Tuesday, January 22, 2013


1. MBFHLDG - Sold all at RM1.21. ^^

2. Should adopt cautious trading from now on. Market look jittery but this provide trading opportunity at the same time.  Hope all make bundle before Chinese New Year approach. ^^
4. Good Luck and enjoy above from Jacky. ^^


horse said...

Watch CMMT, ATRIUM & GTRONIC as well.
All just declared dividend. ^^

Anonymous said...


I also sold off all MBF today, capitalize on unusual strength in share price.

With divestment in MBF holding, portfolio now back to comfort level. Portfolio now consist of 4 major stocks with CYPark emerge as top holding now.

1. CYPark
3. MKland
4. CCM

Anonymous said...

 新國又一黃金投資公司 老板疑捲逃千萬



 位于駁船碼頭的“金保證公司”(The Gold Guarantee,簡稱TGG)疑出狀況,34歲老闆李松德(譯音)昨天原本應該會見投資者,卻突然無法聯絡上。
















caryn said...

invest in BURSA also fooled by the syndicates' plays, whatelse these dubious gold investment companies.

ck5354 said...

mbf 1 night show nia

Teng said...

One night stand benefit people like Hng and Horse.They are good in 1 night thing

Gark said...

Cypark is awaiting concession announcement for the 3mw pajam biogas plant. After this announcement hopefully before GE will sell off cypark.

This is due to higher election risk as cypark owners are umno related.

Anonymous said...


Actually, CYpark is awaiting 20MW Biomass in its landfill at ladang Tanah Merah to be official sign under BOT for 25year concession.

CYpark currently already operate in Tanah Merah landfill site to treat and dispose municipal solid waste. As the landfill is capable to generate biomass up to 20MW, CYPark is secure concession and sign feed in traffic concession with TNB, it will enable CYpark not only derive eanring from tipping charge on solid waste but also earning from generating power from biomass.

Currently, CYpark already derive Renewal energy from its 8MW solar and 2MW biogas in Pajang (NS) integrated renewal energy park. So far, it have newly install another 5MW solar, making total RE 15MW (8+5 MW solar+ 2 MW biogass)

CYpark also replicate these integrate renewal energy park in other 3 other landfill, namely Bukit Palang (NS), Rimba Terjun (Johor), Kuala Perlis (Perlis), totaling another 20MW solar + 5 MW biogas.

All in all, CYPark RE division will increse multifold these year onward from 8MW solar to total 33MW solar and 7MW biogas. If CYpark can secure tanah Merah Biomass RE, it will add another 20MW biomass in its RE portfolio

I-®on said...

MBFHLDG on the move

caryn said...

MBFH-WA moving fast, soon to be followed by the mother. grab some before it shoots up like the son

Gark said...

Currently cypark only have 8mw RE running. Adding 5 mw solar and 2 mw biogas is expected in 1Q 2013.

For the other areas i think have not started work yet right?

Anyway expected revenue to be 0.875 mil per mw, and net earning maybe ~0.5 mil per mw/year. This means for every mw installed cypark can earn 0.1 sen of net profit.

ck5354 said...

gark u still have wct-wb???

Gark said...

Ck, yeah still keeping some.

Disposed ~ 60% at average price of 0.41 over last week. Lucky.

Gark said...

Sorry disposed at average of 0.422 not 0.41...

Gark said...

Will dispose the rest of WCT-WB > 40 cents

David said...

MBF's dividend is coming soon by looking at the surge in volume today.

ck5354 said...

mbf betul kah???

Teng said...

Sold all MBFH at 1.21-1.22 today. Small profit as my cost is 1.20.

David said...

Not waiting for the official dividend announcement?

ck5354 said...

siapa still ada mbf???

me average price 1.21

Teng said...

CK,you and david probably guys still keep MBF

David said...

Ya. I still have MBF. 1.2 cost. Coming back down again. :(

cheeheng said...

me also still holding mbf

Anonymous said...

I've sold partial CCM at 89.5-90sen today, realize contra gain, reduce some realize paper loss.

Anonymous said...

Bursa system problem again !??

Teng said...


Why say so?

caryn said...

MBFH-wa no adjustment in the exercise price after the special dividend, then why they r chasing up the son instead of the mother shares?

ck5354 said...

only tan sri will know,

maybe he want to push up the price for him to sell.

Teng said...


not everyone know. If Hng did not post it on this blog,I wouldn't know as well

Same for Kulim WC,I thought adjusted exercise price is just minus 90cents from original exercise price

Anonymous said...


Bursa just now have problem, only until 2.45, system back to normal

Teng said...


Maybe I don't trade much,don;t really see problem. Sometimes I thought it is Maybank problem. Yesterday,or monday,I was asked to contact Maybank help desk to confirm my purchase/sell

caryn said...

heard a lot of complaints regarding MBB, is it v cheap over there? Kenanga (formely ECM) charges 0.2% or RM12. since day one never encounter any problem.

Anonymous said...

Sold contra stock realize all contra profit: CCM at 89-90sen; YTLP-WB at 40.5sen and MKland at 32.5sen. These contra profit just manage to reduce small portion of loss in portfolio as portfolio also at the same time sell more stock in portfolio and realize big paper loss in order to cut down further stock holding and free up most margin line.

lg said...

I must say thanks to you for sharing your trades and strategy. It is most encouraging for me and at the same time help us all to learn and trade better.
I still need to learn how to cut loss.. must learn to be decisive and do it before it's too late..!

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