Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bought CARLSBG ^^

1. CARLSBG - Bought in Carlsbg in 2 batches but it closed much lower than my entry price. :p Carlsbg will be dued for final dividend declaration sometime end next month. ^^ Hope it continue to provide good dividend. ^^
2. IGBREIT - Just declared DPU of 1.83sen, is IGBREIT giving DPU every quarterly ? If it is a half yearly DPU, then i would expect the next 6 months IGBREIT would be able to declare higher DPU of near 3.6sen hopefully.^^
4. Good Luck All. ^^


hoseadavids said...

Carlsberg Net profit:
q1: 17.13 cents
q2: 12.34 cents
q3: 19.97 cents

if q4=q3,

then whole year eps=69.35 cents

Carlsberg usually distribute all income as dividend.

dividend yield = 69.35/11.60= 6%.

Good call Horse :)

Teng said...


IGBreit dividend-I also like to know if this is quarterly or half yearly. If quarterly,mean total dividens around 7.2 cent

horse said...


You bought Carlsbg ? ^^

As far as i know IGBREIT's DPU is half yearly. This one 1.83 could be quarterly. You are right, if quarterly mean around 7.32 yearly, then it is around 5.4% only. I think a bit on the low side. :(

hoseadavids said...

Hi Horse,

Yes I did but I bought at RM11.86.

I reckon this is a good long term investment.

If you are free, do a comparison with GAB.

You will be overjoyed. ;)

caryn said...

c they r grabbing SKPRES-WA by 5,000lots @0.09 in each scoop. this round how much would they push it up to? to 0.115 or 0.120?

hng said...

Apparently, recent share weakness in TMS was due to selloff by one of the shareholder from Viewnet

TMS acquire viewnet for RM 12.5m, to satisfy by issuance of 125m new TMS share to viewnet original shareholder, namely Aura Active 50m share; KM Pang 50m share and Ng Pak Yeong 25m share.

Aura active shareholder are Chang Quek Hin and Lee Yoke Pei, already opt to disposed off half of their stake in their newly received TMS, 25m to open market. However, another half of the stake 25m is to pledge for profit guarantee, cannot sell until 2014. These half of Aura active TMS stake (25m) is held under viewnet stakeholder until satisfaction of the Viewnet profit guarantee for financial year 21012, 2103 and 2014.

In the event any shortfall for any of the viewnet guaranteed financial year, the viewnet stakeholder is authorized to transfer the their 25m share in TMS back to TMS. In other word, Aura active another 50% stake is pledge into stakeholder account until Viewnet meet all its profit guarantee to TMS until 2014.

TMS acquire Viewnet (100% stake) and open Adventure (66% stake) are come with attractive profit guarantee of 2.5m and 0.6m respectively. Based on acquisition cost of RM12.5m (issue new share 125m) and RM1.98m (issue new share 19.8m), it implied PE of just 5x, with guarantee these minimum profit until 2014.

Management are confident,that with these two acquisition, TMS will derive stable and probably turnaround from current small loss to at least breakeven or even record small profit.

TMS is also currently pending award of contract from Ministry of Education to boosts its earning capability. Already TMS through series of fund raising such as on 19 Jan 2012, 2 right for 1 and 3 warrant for every 4 right (right share issue at 10sen), straightening TMS balance sheet, with RM27m cash now

In addition, TMS also have adopt 30% ESOS (issue at 10sen), with first tranche already exercise by CEO, Christopher (33m) and Lee Li Chain (33m).

All in all, TMS either fund raising through right share; ESOS or acquisition through issue new share all value TMS at 10sen; 25% higher than current market price of 8sen

cheeheng said...


since YTLP WB is your major holding, u don't want to average dwn your holding cost?

hng said...


I already hold a lot, will just wait patiently for news to materialize

hng said...

Currently, portfolio only hold two core stocks: YTLP-WB and TMS

ptcbuxhosts said...

Will market push up today at matching time to end up Jan with beautiful KLCI? Let's see.

hng said...

So far, both TMS director already exercise 66m share or about 1/3 of total 30% ESOS at 10sen cash, raising further TMS cash hoard from 27m to as much as 33.6m, or net cash about 5sen/share

hng said...

I think without share buyback support, YTL may gradually trade lower to match YTLP, and reach eventually reach equilibrium to convince shareholder for share swap.

Teng said...


If 1:1 share swap,what will be value for YTLP-WB?

If both YTL and YTLP trade at eg,1.55,will WB valued at 33 cents( 1.55-1.21=33 cents)

hng said...


I hope the eventual equilibrium price will be around 1.60. If privatization take place, YTL will extent offer either through new YTL-WA or in proportion exchange to YTL corp like 4 YTLP-WB exchange to 1 YTL share.

YTL if indeed successful privatize YTLP, the enlarge YTL will subject to re-rating as it no longer have valuation discount as holding company and YTL will resume aggressively share buyback to boots share price

caryn said...

FLONICS & FLONICS-WA difference is only 2cents and to convert to mother's share u need 10cents. Ridiculous or manipulated?

I-®on said...

What happenned to HDBS? Shoot up 50c..

Teng said...


If YTLCorp is around 1.65,WB is only 41 cents,which is not attractive to current WB holders

hng said...


YTLP-WB exercise price is 1.21, expire in 2018, so if YTLP value at 1.65, WB worth 44sen excluding 6year time value.

However, need to look beyond GE and post privatization, YTL share will re-rate to higher valuation and this will further exaggerate with expected aggressive share buyback later.

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