Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 31/5/2014

1. Traded above last week.

2. YTL & YTLP - WOW !!! Traded in huge volume yesterday. Due to exclusion of shariah compliance. I would assume that the impact should not be as great as what we thought but the reaction to this yesterday on YTL was seen otherwise. I guess many would have taken this opportunity to load some in in low high. That including me entering YTLP at 1.50. ^^ Hope to reap profit in near future. ^^
3. GLOMAC - Sold all at 1.09, bought them back at 1.08 to make contra. ^^
4. Good Luck. ^^


hng said...

Investing stock nowadays become very difficult. Many uncertainty ahead such as rising interest rate, property bubble threat especially iskandar zone (oversupply and poor take up rate), GST, inflation pressure, slumping in CPO, increase petrol and household essential items, political turmoil, regional dispute like south china sea, conflict could trigger next crisis.

I have think thoroughly as to which stock or sector is still deserve investing, least affected if crisis do happen..... The probable answer to it could be water supply......the most essential life item....water supply company...yes, the only left two company listed in bursa derive nearly all profit from water, Yes it

KPS and Puncak

hng said...

Last week, i personally make survey in Iskandar zone A property project, namely Danga Bay, Terbau water front and JB city centre (Tanjung Puteri) as well as other peripheral project surrounding like IOI marina cove, green heaven etc.

All of them project huge property development with huge condominium, service apartment, shopping mall, corporate tower, office block, around 30,000 unit is under offer.......all give attractive rebate from 7-15%, partial furnishing, SPA, MOT free with some even offer interest free loan offer by developer to top up shortfall from bank loan to facilitate and seduce buyer etc.....

And yet their take up rate is so poor, with keep take up unit withdraw due to non approval from bank. The root problem is too many unit is offer in the market and most of them is either condo or service apartment, high rise property, at least RM 500 psft....JB have huge lanbank and yet developer keen to offer just high rise

hng said...

發展商以價換量 盛傳溫州豪宅大降價







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