Saturday, October 1, 2016

My 3rd Q Profits From KLSE !!!

1. Time for me to update my 3rd Q profits. ^^

2. From previous post my 2nd Q was recorded a profit of 23% overall. ^^

3. Now 3rd Q. My profit stood at 34.46% !!! (accumulated figure) so far. ^^

4. From 2Q to 3Q, an increase of 11.46% !!! ^^

5. Wow !!! Have surpassing my previous year (2015) total income profit of 31.45%. ^^

6. I hope to go pass my record high of 42.71% (2013). ^^ As we have one more Q to go. ^^

7. High chance of breaking my 2013 record. ^^ Stay tune for next update in end Dec 2016. ^^

8. On the other hand, my another managed fund (from other investors) also growth to about 23.58%. ^^ This is in the span of 9 months since inception in Jan 2016. ^^ Not bad huh....^^

9. There is final Q of 2016 before we cross year 2017. Will continue to growth both of my funds (own & other investors) to the fullest possible. ^^

10. Yesterday, KLCI was being bashed down by 17.09 points due to bomb threat at Bursa. ^^ However, no bomb was found.^^ Hah..... i have loaded quite a fair bit of counters yesterday.^^ A rebound of KLCI is almost a sure thing come next week. ^^ Those who fished yesterday would surely benefited. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

11. May the price price be yours always.^^ Bye. ^^


Teng said...



You still do scalp trade on REITS?



horse said...

Hi Teng,

Yes, most of the time indeed.^^
mqreit - my cost 1.07 (gotten the dpu 4.23sen as well). still keeping tight on this. ^^
sunreit - scalping on this is easy. ^^
pavreit - recent big gain on this. ^^ went in big time @ 1.76, sold most of it @ 1.84 - 1.85. ^^. still in scalping mode on this. please keep an eye on this. ^^

Teng said...


My biggest Reits counters are YTLReit and MQ.

Will try to trade Pav. Thanks



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