Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 11/8/2011

1. Scalp traded below today :-

AMFIRST - in 1.13, out 1.15
AMFIRST - in again 1.13
SUNREIT - in 1.08 :( stuck. !!

2. I am back to same old days, concentrade on REITs now. It is safer at this moment of time. CWs is consider high risk at this juncture. Better stay out for now. Hard to make money now.

3. Tonight Dow Jones in green, hopefully tomorrow bursa can follow green as well. :) Good Luck all.


Anonymous said...

So far already sold off all hapseng at 1.34 and Kfima at 1.60-1.62, still in midst of selling KSL and Huayang.

Anonymous said...

In total, portfolio have sold off all hapseng at 1.34 in portfolio 3; sold off all kfima in portfolio 2 at 1.60-1.62, sold some KSL at 1.66-1.69 at portfolio 1 and partial huayang at 1.44-1.46, realize handsome contra profit

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