Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 26/8/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

Still keep laughing even in a down market. Making money just make simple as ABC. :)

2. hng, i follow your call bought into Malton today and scalp traded with it and make some quick profit. Thanks for the sharing and i benefited from it. :)

3. I just merely copy and paste hng's comment and some of the stock pick by him below. Admire his superb pick. Guy, this is all FOC from an unselfish sharing fulltime trader cum investor who make money consistently from share market, where to find such a good call else where ? Of course, only from "I DID IT MY WAY" and from a long comrade through years with us with good track record as shown in many posting previously.

Update portfolio stock result
Q2 EPS = 7.52sen
warrant oversubscribe at 20sen, success rate: about 65%
2. Malton
Q4 EPS = 7.7sen
3. Dominant
Q1 EPS = 3.6sen
first interim (1sen) + final (1sen) = stock trading cum 2sen TE
4. Aji
Q1 EPS= 12.48sen
F & F dividend= 20sen

Q1 EPS = 20.2sen
F&F dividend: 20sen

1 comment:

hng said...

Portfolio today sold off all Aji and MNRB, at 4.06 and 3.08-3.09, respectively, realize handsome paper profit and free up more margin line.

Portfolio also make intraday gain on Malton, sold at 48.5-49sen, and bought back all at 47-47.5sen

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