bear mode, then this will be a consistently winning approach that i will adopt for live. May considering quitting my daily job early and do as what hng is doing, turning myself to be a full time trader. :) The question here is, i still do not have the bear condition to test out my method here. I might be winning now but losing when the bear is approaching us. In this instant i will be back to square one. Just check for yourself, most of the counters has been doubled and some even tripled since year 2008 till now. Without our knowledge, bear might just strike and caught us off guard. Since the condition is not here as yet, what the hack, just keep on scalping till it proven fail in bear mode. For now i just need to keep "Laughing All The Way to The Bank". :)

3. Dear cyber friends, are you still making ? hng, elmo, ccdev,kluang boy,goreng addict, newbie, kc, davors, toto, charlie, mike, steve, lofan, Davc, ck5354, ivan, denver, vincent & others, were you share your view here ?


vincent168 said...

As long as buying good dividend shares there should be no reason why can't make $$$ at this moment. Like you say nobody knows how's the future look like, as at now do whatever you can and make more $$$.

ccdev said...

good that you are making with trades, horse. 60k-100k on scalp trading alone is pretty damn good. i myself have had very little time to trade. i am slight positive this year BUT only with minimum buy n hold investment in digistar and gsb (am still holding bstead and jerneh from last year). My trading sucks so unless i can get 0.1% in brokerage i cannot consider. Please continue , you and hng to inform us of your trading/investment philosophy.

Goreng Addict said...

hi horse,

Due to many past experiences, I managed to sell off most of my trading counters by end-Feb with good profits. Hve not bot much since. SOld BKoon today -:) Left with KSSC and Tcubes.

REITs are more resilient than other stocks so they will take longer to fall. But don't be misled. If the overall mkt drops a lot, these stocks will drop as well. Monitor this.

Goreng Addict said...

Hi Hng,

How are u? U still keeping KSSC? I got my 3 cents dividend last week -:)

hng said...

Goreng addict

Oh Ya! i also got small volume of KSSC entitle to 3sen TE dividend, which have sold off at 52.5sen the day after ex-dividend. I manage to trade several time before the ex-date between 53-54sen, sold at 55-55.5sen. But, the volume was too small, overall profit just less than 2k. Thanks for your highlight.

hng said...


About the ytd performance and overall market prospect, I still quite confident to achieve my target return of at least 25% increment in total capital.

Although so far, portfolio still making some loss due to earlier Maemode and recent ivory, which have dragged down portfolio performance significantly, and only manage to partially mitigated by other stock gain in portfolio.

I hope my current main holding: keladi; CYL and KSL will perform in order to reverse portfolio performance from loss to gain.

Goreng Addict said...

hi hng,

glad u make some money in kssc -:) bot higher @56 cents so cldnt sell yet. Now with 3 cents dividend, my cost is 53 cents. i manage to clear most counters by end-Feb my instinct told me the mkt is dangerous. I believe i am still up around 15% todate -:) But looking at the mkt i really dont hv high hope of getting more.

hng said...

Goreng addict

Have you plan to average down cost of your Tcubes? This one also i manage to profiting several time through scalp trade earlier at between 18-20 and sold at 21-22sen.

Goreng Addict said...

hi hng,

tcubes project is suppose to roll out in july. i hv seen the 1msia email link/site in may. let see what happens. there is a ETP update on july 19-20 thereon. No, i wait bf i do something on tcubes -:)

Alicia Leong said...


What happen to ARREIT, is going downward? Today (29/6) is 0.915.


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