Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sold All My UOADEV :)

1. Sold all my UOADEV at RM 1.61 and RM1.66 respectively. Nothing left for this. :) Wow !! a total of more than 5 figure profit. :) Not bad not bad. :) Just like hng use to say "handsome profit". :)

2. Bought in WTK at RM1.26, try to go for quick profit on this. :)

3. I can't get into the system to capture the print screen for my trades today. I am going to lose my prove for this as the system will reset when the next trading start. :( Why are they keep having system maintenance during the weekend ?? Hopefully, the system is make available for Sunday then i will be able to capture them and post it here.

4. DJ is not in good shape. :(

5. I am gonna missed my MPHB ? Look like it has started to move up slowly. :(

6. Congratz to those who make money. :)

7. Good Luck and Laughing All The Way to The bank. !!


alwayswin111 said...

Horse, Hng
Both of you are really champions in trading UOADEV . Congrats
The essence of this blog is... everyone rejoices in each others winnings , be it big or small.
And the sharing of information from Hng and Horse... Commendable. Teng you are good too.
As for me , I trade on technicals with an eye on news. I stay away if the company has big losses.
Sorry for not being able to contribute .
And thanks again to all of you. Let's all continue to trade and Win .
Thanks for your info on Jtiasa when I didn't stop loss the earlier round. Based on your info, I averaged down , sold off and bought back again and then sold again. Made quite a lot from those trades. Thank you.
Do you think MMCCORP looks good for trading next week?

Teng said...


5 figure profit is just impressive.

Pro Forex 2012 said...

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horse said...

Hi all,

Concentrate on REITs this month. Many will be due for DPU. :)

Thanks for the compliment, most importantly is consistent profit, 1 or 2 good trade does not represent good always. Continue sourcing for good DY stocks.

Good luck & keep up the good work ! :)

Teng said...


Most REITS dividen yield is now below 8%,and many even less than 7 %. My biggest reit holding is Starreit(that is why I sold some Friday ). Last month I bought UOAReit at 1.33-1.35. Consider to buy ARreit,Hektar and Quill if price is right. I am also waiting for IGB to launch it's REITs

horse said...

No trading for me today. :(

alwayswin111 said...

No trading for me too. Watching gloves counters though. Kossan is worth watching.. with a tight stop loss below 3.12.

Teng said...

No trading for me on July 9

Today sold Pos at 2.83.Small profit

Maria^^ said...

Hey guys, im quite a starter here and find this blog rili helpful. Jus wanna ask wher can i get info/reliable news regarding these stocks like how u guys manage to know which stock to buy? Pls guide me =(

Teng said...


Many online blogs has recommendation from research house.You can also go to for useful info. website also good to get info( annual reports,dividens etc)

Maria^^ said...

hmm is wtk worth to enter now @1.24? heard an 8.5% div coming?

Teng said...

Watching Kseng up from 3.90 to > 4 since yesterday

Teng said...


UOADev annouced it is selling building in Bangsar South to Tabung Haji Fund for 120Million. Book value is about 75millions. This answer why UOA share up for last few days?

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