Monday, August 15, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 15/8/2011

1. Scalp traded below today :-

SUNREIT - sold RM1.09

2. Congrat hng. Non-stop making money huh !! :)

3. I adopt a different approach on CWs now. Hope it work ;p Dow Jones is green tonight, tomorrow should be another good day for KLSE. :) Good Luck guy. !!

4. GENSP result not impressive at all. :( Expect more selldown, hope can pick up more if it fall below 1.50. :)


hng said...

Bought Hapseng new warrant, at 35-36sen

hng said...

Just sold off all Hapseng-WA at 39.5-40sen, realize very quick handsome contra gain :D)

hng said...

Yeah! Huayang share continue uptrend, at 1.60 now, reserving share to wait for more catalysts: dividend and bonus share

hng said...

Yes! second scalp trade for hapseng-Wa, bought at 3.85, sold off at 43-44sen :D)

hng said...

Can't resist to lock in profit on Huayang, selling some Huayang at 1.57-1.58

hng said...

Market loss momentum, i'm selling more Huayang and KSL and swap margin to buy Malton; bought Malton at 48-48.5sen

hng said...

Today, portfolio have sold more KSL at 1.66-1.70, Huayang at 1.52-1.58. Bought Malton at 47-48.5sen.

hng said...

Continue scalp trade on Hapseng-Wa today, but manage to make only round, bought at 45-46sen, sold off at 49-49.5sen.

Ha! scalp trade on Hapseng-Wa alone already recover all my loss suffer from these correction.

hng said...

Bought MNRB at RM 3.00, waiting for its dividend of 20sen to be declare soon. MNRB is one of the lowest PE in the financial sector, with MNRB resume dividend payout, its has become even more attractive stocks.

hng said...

Portfolio have today sold off all stake in Huayang and those KSL-ex-warrant, to realize all paper gain. At the same time, portfolio have bought MNRB as a defensive stock to save guard portfolio. Now the portfolio degear to much more comfort level.

Portfolio 1:

1. KSL 78.8% (RM 1.81 + warrant)
2. KSL-WR 18.9% (34.5sen)
3. MNRB 30% (RM 3.00)
4. Malton 20% (48.2sen)

Portfolio 2:
1. KSL 178.2% (RM 1.87+ warrant)

Portfolio 3:
1. KSL 161% (1.943 + warrant)

horse said...


Good job.!!
I am staying out and very busy lately, no time to blog.
Will try update during this weekend.
Good luck.!!

hng said...

Bought Malton at 47sen

hng said...

bought more Malton at 46.5sen

hng said...

Portfolio have today also adds 2 dividend stocks: Aji (RM 3.95-3.98)and Dominant (48.5sen).

These stocks are currently trade cum-dividend, with Aji cum 20sen and Dominant cum 1sen TE. Dominant is expect to declare another quarterly dividend by end of Aug (cumulative dividend 4sen, 1 sen/quarter).

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