Monday, August 1, 2011

See How DRBHCOM and PCHEM Rebounded !!

1. This is truely obvious indeed. So, avoid OSK's CWs if possible. They will do it again somehow or rather.

2. Congat hng. !! Now is your turn to flex your muscle. :)

3. I have to be very alert and cautious on CWs now. Will trade less from now onward. Back to basic for time being. Good luck all.


hng said...

Sold more CYL at 59sen today. Still in the midst to sell some keladi at 20sen

hng said...

Sold keladi at 19.5sen

hng said...

Market slump more than 15pts, take this opportunity to buy Malton and RCE capital; bought Malton at 50sen, RCE capital at 50-50.5sen

horse said...

hng always has good timing.
Well done.

hng said...

Sold off all RCE capital and Malton at 51.5sen and 50.5sen, respectively, realize quick intraday gain. Market still in bearish mode, better, realize profit fast.

Portfolio also continue to sell keladi and CYL today, at 19.5sen and 58sen, realize handsome paper profit. Both keladi and CYL stake already cut to less than 11% and 4% respectively.

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